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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Four of Seven...of 7

The 4th top is complete! 
I noticed that some of my sash sections don't line up, going east-west. 
I also measured the current tops with the twin sheets I was going to use for the backs. Nope. Not gonna happen.  The tops are way bigger than the sheets.
So I will make pieced backs for these 7 quilts.  I think, at the moment, the backs will be more matchy than the tops. Like using fabrics that "read" one color, or they are all flower prints, or animal....or...or...
I still plan to make them duvet covers, they will just be for bigger comforters!
More fabric is on it's way from 3 quilty friends!  
Thank YOU ladies!!!  
The funnest part is the variety of prints!

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Triple Play

"they went that way" or perhaps "which WAY did they go?"
In all the fabrics I received, there were 2 strips. 
The only pieces of each.  These are both just starts, with some giant basting to hold down the fort.
the check marks the strips.

There are tooooo many works going on to actually work on these I tell myself.  Although, after gifting 2 wallies, I may need another one further along than this case I need another gift.....
Like Erma Bombeck said, "It's always greener over the septic tank"
This dear doe has become our frequent visitor. 
[She is not actually that far away from the window.] 
She is getting kind of desperate for greens, as you can tell by this yard. 

I got to hold Max for a long tome yesterday.  He was very content to sleep in my arms.  Mommy had to wake him up to eat, so she changed his diaper.
He sprayed all of us! Welcome to the Boy Club Grandma. 
I am also a card carrier of Boy Club Mama.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Humor, First Days, Wallies and More

My daughter sends me pix all the time, so I get to live through her days....
# 5
     Like when you spend the day with your youngest, and can't resist trying on                                              new things.....bahahahaha
# 3 and # 4
And when your older two start school, this week...
# 1 and # 2
And your  [even older] nieces do too....
And your FIRST nephew has his first day-ish, of everything new!!

My days....Embroidery....
And Wallies for the two wonderfully generous women who sent me fabric for more squares for the 7 for 7 Quilts!
Both of these were in progress, as I tend to start a new one when the moment is right.  So I finished and signed them, took lousy pix, and sent them on their way. 
Both have lots of shiny bits, like beads, sequins, earring parts, and..I guess that's it. I will ask the recipients to take better pix of them, so I can zoom in a bit.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Maxwell was born this day!
Us parents, sister and 2 of her girls took off for Tacoma. 
We hadn't heard anything new for a couple of hours, so we just went.
Perfect timing, as it turned out. 
I insisted we go up to the Birthing floor of the hospital. 
And though we weren't supposed to go into the room, I did anyway.
That was MY daughter in there and I wanted to see how she was!
That is the 'before' picture, hours before.
And this is Daddy finally getting to hold his son.  New to us, when 'they' can, the baby spends time on mom's chest, skin to skin. Before they weight them, before anyone else holds the babe. Then the feeding begins.
I would have gone cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs, had it been me, waiting to hold him. 
{Bobby was being patient.} 
{Max has Dad's beard...on his head.}
So when I slipped into the room, Max still had wet hair under his hat. 
Mama looked pretty good, though she has an infection, having to do with her water breakage. 
Yes, that is me standing there. And you can see the other grandmother in the mirror. Cool. 
The Six Pack as of Today.

Last night, after the visit, we went to Denny's....or Lenny's, 
if you remember those ad's.  Ashley, our middle daughter, and me.
I always seem to have a puzzled look on my face, according to Dan. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Fabric From Friends

Once Upon A recent Time,  I used a lot of Fabric.
For quilts, For Children.
I made a Great Dent, In that Stash Of Mine.
Snort....It has now been Filled, or MORE.  
By Two Lovely Ladies I have known for quite some Time.
Can you read that?  Eleven Pounds!!! And this was box 2, box 1 was probably heavier.  Deb is a BirdPerson. Very involved with banding and all it entails.
Of course the top layer is of 2 bird prints and a note , birdy of course.
enlarge to really see the prints
Now I know for sure where that Sun came from, the one I made a brooch with.
Even that monkey strip, and a green one in the next to last pic, will be used for an idea for GC #5, for her 100 days of Kinder.
This?  This is minky type. Soft. Enough for a throw!
There are 2 'starts' of quilts too, so I can get a Fundraiser quilt put together rather fast!  See that tan in the right corner above....that is one of those prints I LOVE. And the trees next to Grace would say.
For Max, the unborn grandSON, I was looking for a few prints that weren't so pink.
That is 4 boxes I have received, though this is the only box I thought remembered to take pix of.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Penny Is Waiting Too

We are ALL waiting for this boy to be born!  
I wonder if Penny, the dog, can hear Max in there?
He was due on the 23rd. 
Doctor will induce on the 29th, if need be. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Camp Out with Grandparents

Three little girls came from not very far away, to stay at the home of their Grandparents, Vicky and Dan.
They were spending the night!! Of course they had their Mama with them, to join in the fun.  
There was BBQ burgers, homemade fries, forgotten corn-on-the-cob, ice cream and a fun game of I Spy.
And Then.....they got to go sleep in THE trailer!!!
Nor did they disturb the grandparents when they left in the morning.
I hope they had fun!

We were given another table/drawer/thing.  Dan remodeled it and added a funky cardboard type thing to the back for more support. Since THAT side would be facing MY chair, I asked him what he planned to do to it.
"Nothing," said he. "BS," said me. 
So I painted it, after discarding multiple other ideas.
After 2 coats of berry-purple, it still wasn't 'enough,' so I added some watered down metallic paint in 'copper'.  It doesn't really look like much, and it really doesn't show much, but it's shiny from my side.

