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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Another Completion, a Start, a Middle, a Puzzle

MonkeySquirrel click to enlarge
This. started out like the Bear I made for #6, something to teeth/chew/slobber on, and washable! Along the way I changed my mind and tried for a squirrel. Near the finish, it looked more like a monkey. 
This one is for Max, #7. His mama likes squirrels. 
So who is into monkeys?

  I started this 'scene' in Nov. or Dec. 2018.
I have been adding bits to it as they came along. 
I just started stitching, so I consider it a 'start'.

The "Women's March 2017" needs working on. 
This is the "middle" part of this post. I think.
[Click on the label on the right side to see all the posts with this work in them.]
As I looked at the whole cloth, I figured it's time to add the words to it. Which led to an idea to try couching yarn to shape the letters. No pink yarn, but this pair of girls leggins' has pink in it. Since I had been given permission to 'do what you want with these, mom,' I cut them up!
As you can see, knit fabric, when pulled, curls up into nice tubes. 
Rather yarn looking, right?
Now to try it out.
Dan decided to finish the puzzle I had started. I sat in that chair in the background and crocheted. He used his phone to enlarge the picture, so he could find things, without taking a photo of it. No magnifying glass around here. Need to change that for sure.
I got puzzles for the families. This one is now done!
[we don't have children to interrupt, mess with, lose bits]

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

First Finish


I had to do something colorful!  
I want a gift to give, and I had this piece pinned and waiting.  
I actually started it when the boxes of fabrics came in. That piece of dark red with circles, say 5 inches sq. The only piece of that print in the box. I love those colors. I put it to the side. As other fabrics emerged from the boxes, they got added when they felt right.
So, it was the bird print pinned to the red sq. below, and the tan sq. above. 
That was it. 3 prints. 
That is how it begins. 

Monday, December 24, 2018

Quilting, Gnomes, Deer

I have been working on the Ocean Circle quilt. You can see the texture, finally, the quilting gives it.
The tree "christmas card" was made recently, but the gnomes and deer were made way back in ...January ???  Sometimes I get creative right AT christmas time, so I make it for next christmas.  Each family [our kids] got a deer, each grandchild got a gnome, for their own "ornament box". [I hope someday they have a box of ornaments to put on their own trees.]

I stitched the paint samples, after poking the holes with the machine, and a 'paper' needle.  This time I added a 'trunk' to each one, then glued a scrapbook paper to the back to hide the messy parts.  Adding the trunk was a handy way to add a 'hanging' loop too, so they can be hung on the tree.
click to enlarge
I recently got in the mood to make a couple of 'treemen',  a snowman, and a 'tree'.
The stick trees are made with batt I dyed long ago, for a felt substitute. I wrapped each stick, stitched the batt on, then assembled. The first smaller one is a dud, bit time!  BUT I saved it to show the girls that not all creations are a success. The bigger tree is more...rustic, I would say, and could be adorned.  
I did a cropped version, that I couldn't find. The table with holiday decor used to hide the nasty tangle of wires dripping from the TV.  Our 'tree' is behind my chair, and reflects in the TV.

The dark gray days have taken a toll on me. Today the sun shines.

We had a tornado drop down in the adjoining town on Dec. 18, I believe. We and ours are ok, but it made a mess of many houses.  I am happy to say that the community rallied together and started cleaning up with in hours. Many many volunteered themselves, their time, their equipment, motel rooms, food, gifts for all the kids [16 or 18, 6 months to 18 yrs.] and so much more!!

Good Job Port Orchard-ians!
[and no this is not the MID-west, we are the NORTH-west]

Sunday, December 09, 2018


Painting by one of the teachers, of the school mascot. Girls by my daughter Ashley.
Orcas are a big deal here in the Puget Sound area of Washington State.
I have shared many times, the pix my daughter gets when she is out looking from the shoreline on our "side" of the Sound. [western, Seattle is on the eastern side]
The subject is often drawn in her family.

