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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Patches 78 to 83 and Chick Flix

I didn't care for the heavy lettering/numbering, I was using to keep track of these daily additions. Since I was starting to include the tags with the photos anyway...
 I like to watch Chick Flicks while stitching. The hummers fledged the very next day, so good timing on that shot. The eagle is opened winged because of rain, in Iowa, and is trying to keep the softer nest area dry, along with her 1 egg. For now. I watch other cams too. The Aurora cam has been watched a lot, by me, and I always alert a daughter or 2 when it's really good.
The collages are coming along nicely.  "A" is for Avery, number 4.
"M" is for Megan, number 1.
I am now working on the "D" collage, for Devyn, who happens to be number 5. 
Our youngest GD. For now. 
Number 6 is so new, she isn't born yet! 
10 days to due date!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

72 to 77 Daily Patches

click to enlarge
This daily thing has become a habit.  I get my coffee, I sit in my chair, pull the parts needed to choose the scrap for the day, and then carry on.  I don't start sewing yet, gotta check out the world on my computer, of course.
I stitched up the 2nd collage, this time Lily's.  I won't actually "finish" them until I know more on how I want to do that.
In other news today....we found these wayyy back under the dryer. They have been there for...what...2 years? Yes, I left the lint on them in purpose.
These are from when Ben, and his girls, Meg and Lily still lived here too.
I will let them be passed on to Ashley's[Ben's sister] girls, she can dust them too.
As for that 3rd flip flop....who knows, maybe there is a mate somewhere in shoe-bucket-land.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

68 to 71 DP's & Other Collages

My daughter took these, different days. Look at those blues!

Same daughter made these for her in-school girls. 
The girls helped with the cards. 
This is one of my WIP's.  I decided to do this with the embroidered color names I did a few weeks ago.  What you might not be able to see is how much fun I had! Am having.  This is the first one, and for once I didn't start with Meg, the oldest GD, or Devyn, the youngest. {for a few more weeks} I went to the middle, to Rhiley. This is just basted, so there is a lot to go. 
As for the Daily Patch...I am now up to # 71! Click to enlarge.
And here is the backside, for those of us who like this too.
The 2 larger pix are of a "mole hill".  I named them that when I took Arlee Barr's FrankenStitch class, way back.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Patch #'s 65 to 67

#65 scrap was a bit large, so it was left with a flap.
The scrap for #66 was a long one, so I pleated it, though I did have room to stretch it out. I could have cut it too. 
#67 is s bit yellow. So I let the color stand out by just doing Jude's "invisible baste". After going around the edges, I still had plenty of thread, so I put a little "English" on the needle and bounced off the "rails"
I included a shot of the backside.
And that is when my camera informed me the "memory was full". 
Another SD card to add to the bitty case of them.

Feb 4 was a pink day.  Baby shower for #6. I made a flannel "receiving" blanket and embroidered her name on it, the name I know for sure will be on her birth cert. Johnson.  No picture of it, sheesh.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Scrappy Things & Patches 61 to 64

A scrap of paper my mom had made a note on.  She made notes like these all the time to share with us.  It also made her a good Jeopardy player.
I finished this cloth, scraps gathered together to take to the hospital to work on while waiting for Dan to have his heart examined.
I added a stick that I had been saving.  This one has no meaning to it at all...just a plain ole stick, except for the fact that I had saved it.
 (yes I have sticks that have been saved that have meaning)

click to enlarge

I left this flap free to flap.  
I had torn the scrap for weaving other scraps. decided not to this time.

I even added a line of satin stitch between scraps. 
Here is the Daily Patch calendar page for Jan. 
Not mentioned is the days are getting longer!!!!
And Patches 61 to 64. 64 was G H day, Feb. 2, not a Beatles song.
The 62 patch was an odd shaped piece to fill an odd shaped area. Makes me think of the Sydney Opera House.
If you enlarge the picture, you will notice the letters I stitched in. ??
I have had this 9 patch scrap around for a long time. Not stitched.
I just had a need to work on It, on any It, that day.
Maybe it will become something other than an It.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Cousins and Patches 57 to 60

All these beautiful granddaughters of ours are cousins. 
They are also second cousins. So I made up a quick "picture frame" for the second cousin on the other side of the family tree. That side has boys. Including another on the way.  I didn't want to make these fancy, I want him to be able to handle them without "breaking" them. He is 4, he is a boy. 
My toes. For Grace.  This is the whole first panel, of the Daily Patch. There will be 4, stitched together into one larger cloth.
I was outside on a sunny day, but still had to adjust the coloring.
And the latest additions.  The "mole hill" as I named them way back, was not quite finished, as you can see by the needle left behind.  
I added 60 x's, for my 60 years, to patch 60.
click to enlarge
Having my husband home. All day. It's distracting. 
He is mending. Though all he really had to get over was the anesthetic.  
No large surgical sites, so healing is fast. 
He just has to remember not to lift anything heavier than the cat.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

