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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Gift & Patches 44-47

 My brother sent a package. A silver Hummingbird. A symbol.
It's about the size of a dog tag, not sure what to call it other than that.
The card with it is just an example of the humor we share.
The timing is perfect as I am getting nervous about some upcoming procedures Dan is having, doctors messing with his heart.  My brother has been through many heart procedures. 
"Last echo-cardiogram had to be done from a steep angle and was able to show my implanted aortic valve which looked way better than the original valve. They had sound too and it clicked like one of those little frog clickers. "

 Yeah, he has been through his share. Of course, now I hear frog clickers...
I will wear this Hummer for sure that upcoming day.
There are some odd shapes to fill, so fill them with odd shapes and seed stitch.
Click to enlarge
The cat has mostly avoided me while I stitch, she is getting older and more irritated by things like me constantly moving. She sits with Dan. He sits still.
They took selfies today. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Mood-y Swatches

Click to enlarge
Did you know many fabric stores, online, will send you swatches?
These are from Mood.  Yes, that Mood! 
While digging through my stash for white-to-beige fabrics for my Daily Patch, I decided to check online, just in case there was a great deal on Ebay...or Etsy...or....well, you know. I did find a couple. Then I thought about going to Dharma because they do swatches too.  Not sure HOW I ended up at Mood.
Yet there is the proof, right there on my footstool. 
This one is a Liberty print. But I am not sure it's printed on Lawn. It was fine stitching through though.
They even send you a label to add to your creation. I will be doing that.
The spaces in parenthesis are all that are left in this quarter, which was supposed to be 3 months. Ah!  That space below the Liberty print is getting filled today. 
#43 is kinda a special one. I used a strip and manipulated it. 
I added a Martyred corner. 
Once upon a teenager, I proudly showed mom my "martyred corner".
She laughed. Then she explained the difference between "mitered" and "martyred".
Not sure how I will fill that itty bitty triangular space in the elbow of that Mitered Corner. 

Sunday, January 08, 2017

36 to 39 Daily Thang

I didn't stitch yesterday.  A down day. 
So I did 2 days today.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Year Patches

I shared last years Google Birthday Doodle and here is this years...well, now it would be last years, even if it was the last day of that year.
If they had put 60 candles on it, it would have melted...would be more like ....guggle...
Here are the first 4 patches for this year. 
I love adding daily numbers, not just days.
All the tags will be removed as a panel fills. I don't really feel like getting 300 more safety pins.
Another project in this cold cold cold we have been having.
A heat system for the Hummingbird feeder. 
1 old hanging flower basket.
1 light source, in this case a CFL bulb encased in a plastic thing.
Rocks to surround the bulb casing. For looks and to hold in the heat.
One bird showed up afterward. He/she hung around, taking sips, enjoying a warmer space.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Daily Patch at Year End And Flowers For All

Click to enlarge
The first month of patches, as photographed in yellow.
(There are CFL bulbs in one ceiling fixture.)
The last block of the month, and the year in this case. The first month of patches is now done.  This patch got itself 60 stitches, for the 60 birthdays it represents.
Mom told me I was a nice tax deduction for the whole year. 
New years eve was never the same for our family, but my brother had his 8th Christmas with his mom home! Which was important for her.
(in those days, they kept you in the hospital for a few days after giving birth.)
Even though there are only 48 rose buds on this cake, it did mean a flower for everyone!  An important factor to this Gup and her granddaughters.

{I suppose if I changed the "year end" to "rear end" this post would end up on a kinky page of searches.} 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Place for Grand Girls

Our daughter made this for us. Not string art this time, but something we needed.  We aren't a "have family photos on the piano" kind of family. Of course we don't have a piano, or a mantel, or, or....We do have lots of pictures on that wall in the dining room that you can see.  All animals and art.  We have walls covered with foam board so I can hang fiber related works I have made. So we needed a place to display pix of the GrandGirls. {other than the fridge, which i don't like having covered with stuff..i know, i am complicated like that}

I love it!  Not sure where she came up with the tealy color, but it looks good on the wood cupboard. I cropped out all the extraneous parts of the house....then decided to show it like it is. Yes that is a vacuum hose/wand. The slab of meat looking thing is my other daughters accidental art, which I have kept. [enlarging the pix will help]

I took 3 pictures on Dec. 25.
So I collage'd them.  You don't see the grandgirl on the other side of Bobby, though you do see her doll in her aunt Stephie's hands, helping with something.
Then there is the cat's rear end, tail down thank you. 
And last, the sweet Devyn. Our youngest at the moment. Our Animal Whisperer.
She is so calm around animals. So gentle with our own grumpy, disagreeable cat of a zillion years.  We have warned Dev not to touch the cat or she will strike back, and that cat has, but Dev persists in trying to win her over. So, you go girl. 