As are the pictures she takes...or pictures of the camera the pix are on.
So the girls sent hand written letters to different 'powers that be' to enforce the plea, to 'open the snake'.  The Snake River on the Columbia River.  Salmon go back to the place of birth, spawn?  There are dams on the Snake that are in the way.  Honestly, I am not sure what that has to do with our waters here in the Sound, but I am all for saving the whales. 
The Southern Resident Orcas are down to 74, and it's possible you saw the news report this summer about the female who carried her dead baby for 17 days. Or the young one scientists were trying to save.  
Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to the whales are the sea lions and seals. They eat salmon too. And there are thousands more seals than really should be, here in our waters. That balance needs to be restored too, to save the Orcas.
This picture is of Avery on top of a sculpture at a local waterfront park.
picture from May 30, 2016
Now I understand why the Snake. And yes, I should have looked it up in the first place.  
And this little guy is now 3 months old.
I have been creating too, again no pix.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Way down on the south forty, as we call it, I noticed a glove hanging in mid air. 
Turns out it was a leaf.  And the only place to see it like that was from the kitchen window. 
Another wallie completed.  There hasn't been an opportunity to donate yet, to any school or Scout fundraiser, so when Ashley mentioned she liked this one....well you know the rest.
I photo'ed it laying down...sideways...

I have been doing other stitchy stuff, just no pix to prove it.

I have been watching the news....the CampFire has me preoccupied. I am from that northern area of CA. Thank fully, Grace has kept us all up to date on the animal side of things, from her car in the parking lot of the Gridley Fairgrounds.  Many many animals have been taken there, or arrived there, including Grace and her goats.  The care the animals are ALL getting is so very heart warming.  UC Davis, the university for animal husbandry, sent at least 3 mobile vet trucks to the fairgrounds.  All surgeries are done, all burn wounds are cared for, all of it for free. 
Grace says "until" is the word of the days. Everyone will stay there...until. Animals won't be moved...until. They are just as homeless as the people who 'own' them.  Many are nameless,  family-less, on top of it all.
And now they are taking in the people who have been in the Walmart parking lot since the fire began.  

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Whales Of Puget Sound, Southern Residents

My daughter heard the whales, Southern Resident Killer Whales, where on the west side of Vashon Island. We are on the west side of it too!
So off she went to take pix, she hoped! I will get better pix from her soon, but for now, the phone camera taking pix on camera camera.
Since her past years sidekicks are in school now, her niece, Granddaughter # 6, Griffyn, gets to be introduced to this activity. Looks like she is doing her part at the beach. Being a kid.

I have to admit that these clothes lines in what is now my sewing room, are fantastic!! I have 3 lines and 2 pipes running across the room. 
the green part under the wallies is blocked out mess
I can hang the WIP's, like the wallies, above.
And I can hang quilts [or backs, in this case] from them to take pix of.
forgot to rotate
I have all 7 [for 7 Grandchildren] of the quilts measured, and draped over the pipe lines, along with 5 of the 7 backs I have constructed so far. A couple of them, at least, need more fabric stitched to one end or a side to get them up to the correct measurement. 

That is the second pipe with quilts and backs.
These 2 backs, above and below, need more on the sides.  They were made from some fat quarter sets I have had for some time. So at least this part of them is matchy matchy.
This is back #6 in assembly mode, below.  
All blues. I was sent another box of fabrics, which included a lot of blue strips!  Perfect!
Thank You Karen, Deb and Diana for the fabrics!!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Quilt Tops, 7 for 7 Grandchildren

This is number 7 of 7....yipee!!!!  
Same quilt, slightly cropped view.  There is a window behind the top. Despite the rainy day, the light still shows through.  
I really like being in this room for sewing!
Now I need to complete all the backs. I have 4 started...I think. 