Found this one morning, under the HB feeder. [humming bird]
The ants WERE all around the edges, like lions around the water hole. They weren't that way after getting my camera. Rats. 
But, I have discovered that the slugs, whose slime trails I have pointed to on the left side, actually remove the sugar stains from the trek decking boards. The 3rd arrow is pointing to a pine needle. Maybe they are actually called fir needles? Fir leaves? Lets face, "real" pine needles aren't found in this area of WA state.
Oh looky there....a Quilt Top!
The 3rd one is assembled, of the 7 for 7 Grandchildren.
This one is for #4. Middle of the above 3.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Embroidered Newspaper Art

Back in the day, as a teen, I would come across line drawings in the paper, usually in the 'entertainment' section. 
I did this embroidery back then. I really enjoyed stitching on these "work" shirts as they were known then. The label says " Big Mac, 100 % cotton, JC Penney."
I took off this pocket to put on the Mosaic Quilt, in the below picture.
The shirt is too small for me now, so I will turn it into some other item of wearablity.  The new pearl cotton threads are for the coloring in of Pegasus. I don't usually buy threads in color 'themes' or 'palettes'.  
I have 'rainbows' of colors, in the pearls.

I have done a Smokey the Bear, from the newspaper, and other embroideries. 
Would have to dig out 'hard copy' photos.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

First of the 7 For 7 Grandchildren & Women's March

For #2 above, for #1 below.
I am hoping to make each one slightly different with the bands [called sashing] of color. 
All the girls got to pick the squares and the sashing colors. 
It's to actually help make the tops big enough to fit a flat twin sheet.
I will use the sheet for the backing, but assemble these like duvet covers, and not actually quilts.
Dan found this rock. It had split. 
I wondered if the dark spot is dino droppings? 
I am still working on the "Women's March."
Above, I am trying to depict buildings...I need to work on that space, but other areas are coming along nicely.
I wanted to back it with a sheer in pink. I had a white curtain panel part, so I dyed it with a tad bit of red RIT. Perfect. 
Back side. Click to enlarge.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Answers to Comments

Deb C.E.---yes we have a map on the wall!  It was a fabric panel, that I stitched up by following the state lines. We have added pins and pennies from our road trips.  The grandchildren stop and look at it now and then, make comments, then move on.

grace---Yesssss...#7 is a BOY!  That too was confirmed confirmed in the last ultrasound. Not to mention the HAIR...I can imagine it swaying like kelp in the ocean.

Dee---Yes, must have binoculars when sitting out side.  The bitty birds can be heard, but so hard to see!

And a side note, speaking of birds.....I was putting the re-filled H.Bird feeder back up, when Ms. Calliope zipped in, stuck her beak in the portal, settled her teeny tiny feet on the perch, and helped herself.  The whole TIME I was holding the feeder....there's a eeeeeeeeEEEEEEEE for you grace!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Where I Create

I almost forgot....#7 has hair!!!  It was visible in the ultrasound.  Less than a month to go before we get to meet Max!
1. My side of the living room. 
2. The dining room.
2. More dining room.
3. The sewing room.

1. [A] Sofa holds various components of my creating...besides holding things that should be on the table tops, but aren't because we are re-finishing those tops.
1. [B]The foot stool also holds fabric-y things.  The basket is so I can go outside to stitch, so it has it's own pincushion/scissors/threads/needles/binoculars [for bird watching]
1. [C]  There are 3 tables on either side of my chair. They hold lots of useful items. Same as the basket....except for the binoc's.

2. [A] Dining table is holding up the 7 for 7 components. {7 Quilts for 7 Grandchildren, WIPS} 
2. [B] The stack of drawers is for another table unit we just had given to us, the rest of it is in re-finish land.
2. [C] Behind the drawers, the chair  and table we added this spring to the south facing window.  There are useful things over there too, other than binoc's.

3. The sewing room. Was once a bedroom, that is why there is an iceberg painted on the wall. 
There are things in that closet, but most of my fabrics are behind the chair in plastic drawers/tubs.

I actually made a big dent in the stash, cutting squares for the 7 for 7.
I even have one/seventh of the tops made!

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Party Time

Bobby and Stephanie [and Max]
That young man is soooooo happy about this baby!
Steph is happy too, of course, but he doesn't have swollen feet....
I was happy to finally meet 'the other grandmother'!
Steph's MIL and I have not met....until today.
Stephanie and Indra
Max will be her first, our 7th, but our first boy!
{Stephanie's brother Ben, gave them the 'boy' things he didn't get to use. Like pictures of bulldozers and firetrucks.}
Ashley and Stephanie
Grandpa Dan wanted a 'belly' pic of his daughters.  We have one...somewhere...of the girls in reverse.  Ashley with belly, Steph without.

If no one knew Bobby liked elephants....they would have figured it out today.  Almost every gift had that image on it, over it, under it, etc. it.

But...Ashley did slip in a SQUIRREL for her sister on the growth chart she made for them.
Put it 6 inches above the floor, where ever you live.

Ashley has gotten so good at the string art! 
And her painting skills aren't to shabby either!
Grandpa was able to get a pic of 3 of the girls, #1 holding #6, and #4.
 I love it that they get to grow up together! 
[not in the same house, but same town]
Girls #'s 2, 3 and 5 were off running around.
 It was a wonderful party, Indra!