You also see the untidy-ness of a home. Where grandgirls can come roam.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pix and Patches

cleaned up 
Avery, GD #4, asked me to draw a fox for her, then went off to draw it herself. 
I think her drawing is fantastic! 
(She got a purse/bag thing for Christmas, that had foxes on it, 
so she 'copied' one.)
Unfortunately she drew it on the back side of another drawing, which shows through. (i can't remember what the round things were all about)
I have decided that Avery gets a clean piece of paper when she wants to draw, here at my house.
Speaking of...Avery on the left, Rhiley on the right. Holding the solid chocolate tree they all gave me for my birthday (in a few days)
(The batteries for my camera are "exhausted", which makes me laugh, but it's not true. If you turn off/on the camera, you get a bit more out of those poor, tired, old batteries! 
You can also get blurred pix because you are in a hurry to record it!)
The Daily Patches 23 to 28
Number 27 was a sq. I folded to fit the triangle shaped space. 
I left it so it can be peeked at.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Daily Patches and Life

Numbers 17 thru 22.  I am now having to put pins with labels on each patch to keep track of what's what and who's who....or is that whose who....
The patches aren't all stitched on in a row, like so many sewing projects are done.
I lay the whole thing out and look at the scraps and the spaces...and then I just chose a spot and scrap. I am up to day 25, set up for 26, and am running out of room!
My plan was to get 3 months of scraps on each 1/4 panel. Not gonna happen. But that is ok too.  I will just keep going to fill each panel, then go from there with the next idea...whatever that will be.
Holiday Dec. 25
Part of the family were here, 
daughters, 2, granddaughters,3 and soon to be son-in-law, 1.
Dan took most of the pix...and I made a 'movie' of them, 
because kids in motion tend to stay in motion!

I took 3. All of three.
There will be doll clothes to be made. Two18 inch 
dolls have been added to the family.  Much easier to make than Barbie size, I must admit!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Daily Patch #'s 14,15,16 and a Cat

The 14th was an anniversary, so I did the heart and x's for years.
Can't ♥♥♥ one and not another! I believe that will be part of the DP too. 
It seems. Serendipitous-ly.
The embroidered color words continue too.
So do the Santa activities!  This Santa gives Popsicles!
As you can tell, it's a bit cold here today...
Some days a Grandma just has to have a Wobt!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Daily Patch #'s 9-12

Am finding much pleasure in this daily stitch routine.
Also finding that I need to keep track of it more visually. That is why the X marks the patch. With the first few, I put the wording by/over/around the patch.
And I am only up to 13!  Had to break out a calendar. 
Patch 11 is not actually stitched to the yellow-ish piece below it. That is just for contrast. It's the oddest piece in the whole stack, so I am including it in other days too.

In another basket is this WIP. Embroidery. To introduce color NAMES to my grandgirls. I researched crayon web sites, including one for collectors! That one was fun to browse through.  I thought about Pantone for names, but decided to stay with crayon names, since the girls are still all under 11...for now.
Pantone's color for 2017 is "Greenery". I have no G's among the G's, except for being Grand, that they are. For now.  Perhaps the 6th grand will have a G name??

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Daily Patch 5 to 8

As I was working on Patch 7 yesterday, I later noticed I had stitched a heart inadvertently while meandering in and out. I was working on it when my daughter's dear BF texted to see if I was home, and not to tell Steph he was stopping by.  Oh the things that go through a mother's head...a big gift?  a puppy?  a fish? to ask us if he, surely not that. So I stitched as I waited.
Here he is talking to my husband, who was shopping, of course. 
And as I am sure you guessed, She Said Yes.
Asking for our blessing was so sweet of him!! 
It was after he left that I found the heart.  Here is the back of the whole work so far, because so many of us like to see the back.
click to enlarge
And day 8.  I love the textures all the stitching is creating!
Normally I don't use a hoop...but it was there.
It is snowing at the moment....outside.
It has been cold.  
Water bowl outside is growing a stalagmite....or is it a stalactite?

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Trying A Daily Thing

click to enlarge
Not sure how true to it I will be.  But I have begun!
The first patch felt so lost on the larger cloth, and so unlike me to just stop at 1. By patch 3, there is some substance to the cloth now.  Weight. Patch 4 was a nice piece to leave hanging over the edge.  I have 4 panels, instead of doing 12 for a year, that I will stitch together as they are completed. I also started now instead of waiting for the first of the year, because I want to use this next Christmas!

*I decided I wanted a cloth behind my "tree".  Yes there is already a canvas on the Styrofoam insulation 'design wall', and a rather neutral color on the wall itself. *
I have tried to do a daily thing before so I won't jinx this one by saying anything more about it.  

I was painting pine cones and figured I might as well paint some leaves too.  These were dry, but not flattened.  It worked fine.  Now they are in the bucket around the bottom of the "tree". I don't have a pic of that.  For now.