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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

197 to 203 Daily Patch

We interrupt this daily patch with a broken bone. Must be summer!
Avery. Same arm as last summer, don't know yet if it's related to that injury.  No cast yet. I feel so bad for her. 
Wildlife! On my daughters screen. A silk moth. She knew I would want a picture. Of course.
The daily thing is getting full. This is panel 4 and this is pretty much it for more places to patch.  I will smoosh in some scraps, on this one and possible on one or more of the other 3 panels. Then it will be time to sew the panels all together!  
So exciting.  

Day 200 was Fathers Day.  The girls surprised their daddios by stopping by and bearing gifts!  PB cookies, his fave, with a few cho. chip for variety. Both homemade, of course.
Mending. My neighbor asked me if I could repair a tear. It needed to look good on both sides, and no crazy Vicky stitching....I could have used a white scrap...
I have never done "invisible" stitching before. Gah.

I was fascinated to learn (re-learn?) that the California Condor has a very colorful head. I had probably only seen BW photos while growing up, in California. We learned about them in school. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This and That and 2 Patches

Patch number 195 didn't get done yesterday, because of today. I was holding my cat and listening to her much of the day as she would let me.
Patch 196 made on a day that was all about my darling pussa cat, Precious.

The last picture of my companion for almost 20 years! 
[the vet says she was 17, daughter says she was nearly 20]
Goodnight my Precious.

Monday, June 12, 2017

New Threads, Butterflies and Patches 189 to194

New. Hand dyed embroidery threads from Colour Complements.
I was worried. They took an unusual 4+ weeks to get here. I didn't want Lorraine to have to replace my order,  which she would have, because hers is a small business.
Now I just have to remember what I wanted which thread for.  
Shoulda writted it down.
With the sweet williams blooming, YEAH, there have been swallowtails feasting on them. YEAH. Yesterday there were 2, two, different ones.  One larger and lighter yellow, the other a brighter yellow.  Not sure of the names other than swallowtail.  And beautiful!
click to enlarge
Patches 189 to 194
the 2 in one pic....I totally forgot to stitch it down. 
I had picked it out, pinned it down, and got interrupted.
That's my story and I'ma stitchin' to it.
Left side of pic, son Ben at 3. Right side, his newest daughter, 006.
Below our youngest, CollegeGradGirl Stephanie.
Now she is CGGSBrideToBe. 
Think I will just go back to calling her My Steph.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Other Side Of Half Way

Daily Patch starting with June 1, #'s 183 to 188.
The youngest of my middle child and the youngest of her older brother.
Agents 005 and 006. Now that 005 is 4 yo, 
she is getting to do this fun part of child care.
And yes she really does like doing it.
In my garden this week....

Thursday, June 01, 2017

My Half Way Day

Day 182 of my Daily Patch.  Half way. Half a year. 
I started my year on Dec. 1, 2016. 
In case you are confused because it isn't the half way date for this year.
I put the 'newsprint' scrap on upside down to mute the 
brightness of the black 'ink'.
[now there's an oxymoron]
I considered turning that corner over so you could read the 'go for it'. 
It can still be read as is. Besides it would have stood out, 
that brightness of the black 'ink' and all.
The May calendar page.
The actual half way was 182.5. Half a day of half way.
Onward to June!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Bought Fabric

I feel I should stand up and make this declaration.
I bought fabric. A whole set of 40 FQ's. They were on sale, at least.
I have been "liking" this design since I saw it last year. 
I try not to buy much because I really don't need a huge ole stash.
I am thinking of using it for the next year-long-project. I will be lucky to get the Daily Patch to 9 months, let alone 12.*
This design speaks to me. My love for mountains.  Pine trees.
I know...this is 'alpine', not exactly 'pine'.  That's ok.
I also dig the paint-by-number aspect of it. My parents would have scoffed at that part. I can hear my dad saying, "paint, smaint.", then he would just dismiss it. They were both art college graduates.
Did I ever mention that I dig oxymoron's too?
Spoonerism's are a big dig too. 
I was talking to Dan [my man] this a.m. and said "Tonald Drump" without even thinking about it. Maybe dad and I were exposed to a bit more turpentine than was good for us.

*this is day 182 of the Daily Patch. Half a year already!! Yeehaw!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Look...It's The Daily Patch

 Patches 176 to 181.  
Today is a Birthday for a Yung Yady * who we love** lots and lots.
This is #5...who is now 4!!
 I showed this pic to Grandpa and he said,
"Good thing, because we were running out of people to ride Unicorns!"

And Agent 006 is showing off her smiles and rolls.  

*When Ashley,  mama to Devyn, was a tot, she told me she wasn't a "yung yady".
**Disclaimer....we LOVE all our grand girls lots and lots!! AND LOTS

Sunday, May 28, 2017

It's A Beautiful....

