Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Texture and Happy Mail

cell phone pic won't enlarge, so i will take with camera.
Aurora. Storm. Quake. 
I didn't think the stitching would show up much yet. 
I am happy I stand corrected.
Even the small amount of purple stitching I have added so far, is showing the up/down that happens when you stitch horizontally. 
Happy Mail!  A swap with another patch pal. The patch is on velveteen? I love it.
Laurie also sent extras, as most of us do!  Thank you Laurie!
Not sure I can put it on the front of the PatchBook, with the first 2. 
I will figure something out.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


"Above us, Aurora. Upon us, Storm. Below us, Quake."

click to enlarge
One scrap of commercial dyed had three areas of interest.
I layered and layered to give some heft for stitching.
The final back piece is a slightly heavier weight than most cotton prints.
[a Valori Wells print]

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Foot Prints In Mud Etc.

Goose, Hummingbird nest, deer print [here], Robin's
egg [here], Ashley's food color test.
Dan tools!  He likes wheels too. He added them to the sander, he just got, free. Table he made for it got the wheels from our old BBQ. Table saw was free too. He is happy!
And below, the 3rd of the 7for7Grandchildren Quilts. So far I love them all!
front and back
Click to enlarge this one, above...Look at the original threads still holding it 
 together!  I tore from either end, leaving the center.  This is now part of the one below, Wind Chimes. I want to hang it high, inside. I completed this on the 17th, which would have been, or still is, mom's birthday. Pieces of this were taken off the 'magic cloth' I made long ago.
click to enlarge
The Green Thing is now stitched up. Quite a bit of FrankenStitch, listed on side bar, was added to this one. FS was a class taken from Arlee Barr, using embroidery to really have fun. And different from the Sumptuous Embroidery class, I believe it was called.  I think I want to add more of both to more patches.
Red, Blue With White, below, 
is done also, though not made up into a wallie yet.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Patchy Fun For Mother's Day

We are having open doors and windows weather!
There is a robin at the birdbath, drinking the water.
Bring you a little closer...
Ahh....there she is!  The bath is among the flower pots, on top of a flower pot, because the bath is a bit short.  I guess they never liked my DIY bathes from the last few years. I had to go buy a 'real' one!  It wasn't costly. Just really short.

Moving on to the Patches.  Gah these are soooo fun!
These 3 are for swappers who wanted to play. They were mailed yesterday, but I don't think any come to my blog, so....
Am taking another 'class' from Jude Hill, and the 'prompt' is "green."
I wasn't going to 'play' until I was reordering the chaos in my bucket. 
My there were a lot of green scraps!  I stacked them as I came to them, chose this ''30's print" for it's greenyness, and started at the bottom/selvage.  I didn't really do much tweaking, just picked off the stack and lay it down, working my way up the fabric. It's nearly 2 couch cushions long. 
Other works turning up.  Not much stitching on them yet, except for the middle one.  It suddenly reminded me of mom, of her red, blue, and lots of white, wardrobe.  Then I dug out the black thread, which I don't really like using, hard to see. But mom had bought it for a needlework she did over a decade ago, probably a lot longer than that even.  
Happy Mother's Day Mom!  
I picture you and dad having the retirement you never had together.
And Happy Mother's Day to those women I know, who are still with us.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


Patches still going strong. On the 'wander' patch, I satin stitched all around the edge of the words part/scrap. Like a regular patch you would see on...well anything you put a patch on.
Seems like triangles need to pair up with squares lately. 
Except for this next one...
This one is really basic, for now. I stitched the 2 triangles together, [before I could match them to a square]  wrong sides together, seam allowance to the right side. Maybe that flower needs to become a roof on the square??
Below....came across this in the search for something else. This was started before Ashley had children! [almost 10 years now!]
I cut apart a works I had made while taking one of Jude's classes. There is part of a soda can, a lid to bottle, labels from clothes, an accidental dinosaur that appeared when I was trying out stitches....Oh, and the ribbon I pressed and melted when I was giving it a bit of flattening.
For all the years the deers have been coming heres, 
they haven't ventured into the veggie garden....until now....
This deer is standing in a planter box, the blue thing, nibbling strawberry plants in another box.
Guess we won't have cherries from those blossoms. I will worry about what they are getting onto when and if the time comes.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Wild Life

#7, The Boy, is getting his legs under himself!

