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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Circles, Neighbors, Caterpillars....

My design wall in the sewing room doesn't have a fabric cover over the foam insulation, that's why there is silver glaring back at you.
Anyway...that is the current state of Circles. Not arranged at all, with 2 of the panels at the top folded in half.  Stay tuned....
Neighbors.  We have this gentleman, and his wife, moving back into the 'hood. [long story]  Well this guy is a doer. Today he was 'doing' a bit of tree trimming. His son helps him.  Talk about a really cool gadget to have!  And I am not talking about the riding mower. Did I mention this guy is 80 something??
And this brings me to the Caterpillar.  Am trying to figure out who it is in it's next life. For now I will admire it as is.
Other stitching's.  I put this together one afternoon. I call it "Girl". 
For now. Not finished.
I found this Bug pencil drawn on a scrap of white in a box of gifted fabrics, from a few years ago. I finally decided where to use it, so I stitched on the pencil lines, and will give it beady eyes.
Then I will attach her to this piece of in-progress whimsy.
Working title for this is "house."

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Circles 13, 14 and 15 And More

I was loading the camera card and noticed the last 3 panels of the Circle Project. Humm.....seems I forgot to post them.  
I went outside the box on this last one.  
Now I need to put them up on the wall and arrange. 
But first...I had a Family Get Together to get through.
I am not a natural hostess person, I stress about it, a lot.
But I really enjoyed having all my children, and their spouses*, and their children here. You can enlarge the pic.  One niece is getting a bit big for her aunties lap, but her cousin fits just right. Whereas, her baby sister fits in her cousins lap,just right.  2 cousins were busy playing elsewhere, so only 4 of my 6-pack are in the pix. 

The eclipse. 8/21/2017 
Most of my pix of it are like this, so I might as well include the dog, Page.

* Ashley is going to point out that her spouse was not there. 
So I will beat her to it. He had to work.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Monday, August 07, 2017

Circles Beyond 10

So my circles project was up to number 10 last post. 
Which makes these #'s 11 and 12.
I have 4 more cut "panels" and then....? I think this one is going to need a full sized design wall to figure things out.
In other local news....we have had high temps, record high temps, and hazy skies. Winds came in from the east for a change and brought the smoke from wildfires burning in British Columbia. 
I admit I got tired of the daily orange sun set pix plastered all over local FB.
 We could smell the smoke the first couple of days, so I stayed indoors keeping my asthma company. Bah.
Last nights moon was rather interesting you can tell by these wonderful pix I was able to get....
 And can see the haze in this pic of a tree.
I thought I saw something up in the tree....zoom in with camera....huh, guess not.
Stephanie went to try on her wedding you can see from the smile, she is happy with it, but I can't show you the dress itself.
 How hot was it?  Agent 006 was finally content in front of the fan.
She doesn't like it hot.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

More Circles

Gah....these are fun!  I must admit I have miscounted the panels. 
Oh well, no biggy.
Got wild with the last one here...cut one outer circle and  wove through.
This was a gift for the bday girl, Rhiley, #3, now 8, from a Flower Lady her mama and grandpa help out now and then. 
Of course there were color books for all 3 sisters.
Rhiley carried the vase around like it was a favorite doll.
Avery is now Cast Free! 
{her first comment was, "now I can ride my bike easier", and both parents had to nix that idea for the moment. But really soon Avery, you can ride like the wind!}
Her growth plates have growth back together! 
With the weather forecast for the next week, she will be glad she can get in the pool!...Any. Pool.
And the last birthday of the month goes to.....our daughter-in-law!!
Happy [i know this is late] Birthday sweetie!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Circles,Cars,Casts,Coastlines...oh my

Circles 3 and 4, above, and 5 and 6,  below. 
I am leaving gaps to add more Circles once all the blocks are stitched together.
Another one gone.  This one almost made it to 300,000 miles!
Avery's(#4) BLUE cast. This one to replace the red one that got soaked, while playing in the pool. Yes it was wrapped up in plastic, but....Just as well, according to the cast-putter-on-er, the first one was too big, put on while her arm was still too swollen.  Only a few more days until this blue one gets removed!
BTW, she is holding a rock they found in Tacoma. Painted rocks are a fun hobby, to make and hunt for around here.
In fact, these are some Avery and her mama made last week! 
Love the Minion Avery made.
A very typical scene to be found here in the Pacific NW. The was was once a dam. Not sure if this is a 'salmon' creek, but it sure is a lovely spot on a hot day!
Two of our grands, #1 and #2, got to camp out on the coast, with their mama, cousin and other grandmother. I love this shot of them. 
Meg and Lily are on either side of their yellow hooded mama. 

