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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Party Time

Bobby and Stephanie [and Max]
That young man is soooooo happy about this baby!
Steph is happy too, of course, but he doesn't have swollen feet....
I was happy to finally meet 'the other grandmother'!
Steph's MIL and I have not met....until today.
Stephanie and Indra
Max will be her first, our 7th, but our first boy!
{Stephanie's brother Ben, gave them the 'boy' things he didn't get to use. Like pictures of bulldozers and firetrucks.}
Ashley and Stephanie
Grandpa Dan wanted a 'belly' pic of his daughters.  We have one...somewhere...of the girls in reverse.  Ashley with belly, Steph without.

If no one knew Bobby liked elephants....they would have figured it out today.  Almost every gift had that image on it, over it, under it, etc. it.

But...Ashley did slip in a SQUIRREL for her sister on the growth chart she made for them.
Put it 6 inches above the floor, where ever you live.

Ashley has gotten so good at the string art! 
And her painting skills aren't to shabby either!
Grandpa was able to get a pic of 3 of the girls, #1 holding #6, and #4.
 I love it that they get to grow up together! 
[not in the same house, but same town]
Girls #'s 2, 3 and 5 were off running around.
 It was a wonderful party, Indra!

Monday, July 02, 2018

The Women's March 2017 (WIP)

Struck a visible cord.  
The flow of Pussyhats between buildings, in a bird's eye view.
I knew I would have to put thread to fabric.
While scrounging around in my foot stool, 
looking for something else, of course, I pulled out a "thing" I had stitched together for something else....of course. 
It was perfect!  It was mostly white, for pink threads to show up on.
Assembled from random scraps of mostly textured cloths.
All thin, or sheer, or even holey!
click to enlarge, to see the pink pen dots.
Stitched together, but with angles, like buildings. 
There was even a blue-green-round-ish shape already pinned to it, 
that could represent the planet. I added woven wheel stitches for all 7 continents.  There are 12, buttonhole stitch wheels for the women/girls in my family, starting with my mother.* I also want to add stitches that represent women I know.
It already had the  'curtain rod' channel stitched down, better known as a "hanging sleeve" in the quilt world.
Much counting has gone into this piece, they aren't just random spots. 
First I put in 673 X/+ marks for the marches world wide.  That was a bitch to count out, so I got smart for the 847 more spots I wanted to add for all the cities signed up. With a washable crayola marker, I just spotted away. Now I am covering them with thread. Two side by side stitches, like an = sign. 
[my french knots tend to get sloppy]
673 marches in 847 cities?  I cannot find an answer to that question.
*my mother was forever disgusted that she made far less money than her "boss", and did FAR MORE work than he ever did.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Yesterday was a family day. Girls everywhere. 
Sisters + niece 
Sisters! (+Maxwell)

The girls got to go through the piles of cut quilt squares/fabrics, one for each of them.  There was harmony and quiet talk. There were trades and "here's another cat fabric for D."  There were groans when I mentioned them needing 65 squares each, but they set to counting.  There was bird whistling from #2, story reading from #1 to #6, and careful folding by #5.  There was tummy rubbing [on CollegeGirl+Max], and burnt popcorn which meant making another batch, "but YOU make it this time grandma!!"
It was a perfect day for the last day of Spring.
Photos and video by Grandpa. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Wallies and a Card

Dragonfly Dreams
I donated 3 wallies [wall hangings] to the PTA auction at one of the elementary schools 2, almost 3, of my granddaughters attend. I have no idea if they were sold or not. But I felt good giving them.
Cherry Red

I finally figured out a way to finish them, and even added the stick.
None of them are actually finished...until they leave home.
 I even signed them!
This is a little bitty thing I made up for a thank you to Sue for returning the 
Harry Potter Quilt. The 'felt' is actually cotton [?] batt. I add some to any dye pots I do up for my t-shirts. 
A close up of an added bit to Dragonfly Dreams. 
Can you see the dippy stars?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The HP Quilt

Just before opening the box...that thought....what if it's the wrong one?
Upon seeing the backing fabric, I knew it wasn't the wrong one.
My Harry Potter Quilt is back home from it's adventures in Wyoming.
click to enlarge
The labels tell the first chapters of it's story.
This is a really lousy picture, but I had to snap it!
We will hang it somewhere around's large.