From my chair.....
zooooomm in.....
look at that poor Crow being poured on!
This is usually about all I see, the Hummerzzz

This is Jane Doe, she survived the winter, but you can still see her ribs.
I actually didn't see them as well until I cropped the picture so you could see the heart on her side...
click to enlarge
This ABC quilt [made from a fabric panel] needed 4 names added, since the family has grown since I made this, 2013. [i think]
I left the pen marks to show the girls that even with all that Grandma knows, she makes mistakes too. Ashley has it back up on the wall at home and is waiting to see if the girls notice the mistakes....haha
It wasn't until I was cropping this picture, that I noticed that even though I wrote "Malory" backwards, I had stitched the letters forwards....except for the Y. 
I stitched it bassakwards.
And this is the second of the 7for7 Grandchildren quilts, sent home and snuggled under already!
Here is the first one. Can't find my copy of the quilt-covered-kid, so you get the 'covered in laundry' version.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Stitchy Stuff

Back of second quilt to be finished of the 7for7 Grandchildren Quilts.
All animal fabrics, since this one is for our animal whisperer. Most of these prints are from my quilty friends, those generous women who sent me lots of fabrics for these, and other quilts.
As you can see, I used the fabrics as whole as possible.
The snap tape I am using for the opening for these quilts, since they will be used as duvet covers....or not. Up to the child. They may be used for tents...should I tell them they can possibly crawl inside the quilt???
A patch. I came across this one in the black hole  foot stool. 
I have signed up for Jude Hills "last class". Patchwork in Perspective.
AND during the March Mending Mayhem on IG, some wanted to swap "patches" to be used as...patches on...well....anything. 
This is the debut patch, made by a fellow Scot, a thistle fancier, and an 
Overall's wearer, on the cover of my "Patchbook." 
Patchbook cover
Image result for denim overallsSlide View: 1: Vintage Oversized Denim Overall
Not sure if those pix will stay, I just copy/pasted pix of Overalls. 
click to enlarge
This is what I mailed off the my swap-pal. I laughed when I realized we BOTH used flamingos on our patches. I also gave her a xmas card I didn't send in 2018, because it's a little more 'arty' than many on my holiday list. AND I crocheted her a "thistle", that I made up as I went along. 
Anyway....the timing of the swap/mending event and Jude's class made me think about other bits I have made...and how much I enjoy making wallies, and after all, patches are just small wallies...right?  
So I am going to make weekly patches, and keep track of them in this 
re-purposed storybook. [not a favorite of mine, of course, just a blah one]
Patchbook inside flaps
This is the inside front cover, collage bits added, including the cover to a Spring Catalog from a wonderful seed company.  The bitty card came with the patch that is gracing the front of the book, for now. I pinned it to the cover. 
It may stay, it may change.
The next few pages are these, to give you an idea of how I will make this a "planner" style re-purposed book.  Blank stickers to cover stepsisters frowny faces, for writing on. The paint blobs are from another online class.  [I didn't get much further than that, I just don't handle a paintbrush like I do a needle.] 

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

14 Years Ago

"Anything with positivity. She’s on a mission to be as positive and spread as much positivity as possible!”
This is how Megan's mom describe's her daughter.
As her grandmother, I am overjoyed to hear this!

Pic taken on Auntie Steph's bday
Back on my daughters bday, this was still a WIP. A work in progress.  
A colorful fabric collage of scraps from quilty friends and some of my own. 
I wasn't sure, then, who would be getting this one. Until I read that quote. 
Meggie Mac is grandchild #1. The child who added "grandmother" to my list of nomenclature.  She is 14 this year. 
Into sunshine and yellow and strawberries.
I knew just which 'card' to send her!  
I added X's and O's, 2 'strawberries' and my signature and date.  
I didn't add a hanging 'sleeve' to the back. 
Instead I left it alone for her to choose how to use it.  
A backpack patch?    A wallie? [wall hanging] 
A book cover?  On a T-shirt?

Though I have 6 other children who call me Grandma, Vicky grandma, Gup, Megan will always be #One to me, us.
<----- b="">Love you this much Megan!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Something New From Old

My mom found this bathroom vanity, without sink, 
at a garage sale, in the 2000's.
She assembled the plywood top and used it for...what ever she used it for. Might have been for a microwave in one dwelling.  It moved in with mom, and has stayed in this room since.
Why yes it does have a drawer....full of storybooks, that will change. 
That is all that was in this thing.
Since Christmas, this has been the new occupant, the great big roasting pan [110 power] so we don't have to use the oven [220 power] when we want to roast something large. For hours.
So....that big pan takes up a lot of counter space when in use. I have the crappiest kitchen design, so counter space is limited.  
I asked for a cart for this roasting beast.  I looked at this un-used cupboard, and decided it would do. needed wheels. 
Fast forward to last week.  
There, on top of a trash can, sat a broken furniture dolly.  Complete with carpet on 2 ends, and WHEELS on all 4 'corners'.  Dan decided to re-home this poor broken dolly, and Vicky knew exactly what to use it for.
excuse the blurr....dan does not like waiting for the camera to focus
See those wheels???  They are beautiful!!  and to the right you can see the wheels to the heater caddy....yes sir I love those wheelie things. 

Now I have a mobile kitchen island, that can be wheeled back to the sewing room when not needed.