My Humor List

So I got to thinking about the different things I have seen that have affected me, 
some in a comical way, or that I just plain remember! 
Time to list them.

1. I yawned after seeing a dog yawn.  [in a car going the other way.]
2. While watching a tv show, I started scratching my head...yup, the subject was LICE.
3. When I was 8 or thereabouts, the San Francisco Zoo needed a child to stand next to a baby elephant , to show how docile it was I suppose, and that child was me. I never did get a clear reason as to why they needed it.
4. My dad got to be Santa in an ad for the Northgate Mall in San Rafael, California.  The real santa was busy, and my dad just happened to have a white beard at the time, so when the flummoxed person in charge saw Dad, it was a no brainer....and the suit they had fit too! 

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