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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Daily Patch 5 to 8

As I was working on Patch 7 yesterday, I later noticed I had stitched a heart inadvertently while meandering in and out. I was working on it when my daughter's dear BF texted to see if I was home, and not to tell Steph he was stopping by.  Oh the things that go through a mother's head...a big gift?  a puppy?  a fish? to ask us if he, surely not that. So I stitched as I waited.
Here he is talking to my husband, who was shopping, of course. 
And as I am sure you guessed, She Said Yes.
Asking for our blessing was so sweet of him!! 
It was after he left that I found the heart.  Here is the back of the whole work so far, because so many of us like to see the back.
click to enlarge
And day 8.  I love the textures all the stitching is creating!
Normally I don't use a hoop...but it was there.
It is snowing at the moment....outside.
It has been cold.  
Water bowl outside is growing a stalagmite....or is it a stalactite?

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Trying A Daily Thing

click to enlarge
Not sure how true to it I will be.  But I have begun!
The first patch felt so lost on the larger cloth, and so unlike me to just stop at 1. By patch 3, there is some substance to the cloth now.  Weight. Patch 4 was a nice piece to leave hanging over the edge.  I have 4 panels, instead of doing 12 for a year, that I will stitch together as they are completed. I also started now instead of waiting for the first of the year, because I want to use this next Christmas!

*I decided I wanted a cloth behind my "tree".  Yes there is already a canvas on the Styrofoam insulation 'design wall', and a rather neutral color on the wall itself. *
I have tried to do a daily thing before so I won't jinx this one by saying anything more about it.  

I was painting pine cones and figured I might as well paint some leaves too.  These were dry, but not flattened.  It worked fine.  Now they are in the bucket around the bottom of the "tree". I don't have a pic of that.  For now.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Ornaments for 2016

At home in the tree.
So I made a herd? gaggle? flock? crowd? Bunch of snowmen.
Easy peasy.  I used batt....cotton batt like you use in a quilt.
The smallest one was the prototype. 
Before embellishing. One for each granddaughter, and the smallest for our Steph, for the Snow Mobile I made her...last year? 
Now these string beauts are made by daughter Ashley. We aren't Canadian, tho we do have family up there, but we do love maple leaves, so....Dan got the whole tree!
I found this Smore idea on Pinterest.  I used batt for the fluffy marshmallows. 
Again, 6. For the stray Steph. The other 2 children have the grandchildren, so they get these by default.
For my Christmas cards this year...I made ornaments. Of course!
A close up of the weaving.  Holes poked by sewing machine. Yarn going up and down, and the weave going the other way.  I don't know the proper terms as I am not a weaver.  I know it's weft and warp, at least....right??
The I had the idea to poke holes in a figure eight pattern for the girls to make snowmen.  Different threads used by each, thus different  methods.
Rhiley's, Avery's and Devyn's  Added pen work after stitching.
Avery took her time and carefully counted the spaces out and went in and out with out any trouble.  I gushed over her...a little too much, but I was soooo proud of how well this 5 year old was sewing!
Rhiley too stuck it out with hers, despite it being so hard to pull the yarn through the bitty holes.  Gpa helped with a pair of pliers, before they got smart and used a toothpick to widen the holes! Then she did some "weaving" back and forth on the top, to fill in the body a bit.
Devyn sat right here in my lap, which was hard to photograph.  She insisted on colorful thread and was done toot sweet.  She is 3, so I was happy she did any!
Here is one she made at home with momma recently.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Poor dolly is wide awake, but dear GD is sound asleep.
A corner of brightness. 
Simple LED bulb=bright as the sun=nearly cost-less.
This is my old Home-Made clothes rack. Works fine. Does not hold much.
Now THIS is gonna hold some clothes!  This is the not-quite-done-shot.  There are now 2 wires on the outsides of the poles, and Dan has decided to add another one in between the poles.  The poles galvanized conduit poles, one inch size. There are 2 nifty coupling links to make each 10' pole into 12' lengths!! 
Nothing needed to be threaded either.
And here it is with not-so-pretty wet stuff on it.
It's in the spare room we call the playroom now. This room was Ashley's when we first moved here in 2007. She painted over the vinyl wallpaper, red red red.
Then my mom moved in, so Steph painted the walls a light lavender and peach-ish to match mom's bedspread. The color has remained the same, though it was once the girls play room when Ben lived here with his 2, Meg and Lily.
This way I don't have to worry about the weather and whether or not I can hang the wash.
I put tog a little weaving project for the grandgirls, now that Ashley has all 5 of them on weekends again. I made the holes in the lightweight cardboard on my sewing machine.  Sq., triangle, circle, diamond, 2 of each.  They had yarn to add also, but opted for the strips of fabric I dug out of my recycle box.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Different Days

Sometimes it's all about the 'tude.

