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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

161 to 168 Daily Bits and Flowers

I had to many to fit nicely in one collage.
So 161 to 165 is above.
Below is 166 to 168. Today is 168 of the Daily Patch.
166 was a 2 part scrap, it had a blacker bit still stitched to it, so I folded it over so the grayer back side shows here.
Despite other WIP's, I came across these scraps and just had to play. 
I stitched in a circle over them.  This may become part of the next Daily stitch thing.  So far just random things that could become circles are being saved in a separate tray.  Like there aren't enough of those already in the cloud around my chair. My own version of Cloud 9.
Behind the shirt stitching is being done on the Painters Shirt.
Oh. Look. Flowers.  Must have been Mothers Day.  
I was also given a card of granddaughter pix, one of those online photo place prints.  I love it of course, but the best part is all the signatures! 
Meg wrote "wah wah wah Griffyn", {and her own name of course},  Devyn still copies over her name that mommy writes for her, but that is ok!!!! 
Rhiley and Avery were able to do their own, and Lily...
Well that child wrote "love you to the moon and back" with her signature.
So my 6 pack is all accounted for!  
I love all of you to the moon and back 6 times!!
Flowers arranged by daughter Ashley.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crochet-Collage-156 to160-Frowns

I changed the click-on-the-pic-to-enlarge setting so now you can click on the pix and see it REALLY BIG.  I love looking at pix that way so I can see every hair on Grace's Goats, or thread on Jude's Beasts, or...or....

I am pretty sure this is one of Colour Complements Handdyed pearl cottons
I really like using them in this manor of stitch, because it shows off the palette completely. I had no plans for this one, I just sat and crocheted while watching TV.  It hung on the main design wall until batta met bing and I pinned it to the green-with-center-stripe cloth. 
It isn't stitched down yet, they are just visiting each other. And the cloth...well it may become a pillow top....or not....
I finally remembered to take pix of the Shell-Bird-Being. I think of it as beast, but that sounds so negative...Maybe because of it's frowny-tail-dino-neck?
Anyway....look at all the beads I had fun adding to it!
Next up are the latest in Daily Patches .  157 & 8  were done on the same day. 
I had taken a day off to be sick....bah. I am going around 2 of the sides for now. Since they touch two other panels in the end, I like to keep the patches different. That means setting it all up before hand. 
I got many pix of this little girl, but thought I would share the one we usually don't see...the frowny face. It's funny how much she looks like her daddy, our son, as he is now, not as a child. 
Love you Agent 006

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Daily 150 to 155 & Eggs

front and back of panel 3
In reverse order of course. Panel # 3 is done.
Somehow I didn't get patch #150 into the collage. 
Of course that pic is below this one.
I did get the April calendar page in the collage.
#150 started as a 2 inch square which I origami'ed into a 1 inch. 
Felt like I was folding diapers again.
Egg Hunt.
Devyn; "look, it's a bird."
Lily; "shhh, I am counting my eggs"
Megan; "and look, another one"
Dad; "uh-huh"
I  caught Dan's cold. I tossed it back. 
Happy to say I feel much better. Only 1 day down compared to Dan's 2.5. 
I am the one with asthma, so it worries Dan when I get sick. First cold in a couple of years, thank you very much.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

143 to 149 and Wedding Gowns

The tags got used up, I had to make more.
The PURPLE #'s are for patches on Panel One, 1 to 48, Dec. 1 to Jan. 17.
The Patches on Panel Two are in PINK,  49 to 97. Jan. 18 to March 7.
#3 Panel has BLUE numbers, 98 to [ not done yet], March 8 to April....
Up until #48 on the second and third panels, I was able to keep track of the number of patches going on....after 48, all bets are off.  That takes me into math land, which will have to be figured out by someone else...I will ask my granddaughters to use their heads.
I kinda cheated on patch #149...I needed a long one, not square, so I tore it in half and quick stitched it up. It still had to be manipulated to make it fit. I am not over lapping the patches, they are butted up against one another. If you click to enlarge the pic, you will see in the right bottom corner the size of spaces left to stitch into.  I didn't have this many itty bitty areas on the first 2 panels. I have spaces like you see where the flower pin is, which I will fill, maybe, after all 4 panels are stitched tog.

