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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I Spy...A Quilt? And A BOY

CollegeGirl and her BobbyMan are having a BOY
So the score will be 6-1
AND....he looks healthy!  Priceless.

Oh yea...the quilt.
I started this one over 10 years ago.  
The center area is a Stack n' Whack pattern, the rest is all Vicky.

This space needed some stitches to anchor it, 
so I made my siggy symbol extra large!
[Capricorn/my initials, initially, VJ] 
click to enlarge

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

It Begins....

Our #1 turns 13 today!  THIRTEEN!!! 
Love you #one!!!
With her sister, #2.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stitchy Stitchy

Animal House. ⏫Added a few more bits to this, this week.
⏫More progress on Circles. Even a non-circular shape. ▲
△Found on my camera's memory..gasp...from 2013!!  # 4 and CollegeGirl Steph.
Dimensional crochet on Circles.
⏬A new one. The top one of the picture collage.
Digging through my footstool, looking for something else, I came across a bundle of scraps. I do that, as I go through my bits and bits. Get sidetracked by bits that want to be with other bits. So I bundle up those bits for another day, like this day. Took about 10 minutes to pair up these bits. 
The left bottom stitchy is being grounded to more fabric on the back. It got put to the side by the top pic, and the NEED to work on it, NOW.
The right one got new bits added. It is back on the wall for future stitchy stuff.
I love that I don't have to finish something right away. That it can be put on the wall to be looked at, thought about, un finished. 

There are stitchy things going on with the sewing machine too.  
Spring has sprung for sure,  inside my brain!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Circles and Girls

click to enlarge
O it feels sooooo good to be stitching with a needle again....
ok, so I haven't actually put the hook down for good. I had saved some crochet "experiments" in case I wanted to add them to some future project. Of course, once I got started adding those, I felt compelled to make more...
Compelled, I tell you.
Lousy lighting, fun editing.
πŸ”»This is actually a different view of the same edits...
I really enjoy couching threads down. 

πŸ”»#5 is a girlie girl. #6 is still finding herself.πŸ”»
πŸ”»Me, as a child of course, and #2, 4 and 5. 
It was pointed out, the family resemblance between the girls, who have different parents. Then #2's other grandmother noticed how much of me is in all 3, here. Probably the shadows making it evident. 
πŸ”»#3 now and then. [Grandpa calls it a 'selfie'] πŸ”»
Trying dresses for an upcoming wedding on her daddy's side. 
I love how her confidence shines in this picture.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

He Called It A Doily!!!

Will wonders never cease....our SIL knows what a doily is! 
Proud MIL here.
As the BBB lay out on my stool, Bobby [SIL] said,
"It looks like a doily."πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
Crocodile Stitch, front and back
backside, with loose threads still

My stitches.  I didn't want to buy more yarn, so the stitches from the pattern had to be nixed.  Which makes me sad, because I loved them. But I like my 'wing it as I go' creations too. On the very outside rounds, I just kept going with the single crochet stitch until I ran out of that color. To strengthen the last 2 of those rounds, I did a 2-ply [two yarns tog] single cr., going around twice. Actually stitching over the last 2 rounds/rows. Enlarge the pix to get a better look-see.

The Fans, Steph likes that part alot
Have to have the 'ruler' shot

The last of the yarn, the amount I used, and the last little bit to finish off the very last round.
It's hard to get a good color shot of the BBB, as you can see here in the sun and shade. [bbb=bryant baby blanket]
This is for Bobby, not the baby, so don't freak out about the beads. This is an that I have finally figured out what that stands for...One Of A Kind.
I started at the tip of the trunk and stitched her to the end of her tail, all in one piece. She's not perfect, but I LOVED making her. [elephants are led by a matriarch, a strong female. the bulls, males, are kinda on the outside of the family group.]
I didn't make this bear. Her jacket, though, was made by my mom or grandmother, not sure which. She is Steph's, given to her on her birth day.
And these...are ornament starts for this year. I get the holiday-creating-itch really bad after the holidays. Some before, but more so after!  
So this time I scratched it!
from top left -otter, otter, cat, dog, turtle, owl
I realized I hadn't shown off the finished animal hoops.  
The otter is the only I didn't really 'adorn'.  I didn't have a sea shell. {It did get attached to a hoop, and the otter attached to the 'watery' base.} Ashley had a shell at home for it.
Otter for Avery. Cat for Devyn. Dog for Lily. Turtle for Rhiley. Owl for Megan.
That's #s 4, 5, 2, 3, and 1.
#6 got a garland. And #7 isn't here yet to get. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oh My, A Fabric Addition