Max [#7] will still get one of these, because I want them all to have these. I have made other quilts for  some of the girls over the years, here and there, but not all of them. Until now.
However....Max will also get a different quilt as per his daddy's wishes.
With trucks, trains, and automobiles.
I have been working on the pattern, to be paper pieced. That link takes you to the block Marcia designed for me, and I test-stitched, for her! 
{just looked at the date on that one, May 4, 2004!!}
that is so popular right now [2018]
The EPPing link will take you to Pinterest and a whole mess of both methods.

I love designing my own patterns/blocks, when I do use a pattern. Which I am not for these 7 for 7 quilts.  Though they do resemble "I Spy" quilts, because of all the different prints.

Oh, Max's pattern...? You will have to wait and see.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I Voted!

Since the mail in ballot we get doesn't have the nifty sticker, but does have this strip you remove before mailing, I added my own sticky application. 
A safety pin.
Yesterday was my husbands 55  birthday. His employer gave him this card.
This is something that my husband always does, so this means a lot!

#7 of 7 quilt tops is in the final stages of assembly, and several backs are being fiddled with also. I have been working on the wallies I posted last time, since I want to have them ready if there are fundraiser needs. 

An interesting thing also happened yesterday. My SIL wishes I were making a "real quilt" for Max. One involving a block design, I think is what he wishes. Like Flying Geese, or Nine Patch, that sort of pattern.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Six, Wallies and Whales

Quilt top #6 is assembled!  It happens to be the top for this guy, who is now a whopping one month.  
Recently, like this last week, Dan suggested I move the sewing room into the dryer room. This used to be the 'playroom'.  We didn't heat this room, so we really didn't use it to hang laundry, nothing would dry. 
[except for July and August]
It's nice being in this bigger room.
the 7 for 7 grandchildren quilt tops are stacked on the left, under the table
the stack of blocks for #7 are on the left side of the machine
Look at all that wall space~!  I didn't put things on the walls in the other room, because Stephanie had painted them, so I just enjoyed her art. 
Guess I will need another foam board, like the one behind the iron board in the next pic.
Dan doesn't want to deal with millions of holes from pins, someday.
the stuff to the right is the laundry...oh and the basket.

I have a new view, of the garden.  
I will miss the other view of the birds in the hedgerow. 
But, there will be birds out there also, and the deer, Jane Doe, was out there as I stitched up the stack of #7's blocks.  
{It was the first stage, 
block 1 to block 2 X a bunch.}
Wallie 1 is cats. In the middle stage of completion 
I am also working on more Wallies, in case the grandgirls need fundraiser items.
We have 3 in Scouts [at the moment] and 1 earning for 5th grade Camp, not to mention any possible PTA doings. So far, 1 troop is brand new, so they are selling chocolates and nuts to earn.  And the 5th graders are selling donuts!
Grandma, she gives cash. OR....maybe these will sell. When they are done. I am hoping to involve the girls in the sales, learn to earn it yourself!
Wallie 2 is the yellow backed one, all kinds of things wondering "which way did they go?" Only basted down.
Wallie 3 is the top, smaller, bright bright one. Only basted too.

I was going through albums, looking for Steph's baby one, and found these pix.
My mom had put them together.  Click to enlarge. These were from the 1987 to 1989 album.  I posted the pix on FB, hoping the Orca Network will be able to ID these. My niece chimed in and said, "I remember going on that trip!"

These are phone pictures of the photos, since we can't take them out of the sticky pages without damaging them. 
I think these are from one of the Southern Resident Orca pods. The salmon eaters. The Transient Orcas usually have pointier dorsal fins. The T's, as they are known here in Puget Sound, are the big game hunters. They eat seals, dolphins, sea lions.  
So now you know, not all Orca's, or Killer Whales, are the same.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Five of Seven

I now have 5 tops assembled, of the 7 for 7.
This one is 82" x 80". I know because I actually measured this one.
Makes it a double size...or 'full' if you go by that term.
I term it done.
Onto the next one!!