Day in our neck of the woods, won't you be our neighbor.
Seriously, the sun is not SHIN ing. 
Of course, it isn't June yet. Here in the NorthWet.
My daughter.
She has been busy, as usual King Friday.
She is taking her string art a bit further.
And today, she set up this hand me down.
mini greenhouse
Her girls, #'s 3, 4 and 5, were playing in it. 
"It's HOT in here" they kept saying.
I suggested mom set up the sprinkler...inside it!
And then she took apart a broken box spring. Hoping to make use of the wood for art  and the springs for the garden.  Either way she is up-cycling  it.
No Daily Patch to show today, the latest are still in the camera.
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

169 to 175

The Daily thing just keeps on going, just like that dumb not those dumb bunnies, though they are definitely funny and right up my bass-ak-wards yella....but the one that keeps on going. [he has been around since 1973!!!]
{but the new version of him is really 'modern'!}

Where was I....
Rhiley, #3, gets to go fishing with her daddy, and other family peeps on that side of the family.
And #4, Avery, got to do a do for school.
AND had a birthday!!  #4 is now 6.

The family went to play that day, and I think this shot my daughter took of 2 of her daughters, [#4 and #5] says it all. 
Happy Birthday artist Avery!
[i have a thing for numbers, not mathematical, in that case i am a dunce. but in other things where they show the daily patch...if you click the pic to enlarge, you will see the tag for #171 was the tag for #117 on the last panel]

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

161 to 168 Daily Bits and Flowers

I had to many to fit nicely in one collage.
So 161 to 165 is above.
Below is 166 to 168. Today is 168 of the Daily Patch.
166 was a 2 part scrap, it had a blacker bit still stitched to it, so I folded it over so the grayer back side shows here.
Despite other WIP's, I came across these scraps and just had to play. 
I stitched in a circle over them.  This may become part of the next Daily stitch thing.  So far just random things that could become circles are being saved in a separate tray.  Like there aren't enough of those already in the cloud around my chair. My own version of Cloud 9.
Behind the shirt stitching is being done on the Painters Shirt.
Oh. Look. Flowers.  Must have been Mothers Day.  
I was also given a card of granddaughter pix, one of those online photo place prints.  I love it of course, but the best part is all the signatures! 
Meg wrote "wah wah wah Griffyn", {and her own name of course},  Devyn still copies over her name that mommy writes for her, but that is ok!!!! 
Rhiley and Avery were able to do their own, and Lily...
Well that child wrote "love you to the moon and back" with her signature.
So my 6 pack is all accounted for!  
I love all of you to the moon and back 6 times!!
Flowers arranged by daughter Ashley.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crochet-Collage-156 to160-Frowns

I changed the click-on-the-pic-to-enlarge setting so now you can click on the pix and see it REALLY BIG.  I love looking at pix that way so I can see every hair on Grace's Goats, or thread on Jude's Beasts, or...or....

I am pretty sure this is one of Colour Complements Handdyed pearl cottons
I really like using them in this manor of stitch, because it shows off the palette completely. I had no plans for this one, I just sat and crocheted while watching TV.  It hung on the main design wall until batta met bing and I pinned it to the green-with-center-stripe cloth. 
It isn't stitched down yet, they are just visiting each other. And the cloth...well it may become a pillow top....or not....
I finally remembered to take pix of the Shell-Bird-Being. I think of it as beast, but that sounds so negative...Maybe because of it's frowny-tail-dino-neck?
Anyway....look at all the beads I had fun adding to it!
Next up are the latest in Daily Patches .  157 & 8  were done on the same day. 
I had taken a day off to be sick....bah. I am going around 2 of the sides for now. Since they touch two other panels in the end, I like to keep the patches different. That means setting it all up before hand. 
I got many pix of this little girl, but thought I would share the one we usually don't see...the frowny face. It's funny how much she looks like her daddy, our son, as he is now, not as a child. 
Love you Agent 006

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Daily 150 to 155 & Eggs

front and back of panel 3
In reverse order of course. Panel # 3 is done.
Somehow I didn't get patch #150 into the collage. 
Of course that pic is below this one.
I did get the April calendar page in the collage.
#150 started as a 2 inch square which I origami'ed into a 1 inch. 
Felt like I was folding diapers again.
Egg Hunt.
Devyn; "look, it's a bird."
Lily; "shhh, I am counting my eggs"
Megan; "and look, another one"
Dad; "uh-huh"
I  caught Dan's cold. I tossed it back. 
Happy to say I feel much better. Only 1 day down compared to Dan's 2.5. 
I am the one with asthma, so it worries Dan when I get sick. First cold in a couple of years, thank you very much.