51 to 56 Of Daily Patching

see the pink 'ears' for the Women's March on Sat.?
I actually stitched #'s 54, 55 and 56 today.  
My sweetie pie had some surgery done on Monday, the 23rd, so I wasn't home most of the day. He had some small things fixed in his heart. I can't remember all the big words the doctor used, but he pointed to a chart on the wall, of a heart, and said "I did Big Words on the left side to fix a Big Word he was born with, and did a BW to this part in the right side, and a BW to this other part in the right side. That is why it took us 4 hours."  
My question, "Is the thing on his left side hereditary?"
His answer, "No." 
Daughter Ashley's response, "whew."
Ashley had taken us to the hospital and waited with me. 
The Heart center waiting room had some nice tables, perfect to lay stitchy work out on. So that is what I did.  I have had these skeleton print scraps for years. I love them. I have added them to other cloth works and then removed them. Maybe they will stay on this one? 
The whole piece.  It's over 12" wide and 14" deep. 
I am making it to cover This Thing. This contraption Dan has created out of PVC pipe, to hold up his tablet, small speaker, phone, coffee maker and microwave...
Seriously, this Thing is not exactly super attractive. (Any more than that damn blanket is.) So I am making a cloth to cover the back of the Thing. Something I will enjoy looking at. 
Sew some sewing was done the first day this week.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Daily Patches 48-50

click to enlarge
I was going to use several small scraps for this last corner of Panel One.
Then I came across this bit in a whole different basket. It has stars and a moon. Not that you can tell...maybe enlarging will help. Anywhoo,
 I went with it and made it fit.
Panel Two pulled out of the basket, with it's bundle of scraps rolled up in it.
Blank slate. 
I have to make sure I don't use the same fabric along the edge where the 2 panels will meet. I have done that before and it bugged me, my eye always zoomed right to that one spot. So I will avoid that here. 
I had many scraps of the same print/color, so I mixed them up among the bundles. Same same can be what ties a whole cloth together...but not on the side by side seams. According to my brain. Not in just ONE spot.

Second patch for the first panel. #50. Light blue print. 
A great many of these scraps come from a box of scraps that an online friend sent me a few years ago when I was making the 2nd fundraiser I Spy type quilt. She cleaned out her stash, I am sure, and sent me a vast wealth of bits and bits!
Including this strip of cat faces.  I have decided not to use it here, but in a small thing I am creating for my granddaughters. The youngest, for another 42 days or so, is a Cat-Animal Whisperer. I have mentioned her before. These faces will go to her cloth creation.
I took all the 'tags' off the first panel. 
(It now is feather light and you can feel the stitched cloth.)
I will use them for all the panels. Giving new numbers, in a bright pink for this panel. These tags too will get used in the end. On this? I don't know. I am not there yet.

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Gift & Patches 44-47

 My brother sent a package. A silver Hummingbird. A symbol.
It's about the size of a dog tag, not sure what to call it other than that.
The card with it is just an example of the humor we share.
The timing is perfect as I am getting nervous about some upcoming procedures Dan is having, doctors messing with his heart.  My brother has been through many heart procedures. 
"Last echo-cardiogram had to be done from a steep angle and was able to show my implanted aortic valve which looked way better than the original valve. They had sound too and it clicked like one of those little frog clickers. "

 Yeah, he has been through his share. Of course, now I hear frog clickers...
I will wear this Hummer for sure that upcoming day.
There are some odd shapes to fill, so fill them with odd shapes and seed stitch.
Click to enlarge
The cat has mostly avoided me while I stitch, she is getting older and more irritated by things like me constantly moving. She sits with Dan. He sits still.
They took selfies today. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Mood-y Swatches

Click to enlarge
Did you know many fabric stores, online, will send you swatches?
These are from Mood.  Yes, that Mood! 
While digging through my stash for white-to-beige fabrics for my Daily Patch, I decided to check online, just in case there was a great deal on Ebay...or Etsy...or....well, you know. I did find a couple. Then I thought about going to Dharma because they do swatches too.  Not sure HOW I ended up at Mood.
Yet there is the proof, right there on my footstool. 
This one is a Liberty print. But I am not sure it's printed on Lawn. It was fine stitching through though.
They even send you a label to add to your creation. I will be doing that.
The spaces in parenthesis are all that are left in this quarter, which was supposed to be 3 months. Ah!  That space below the Liberty print is getting filled today. 
#43 is kinda a special one. I used a strip and manipulated it. 
I added a Martyred corner. 
Once upon a teenager, I proudly showed mom my "martyred corner".
She laughed. Then she explained the difference between "mitered" and "martyred".
Not sure how I will fill that itty bitty triangular space in the elbow of that Mitered Corner.