these skeins are small
But first, crochet.  I was trying to make my crepe-y hand look less  wrinkled, and came up with really creepy hand...
CollegeGirl picked this↟↥⇑ palette,{macaw feathers, swoon} for a 'baby' blanket.  But my school of thought is, who uses a crocheted 'baby' blanket past the third day of birth?
So I am making a round blanket she can toss on the couch, or bed, and use anytime. {Random pic below.}
RhiBerry and Gup.
Back to the blanket....↡
Sheepjes Catona. Mercerized cotton, so shiny.  I could have used another cotton yarn, but fell in love with this one.
The Circles panels are all sewn together, with the fill-in blocks from the same fabric line.   I even have it pinned to a backing, no middle layer, and ready to stitch on. After I get some crochet things made up....oh...look...crochet...
This is the blanket, so far as pictures taken. I am about 24 inches across now, so imagine 2 of these rulers across.

And I have lots of fun other created things I haven't taken pix of either. 
Gah. Like. [writing this down to remember]
The elephant is almost finished. I created some bees, gnomes, deer and ?? for ornaments for the holidays. I get these great ideas after, so I am going with them for before....this years.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Ladder On My Wall

I finally have the ladder on my bedroom wall. This ladder is old. Dan brought it home one day, decades ago. We set it up for the cats to use, to get over the dog fence and into the house. Now it holds...stuff.  I am still working on it.
⬇πŸ”»This is Ken. He is decades old too. I have his other arm, it kept falling off. Ken needed something to wear. I figured he would not mind a pair of crocheted shorts...he is from that era, after all.
So as I was digging the yarn out, I  flashed on a 'new fashion statement', Rompers...for men
So I set to.  
It wasn't until I was working on the 'shoulder straps' that I noticed the 'cup'. 
It's ok to snort when you laugh...I did!
click to enlarge....snort
It disappears when I put the rompers on Ken. 
Did I mention I do have his other arm???

ꜜ⤵⤹➘⏬I am also creating an elephant...made all in one piece, starting at the trunk. And yes I probably should have stitched up the legs differently, but I can't change it now, it's a lot further along than you see here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Quilt Repairs and Crochet

A neighbor asked me to repair this quilt she purchased at an auction. The fabrics date back to the late 1960's. Maybe not all of them, but this one red print does, because my mother made a dress for me back then. 
Not that you can tell in the b/w photo.
We called it, the dress, Carnaby Street. I have no idea why.
I am only adding patches where I have to.  The quilt is to be re-sold at a flea market, so I am not putting the effort into it that I should.  If she were to keep this quilt, I would put more time into it.
Crochet!  Ole! 
For Ashley's giant dream[catcher].  And I did up a star[fish], purple star, and created a comet!  She may not use them, for this project, and that is ok.
Am still working on the mandala throw.  It may not turn out as well as I hope, but the circles sure have been fun to stitch up!
Oh yeah, another star.  This is the beginning of a pattern called 
"Rings Of Change", which I will be making for #7. I decided to give Ashley a part of the pattern too, after I noticed it was a star!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Another Grandchild

#7 is 10 weeks new.  Looks like a teddy bear.
This is our youngest, CollegeGirl, and her husband. 
It's so EXCITING....Don't know the sex yet.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

May Our Page

Find endless adventures in your next life!
You loved road trips. 
You caught almost every mouse the cat brought into the house for you. You caught a possum bigger than your own body. [that one got away]
You were also a great quilt minder, making sure they never got away.

Friday, January 05, 2018

New Year, More Crochet

So. That is my first picture of 2018. I even left the date stamp on there. 
Date....snort.....So.  I was working on my calendar for the year, adding birthdays and such. The new calendar started with Dec of 2017 .... Jan 2018 ended up with Feb dates before I noticed what I was doing. 

Moving on...A fourth is started.  I admit I am having fun with these mandala's. 
I am old enough to remember them being called 'doily's'.  Though I don't remember seeing all these fancy ways of stitching, on all those old doily patterns.
I am still working on 'Bits' for our granddaughters.  I created the owl and the dog face, which isn't finished. Oh and the garland of Sun, Moon and Stars.
I have one more animal to create. Then I can finish these up.
[the turtle from my last post of part of this group too, 
and the kitty that started it all!]
Happy New Year everyone.