And others?  It's about the coloring.
5 Granddaughters. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Game Farm, Pinata, String

My youngest, Steph and her Bearded boyfriend, who are devoted Sounders Soccer fans, went to the Olympic Game Farm  where you drive among the animals...large animals!  You toss wheat bread to them and take interesting pictures.
p fffffff t  click to enlarge and see this one 
Or get stuck in the herd.
That's what you do for your birthday.
Or you do this for your birthday...That your older brother brought for you!
Ashley got to go first, her bday celebration, her gets first chance.
Then the kids got a go at it. This time in size order.  That's because
biggest granddaughter, Megan, [#1] is a pro at smacking open the pinata!
[just don't throw the bat]
Grandma's creative endeavor last week was to make pumpkin cards to send the girls.
the middle card is for all 3 of #2's girls, thus the 3 eyes, 3 hearts, 3 U's
With a paint swatch titled "pumpkin patch", I 'wove' 3 p'kins for the front.
I kept the colors names visible on the other 2 cards too, for #1's girls.
Lame? Sure. Fun? Course.
Somewhere along the line, I forgot to mention that my MIL has written a story book! The Adventures of Bronty the Little Dinosaur.  My FIL drew the pictures for it, and my daughter copied one of them into string for them.
She has also been working on ornament sized stringys.

from a walk one day, Ashley and fam.
This is a Robberfly, I think. This is my husbands photo.

Back in April...2015....I was working on a shrug for myself. I was using up the various wool yarns I have. But I just wasn't liking the shape. So I FROGGED the whole thing!!!!
And have started over. So far it looks pretty much the same as these pix. 
"Frogged" means undo, unstitch, pull the yarn back into a ball.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grandchild Number Six Is A....

*!*  GIRL  *!*

The parents, our son and DIL are a bit disappointed, they really wanted a boy. 
But....she has all her toes and all her fingers.  I have a picture from the first sonogram, but let's face it, those all look pretty much the same. 
For humans at least.
Of course this makes it easy to add another child to the Storybook Quilt.
I also need to fix the blurry words, where I wrote the book titles and the ink ran. 
So I did them up in be added soon.
That's why I remember I need to add another child, because this has been hanging around my chair for a few weeks.
{I made 2 of them, actually.  The second one is here.}
I am also doing a lot of satin stitch around a tower. You know the one, in Paris?
On a pillowcase/cover for a GD. I LOVE doing this stitch!
From the giant squash plant growing in the backyard's compost heap. 
Acorn Squash? The kids are going to carve and/or decorate them since we don't dare eat them. [they are growing over the septic field.]
So this watercolor idea comes from Debra @ Artisun.
She is an art teacher and she had her kids dab [her word was "Blob"] the color on, then draw what they "saw" in the shapes.
My youngest GD helped me do this one on top.  I see many figures in the paint, I just haven't outlined them yet.  But I did get this far.

Need I explain this one?
Didn't think so.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Decisions Out Of Thin AIr

I am always amazed at how an idea can just appear out of thin air.
"Tree Line With Bulrushes" Summer 2016
I had finally decided to "mount" this one on canvas, but not on a stretched canvas, like so many are doing these days.  Not that I don't like that idea, I love it actually, but I wanted to keep this 'softer'.  So I scrounged around looking for the hunk of canvas I am sure I have.  Nope. Not where I thought, but I did come across some dyed-black we had done years ago for a curtain. ('we' being dau. Steph and me)  And in the same drawer were some other fabrics. I pulled them all out and took them to the table.  As I lay out the different fabs, and Dan mulled them over with me, we came up with the orange-lavender combo....and that's when the thin air grew heavy with the idea on how to 'frame' this!  I got it all basted and am stitching it.  More to come.
Ocean Circle 2016 Additions

Have been stitching the Ocean Circle top too.  I had fun adding the stamens {?}
to the hibiscus flowers!  And even though they are more color coordinated to each flower in nature, I stayed with the yellow perle/pearl cotton. One of the threads is from the box of threads my mother game me 40 years ago.  I added a variegated blue thread to the line of 'water' stitches at the edge of the 'beach'.