On to Wedding Gowns....
laughter....Not for this one!
But for this one!!
There is no denying that Rhiley had a ball at the bridal gown stores, when she went with her Mama and Auntie to find a gown for the Auntie Steph!
I am so glad she, the Auntie , agreed to have her pic taken with the sign the store had!  Love you Stephie.
Ashley took pix of her girls with the Collages I made for them. 
And of Rhiley looking over the different fabrics I used. 
She giggled when she saw the one I added to the said 
"I Heart Boys". I knew she would like that.
Have to wait for pix of the other 2 with theirs.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Patches 138 to 142

 I am running out of space on this panel. I am having to squeeze some of the scraps into the space. I am trying to use the scraps as is. 

May will mark  6 months I have been working on this, and by the end of that month, I may not have any panels left. 

Of course I won't ever run out of scraps.
TTFN  as Ti-(double-ga)-er says.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Patches , Parts, and Packs

 The Daily Patch is now up to 137!  The 3 sets of numbers on the tags are for each panel, since I am now up to panel #3. In fact, this panel is almost full. #131 was a black print scrap that I used the back side for. A couple of the scraps are odd shaped, so that was fun. 
This, below was fun to make too.  I wanted to show you how I can put tog something from a bunch of scraps that aren't related.
 Click to enlarge.  The head is really a seashell section, the eyes are from a raccoon, so are the belly innards, 2 tails side by side. The tail is a dinosaur print. The facial expression is a little mean, so I hadn't wanted to use it as a face. So it became a mean ole tail.  And a sheep body for legs. The cactus print was part of a decor fabric that I saved.  The spikes on the back are from that print too.
Now I need to take a pic of the finished piece. (its about 6 inches sq.)

My daughter has been telling me about the Heron Colony in Port Orchard.  
The nests are so messy looking, unlike the eagle nests that are super sturdy. In the first pic, she circled the nests.
And got one shot of an occupant.
Quick family moments.
  Gotta get some niece loves.
This girl loves to read...anywhere!
 And the whole 6 Pack!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Patches, Paint, Peace

126 to 130 of the Daily Patches. Hard to tell, but I "wrote" -imagine- on Day 130. (which ties in with Peace) I also discovered that I have been keeping track of how many scraps on this panel. With no help from myself!  The first numbers on the flag/tags for each day are there from the first panel. So day 130 is the 33rd patch on this 3rd panel.
So clever aren't I??
On to the Paint part of this post.  My daughter Stephanie's paint shirt, the one I mentioned in my last post. I was doing my thang on it, then hung it on the 'design' wall next to the TV. My Dan happened to notice it and then even said something about it.  He thought I should add something of what all that paint represented.  After all, the shirt was the paint rag, not the canvas.
Then he said the magic words...."Like the skyline Steph painted on her wall...."
I probably have a better pic of it than this, that has my cutting table in front of. But the pic gives you the gist of it.
I couldn't dig out a black fabric fast enough!  (a 'handdye')
I didn't follow Steph's skyline exactly because of the paint on the shirt. Acrylic paint, in many layers, on knit fabric does not make a pleasant hand stitching surface. But that just adds the "me" part.  I also found a hand print of Steph's, in among all the splots.  I will show that another day as I am currently stitching that part.  The skyline is all  mostly stitched.
side by side comparison
 Now for the Peace part.
click to enlarge
This one is mine. For me that is. She made it. You can see how small it is. What you can't see are the teeny tiny stitches that you know are added by hand, with her thoughts of "Imagine Peace" in every single one. I can imagine that her ideas of Peace are somewhat similar to my own, and even possibly yours. If you are a Woman, a Mom, a Grandmother, maybe even a Great-Grandmother. 
Peace my friends.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

118 to 125 Daily Patches & A Paint "Rag"

On this day, it was our Anniversary. The 30th. So 3 bumps for decades. And a folded corner because it hasn't always been easy.
 Numbers 119 to 125
2 of the patches have a second pic included. the ones with arrows. One was folded, the other has clouds, but you could not see them without light behind the patch. 
The calendar for last month.
Other works.  This one has been around for years, waiting for me to alter it.
A shirt my youngest wore one summer, every time she worked on the paintings in her room.  The walls her canvas, the shirt her rag...I even found a hand print on here!!  I will do my best to highlight that.  This one is not as easy to put together. It is more personal.  Dan has even added his thoughts, which have changed the directions I was going in.  She is his daughter too, so his memories should be here too.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Answering a Comment

Before I forget, Sue McQ. commented on how much she liked the collages I made for the girls.  She thought she might give it a try.  (in the last post)

Yes Yes Yes!  Do that Sue!  Fabric scraps in "I Spy" packs, grab bags, leftovers, etc, can be found on Etsy, and Ebay, of course, maybe even your local shops.  Put out a call on your blog, ask friends if they have a thing or 2 they can stuff into a regular envelope. I will be happy to share some of my treasures too.