 Now all 3 of our children are home owners!! This is our CollegeGirl, 
Stephanie and her soulmate Ozzie, and his pet human, Bobby.
When they pulled up the carpet in the bedrooms, look what they found!!!
REAL wood floors.  YES!
And today is another Birthday in our family.
#3 is now 8!!
Happy Birthday Rhiley!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Deer and Circles

We have had a visitor. We heard an owl one evening. Robins are helping themselves to the blueberries, they don't eat many. A raccoon has been sighted also, but not by me. I love summer!
This is the sort of pix you get when your camera batteries are "exhausted."
You can't zoom in. But you can coax the camera into taking a few more shots. One. At. A. Time. 
The Daily Patch project has been on hold due to the warmer days. Now that it is a whole cloth, it fills my lap.
But I have made visible progress on the Circles.

I found some rather fun woodsy prints in the novelty bucket, but have only pulled out the more serious prints.
For now I am just invisible-basting them down. Raw edges. More stitching will be added when I layer the fabrics.

Got to see all 6 of my pack. But took not a single picture. [no camera]
Even Ashley forgot to take pix, she just enjoyed herself!
The occasion?
2 birthdays that are the 19th, but the 2 won't be together that day.
So an early "party" was a must.
Happy Birthday my first born son!
Happy Birthday my second born granddaughter!
I love you this much

Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 222 of Daily Patch With a Touch of Family

 I worked on the seams some last night.  I didn't do the invisible stitch of Jude's devising, and thought this am I would have to re-do. But I don't think my big running stitch is going to show up that much.
I still have the daily tags, but don't use them daily anymore. they are pinned to the bottom, later to be sewn on. I just keep track of days on the calendar.
That is Woodstock peaking out from behind. 
GG #3 was seen holding it the other day. Ha...waltzing around would be more like it.  Auntie Steph wanted to see Agent 006, so that led to an impromptu family gathering on Sat. 
 Stephanie later apologized for 'hogging' all the baby loves, but I was cool with it. I love that she loves her nieces!

For my next trick.....Actually I guess it really is a trick. 
I was pondering which tin can size to use for a circle for the Circle quilt/cloth,
when I was again struck with a great idea! 
Use a canning jar band. [looked up proper name of the ring thing]
band and fabrics chosen, so far
It would give me an outside size circle...AND an inside one for the 'rings' and the motifs that may go in them. I made a sample up to get an idea of how it will look. I drew the tree on a whim and snipped it out. Might need pressing...
The other plus to using this band is that I can see the fabric should I want to fussy cut it! 

Friday, July 07, 2017

Updates... New, Daily, Casts

My next daily stitch project was moving ahead at a slugs pace. 
Until last night. 
→I knew I wanted to do circles. 
→I also wanted to do circular shapes... I did in the bottom picture. It has closed circles too.
→I have the fabrics, Alpine by Erin Michael
→I have a somewhat modest stash. [in this case-stash=fabrics]
The idea to make some circles have cut-outs just shazammed itself into my head.
Ideas for the circles....not sure the pine cone cut-out will work like I want it too, but that is ok, I have lots of prints with p.c.'s to make solid circles from. 
So I cut the fat quarters I plan to use for the 'blocks'. 9.5 x 18 inches. 
For now I will stick with the long shape. I also pulled out the 'whites,tans, grays, browns and golds' bucket of stash. 
Then I decided to work on the Daily Patch. I have all 4 panels stitched together.
Now I needed to get the patches along those seams ready for stitching.
I wanted it ready for 'visit hour' should the ladies in the neighborhood come over.
Easier to chat when the stitch project is prepped.
When our youngest gets married in Sept, her sisters oldest gets to be the bridesmaid! Perfect dress marked down to 16 dollars.
{I taught my children well.}
The promised cast picture. I was the first to sign it~! Lucky Gup.
I signed it with my VJ symbol [am a Capricorn and maiden name started with J]
Avery called me Vicky J for the rest of their stay.
M♥M signed it next. And added a kitty face for little sister siggy.
I showed Ashley the kitty face I made on Precious's Patch, to copy from. 
Very fitting in so many ways.
Unfortunately that  lovely red became mush and had to be changed to a nice blue one...pix another day....after a hot day playing in the pool. Even wrapped in 2 plastic bags.  The cast-putter-on-er said it was just at well, because the decreased swelling in her arm had made the cast too loose.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Daily Patch is Complete

Though not exactly finished yet.
All 4 panels are patched. This is the last panel. #4. 
It has 58 patches. It takes the Daily Patch up to Day 209.
The calendar for June.
folding in the 'seam allowance' to stitch only the BG flannel
Stitching panel 1 to 2.  I stitched the packing fabric, the flannel,  together, but avoided stitching the patches. I left most of the patches un-stitched in the 'seam allowance' area.
The front, after stitching the BG, or base, flannel.
All 4 panels together.
Some other little things I throw together.
Gus and Birds, not complete
SunBird, not complete
SwimBird, not complete
It's fun to create these little bits. Click to enlarge!  SwimBird, and SunBird, were  free-hand embroidered birds, one on a strip-woven base fabric, the other on a Toile.  I didn't like either, so they went into the bottomless pit. 
But after making ShellBird, attitudes have changed. 
Along with the PBLandscape, named "Tree Line With Bulrushes."