No sense me repeating myself.
Where will it go next? 

Friday, May 04, 2018

Cutting and Sewing

I have finally plunged into the buckets of novelty fabrics. 
Seven piles. Seven grandchildren. 
I cut up as much in 10 inch squares. Then I cut more in 10 inch widths, to be stitched to other ones, to make up the 10 inch square. There will be many 'patchwork' squares for the girls to choose from. 
Stephanie will have to pick for #7, since she is still carrying him. 
The sun Steph painted on her wall, sure does brighten up the cutting table!
I also stitched together a quilt back.  The center is all large scale prints, which I didn't want to cut down to 10". 
[tho they would make fabulous stack n whack blocks] 
The quilt front is the Tropical-Ocean  circle top I started about 5 years ago????
I finished this wallie, Animal House, and since it's going to a granddaughter, I decided to add some shiny stuff. I had saved a bunch of jewelry cast offs of the girls [daughters, this time]  So the raccoons got 'headlight' eyes, sock monkeys got buttons, one dog has his tail pierced...
Imagine the Robin posing on this rock....

And the cutting...??  Not nearly done, I can't see the bottom of the bucket yet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Then There Were None...

RocketMan and Abby
Today Abby, the dog daughter of Page, friend of the cats, Rocket and Precious, left us to rejoin her family in the next life.

Page, mother of Abby

Precious, sister of RocketMan
I miss you all. They all joined me in my creative endeavors.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I Spy...A Quilt? And A BOY

CollegeGirl and her BobbyMan are having a BOY
So the score will be 6-1
AND....he looks healthy!  Priceless.

Oh yea...the quilt.
I started this one over 10 years ago.  
The center area is a Stack n' Whack pattern, the rest is all Vicky.

This space needed some stitches to anchor it, 
so I made my siggy symbol extra large!
[Capricorn/my initials, initially, VJ] 
click to enlarge

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

It Begins....

Our #1 turns 13 today!  THIRTEEN!!! 
Love you #one!!!
With her sister, #2.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stitchy Stitchy

Animal House. ⏫Added a few more bits to this, this week.
⏫More progress on Circles. Even a non-circular shape. ▲
△Found on my camera's memory..gasp...from 2013!!  # 4 and CollegeGirl Steph.
Dimensional crochet on Circles.
⏬A new one. The top one of the picture collage.
Digging through my footstool, looking for something else, I came across a bundle of scraps. I do that, as I go through my bits and bits. Get sidetracked by bits that want to be with other bits. So I bundle up those bits for another day, like this day. Took about 10 minutes to pair up these bits. 
The left bottom stitchy is being grounded to more fabric on the back. It got put to the side by the top pic, and the NEED to work on it, NOW.
The right one got new bits added. It is back on the wall for future stitchy stuff.
I love that I don't have to finish something right away. That it can be put on the wall to be looked at, thought about, un finished. 

There are stitchy things going on with the sewing machine too.  
Spring has sprung for sure,  inside my brain!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Circles and Girls

click to enlarge
O it feels sooooo good to be stitching with a needle again....
ok, so I haven't actually put the hook down for good. I had saved some crochet "experiments" in case I wanted to add them to some future project. Of course, once I got started adding those, I felt compelled to make more...
Compelled, I tell you.
Lousy lighting, fun editing.
🔻This is actually a different view of the same edits...
I really enjoy couching threads down. 

🔻#5 is a girlie girl. #6 is still finding herself.🔻
🔻Me, as a child of course, and #2, 4 and 5. 
It was pointed out, the family resemblance between the girls, who have different parents. Then #2's other grandmother noticed how much of me is in all 3, here. Probably the shadows making it evident. 
🔻#3 now and then. [Grandpa calls it a 'selfie'] 🔻
Trying dresses for an upcoming wedding on her daddy's side. 
I love how her confidence shines in this picture.