I started with random scraps I lay out on a base fabric, wrong side up.  That way I had a 'boundary' to keep me from going....on forever really.  I started with the square and rectangle shapes, and then started filling in the gaps.  I fussy cut quite a few things, added some that meet the personality of each girl, like Meg who isn't afraid of spiders!!!  Go Meg!!!  Anyway, she got a couple of spiders on hers, that the other girls did not get.

I hand stitched all of mine, but you don't have to, machine stitching would be just as good.

Then I thought about those got added, since this wouldn't be a 'usable' quilt-let.

To think it all started with a random idea to embroider words that stand for a color, for each of the girls first letter in their names.  And to use the color of thread that sorta matched that word.  BTW, "Dragonite" is an orange color in the Crayola Pokemon crayon set. So, that went on Devyn's collage, in an orange color of course.

And....for some odd reason unknown to me, 2 of the collages won't let you click-to-enlarge them.  Weird. I know.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Khaos and DP's 112 to 117

Since the pix didn't load in the order I planned on, I will just go with the unplanned version, thus Khaos....because today's title was Kollages for Kids. 
Above.  Stitchery. I think I will call it Red. 
Below. would be more like it.
While working on Red, I decided I wanted some new scraps to add to the dwindling box. Novelties and such. So I perused Etsy and came across a bag being offered by Twisted Cedar. I have to say that I am super pleased!  ALL top line fabrics, meaning better quality.  ALL usable sizes. Some will get added to the I Spy box, but others will get used for my cloth collages, I guess you could call them. [They aren't quilts.] And there were even 2 white on white strips that I can use on the Daily Patch!  I am chuffed. I am pleased. I am what I am. 
AND she is here in WA state! Thank YOU Tina!
Click to enlarge. Fourth pic to give size samples.
The Daily Patches are up to 117. This is third of four panels. 
Kollages for Kids. My granddaughters, except for our newest,  Griffyn. I like to wait to spend time with the child as she grows, before putting something like this together.
Avery the Artist
Devyn the Animal Whisperer
Lily the Cuddler
Megan the Independent  
Rhiley the Sensitive One
Boy, giving one word to each child is hard. Some children show right from the start some special 'trait'.  Like Devyn, who is not the youngest anymore. 
As soon as she could move around, she went to the animals.
Avery always wants to draw and color, always.
I will be sad if Lily decides to be less cuddly when she becomes a teen.
Megan has always zoomed through, I can never keep up with her. 
Rhiley is  shyer, and possibly empathic. 
I love each and every one of them, even Griffyn who is new, but has no cloth yet. Well...besides the flannel blanket I embroidered her name on.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

105 to 111 Patches and a Bit of Crochet

Crochet first.  I made this strip of flouncy-ish edging a while ago. So long ago I can't remember.  I do that.  I kept it and auditioned it on various cloths over the years.  Finally, I found a place for it. On this pillow cover. The one I showed the start of,  in the last post.  That elephant scrap came from the bottomless box.
A little selvage piece, "Sunshine Serenade," off the dotty piece I used behind the elephant. Gave it some 'rays'.
I use crochet on lots of things. Borders. "Frames". Around things. 
 Just hanging beside things.  I sometimes have a reason to make it, or just because I like the color of the thread/yarn, which applies to the above edging, and to the strip hanging down on the right side of this collage below. It hasn't found it's forever home yet, but it does look good next to those scraps, doesn't it??

Patches. The Daily Thang.
click to enlarge
105, which is incorrectly marked 106, to 111. Which was today's. We had St. Patrick's day in there, and the first day of SPRING represented by the strip of green, that got folded this way and that, just like the roots of a plant.

We had a crazy burst of rain around 6 ish. 
I would call it a Macro-burst, were I a weather person.