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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Texting With Grandchildren

Click to enlarge each to read. My side is in green.  
Daughter Ashley is the other side.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's Been Found....

Sort of....
Today I contacted the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermolopis, again.  Hoping they would be able to help me find more info on the Harry Potter quilt you see above. I also decided to contact the local newspaper.  
(The people at the dino center were very kind, and I really think a few of my granddaughters would love to go there!)
An email from Lara Love, from the paper, said she had contacted Sue about my quilt inquiry.  I couldn't remember Sue's last name, but Lara knew who I was referring to.
Sue emailed me less than an hour later, and yes she knew where the quilt was!! is in a box, one of many, simply marked "quilts'. 
The Dancing Bear Folk Center had been given 3 days notice to leave the space they were...renting(??) at the time. In the ensuing chaos of moving, not all the items were paired up with their owner/makers/???  
At least it's in a box that was marked.  
I cannot imagine how it was all accomplished. 
Bravo Sue!
Two of my granddaughters will be excited to see it!
When it gets here.  That part, I am not worried about. Wasn't actually worried about it at all, just curious.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Day Before

We had the family over the day before Thanksgiving, because they have other family to see too, on T-day.
3 girls sitting, 2 girls and a dog in motion. 
[the X is to mask the spotlight that was on outside]
2 girls holding up ornaments they made at Aunties house.
[glue had to dry]
2 grands, 2 daughters, 1 MIL
{1 new pair of glasses for #3}
 Preparing plates for children.
Grandfathers and Granddaughters.
1 son, 2 SIL's
Open Wide!
Different moments.
"Pretend you are really chowing down"
#1 showing #3 how it's really done!

Then I put up my tree. Basket of driftwood for the base.  Old saw blade for the top.  Cardboard-corner-protectors from packaged furniture.  Dan helped a friend assemble a new bunk bed. In exchange, we got the old bed for one of the granddaughters and a whole bunch of Styrofoam and these cardboard bits.
A lot of the foam went into the heater vents. After spying a RAT in the duct this summer, we decided NOT to use the furnace, because there is a hole in it somewhere, Dear Liza. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Daily Patch Is Done!

I realized, the other day, that I needed to finish this. To use!
[i also want to press out that center fold...that drives me cuckoo at quilt shows, those creases from folding] 
All the tags are attached at the bottom, like fringe. Love it!
I forgot to take a separate photo of the back, to show the satin ribbon I used for the hanging sleeve. It is there. Hand stitched on, of course, as all of the panel is.
For fun, I marked things in the picture.
( )- is for the fan blades in a blurr.
Green O- glass tube for the hanging 'rod', 
was my mom's for whatever reason she had it for.
*- the satin binding is from my neighbor,
 who found it in the 'new' sofa she bought.
X- the 'hooks' holding up the driftwood are actually door knockers we put in upside down. This side a dragonfly, the other a 'trowel'.
Big blue O- a mushroom bead glued to an upholstery 'pin', pushed through the covered foam insulation panel and into the sheet rock. {That is how we 'hung' up 2 of the 'design wall' panels I have in our living room.}
<- b=""> that's my husband. 
This is how the room really looks at the moment.
An unblocked scarf. After blocking I will stitch it into a circle. 
Another rug I am stitching up to use the yarn.

 I mended some knees and pocket areas for my daughter and her girls.
Jeans and leggin's.  Them leggin' knees are tight in small sizes!  After I wrestled it over the free arm on my machine, I realized it would end up a mess doing it that way. So I hand mended those knees. 

Tree lights are out,  to see what works and what doesn't.  
I will be creating a new tree for this year. 

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Dressed For The Occasion

Our youngest daughter works in a pediatrician's office, so they get to dress up for many events.  This time one of the doctors went as Cruella de Vil, so the 'girls' went as the pups!
[playboy bunny ears turned down for puppy]
Son as Santa
#6 as a furry pink creature. If it has a name, I don't know it.
Her mama, the Butterfly.
Random pic of Donald...on a rock.
[via my man]
Where my SIL works, the whole staff went all out!  I don't know if they do this every year, but it sure was something to liven up the day.
He went as a bearded dragon??
#1 and #2 were at mom's for the occasion, and they are on the left. But I couldn't resist including the pic of them with mom and 2 others. 
For #5, her mama had already made a collage.  Meow meow.
#3 as Abby Sciuto because she loves science too!
And #4 as....I forgot to ask...
Mama was a bumble bee, or so it looks like.
 As for me...I stayed home. 
I did on Oct. 31, 1987 also. 
My friends took my son out around town. [we lived in a small town then].
Why do I remember this? 
Because I gave birth to that bumble bee
 the next day!!!
Must have been all the chocolate.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

In The Last Month....

A Girl and A Wooly/Fuzzy Bear
One day in the Neighborhood....
....a house, in 2 parts, was pulled down the road....
...for a woman to replace her shoe her old one....
Seriously though, this woman and her husband have been working towards this day for 3 or 4 years!  They haven't been able to move into it yet, but it's here!
The Bride and Groom had a House Warming party. So I left them a gift on their bed. I'm not sure if I am done with it yet, but I signed it and gave it anyway. 
I think it will go nicely with top wall color...They don't care for the bottom color, but are tired of painting for this year.
if you click to enlarge, you will see my signature in the r. bottom corner
This months stitching's have been with yarn and hook. This is now a rug. That I want to add to....since I have more of the yarn. It's a cotton yarn that isn't soft and cuddly.  But works for a rug.
Then with Dan's birthday coming [now gone by], I decided to crochet a pair of slippers for him, since I already had the yarn.  They are rather goofy looking, though they keep his feet warm.  But...he doesn't care for the texture of the crochet on the bottom of his feet when he walks in them.  
On the camera....a bunch of pictures...of What???
Turns out I was trying to get a shot of a moth on the window.  The close-up of it is the blur against the green tree.  Go ahead and laugh. I did.
On the 12th day of October, the Jet Stream brought to me...
Thunder and Hail.  So very loudly!  
And it was just a swath of the area, wild.
More crocheting.  I had started a really, really long strip last year that I was going to use for a garland. Did not like it, put it away.  Came across it and decided to re-work it into another rug. As I was doing just that, I realized it might work on the dust mop as a wet-mop thing. I was right, works great.  If you make one yourself, make it smaller than the mop head, as you can see, it was a bit big, and got really loosey-goosey when it was wet. Still worked though.
Next...I had made a hat for my SIL with this yarn, thought I would make a scarf for my daughter. Wrong!  The yarn had broken ply's in so many spots there were more knots than not.  I threw it away.
I have had this ball of soft colorful yarn for a few years now. Nothing I made with it looked quite right...see the star? and how the colors are just out of whack?
Well....Then one day I started up with this green yarn, thinking another mop thing.  But the stitch I was using, sc ch 1, was increasing to much. Made a twirl.
Which led me to the rainbow yarn....which made me think of Unicorn Tails.
Which made me search for other colors of yarn in my stash.
I don't have a picture yet of a completed 'tail' because they aren't there yet.
But that is how the Unicorn Tails came to be.
They will be given to our grand girls as tree ornaments.
Magic.  It's all Magic.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How Can It Be?

click to enlarge
That this colorful caterpillar with it's bold orange with black accents...
becomes this moth?  
[picture daughter, who videoed jelly fish today ]
becomes one similar to that orange one.  
The link will take you to Bug Guide and 2 whole pages of this caterpillar in it's adult phase.
Mother Nature is amazing.
Flannel on the back, a holey pillowcase. I don't usually use the heavy flannel, so why this time?  I was looking for heavier textures.