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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Put Up A Tree

Picasa let me 'shadow' out the rooms on either side, bonus!
My driftwood tree!  I love it.  I have mostly old ornaments on it , one is dated 1984 and some of the animals are from 2000.  Others are from my grandmother, so they are even older.
I made the elf on the top, but he isn't on a shelf. I did put 'seat-belts' around him and a couple of the other 'bears' because little persons were coming to visit.
My dining room window display.   There are 2 christmas cards on there. What happened to sending cards out people??
My own Animal House...
click pix to enlarge
didn't get very good dark shots...but this will work.
And dear Ashley came over to have craft day with her mama.  She had this wreath to finish, it's themed on the movie Frozen.  I only got one shot, so I have to take the blurr...

i cropped out the extra...
Craft day centered on trees...more trees.  This time with sticks and glue...
Avery was going for a forest...
What you don't see is the Oh My moment when Meg opened up a pack of sequins and sprinkled dumped them on her tree like glitter.  [hers is the one on the white cardboard] It was actually quite sparkly and pretty, but alas, a lot of the sparkle fell off.

I have enjoyed decorating this year...the first time in many.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Decorating Continues

Another tree.
I got an idea and went with it. It's torn scraps stitched down on green-dyed-batt.  {like felt}
Then a cone shape?

if you enlarge you will probably be able to see the seam.  I hand stitched that part.
I put it on a stick, but didn't like that as much as with it just sitting there.
Then it coped an attitude...
The inside...
Dining room window.  I got another idea.  But how to hang the stick?  With a wire hanger of course!
I had a couple that had the cardboard thingy in them, took that off and bent the 'arms' down and kind of made them hook tog.
I already have some hooks/clips on this stick from it's  past as a quilt hanger. Other ornaments will probably get tied on with ribbon/string.
And since I don't have a tree...but lots of driftwood sticks....and this awesome spot for a mantel display area...I'm still working on this one...
enlarge to see the bundt-cake-pan-log-holder and door stop giving it support
In the above and below pix I should have cropped out the mess....but since I can't crop it outta the room....
The shelves on the window sill may come out...but the kid table is still there and they know it!
I now have this awesome "bar top" that I can add decor to...but I need to block out the kitchen behind.  
Dan, my husband, needed a hat, so I crocheted one up for him!  I added a bit of green yarn to the tions top where there was a hole...I got the pattern from here Pay attention to the instructions so you don't have to start over...but stitched this way makes it very stretchy and he loves it!

oh look....a gray haired stichr sitting at her machine!

Meet Sven.  A Ty version.  From the movie "Frozen".  I decided to keep this guy instead of giving to the girls...they have lots of other gifts, including a 15" version of this guy.  He is soooo cute.
The lights are up!  At first it looked like Jeff Foxworthy had run out of beer because the lights were just draped...had to check to make sure we had enough, you know??
Reflections in the rain.
Something else for me....coloring books.  I had seen a chipmunk/pine cone color page on Pinterest and decided to just get the whole book.  These are from Dover Pub. but made by Creative Haven and the books are fantastic.  All the pages are one sided and perforated for easy removal.  I also got some fine point pens and these are definitely fine pointed, to fine for some coloring.  I also found this pack of Crayola pencils that didn't get given to one of the girls...they are wonderful!  A nice soft lead, but not as soft as crayons. But only 12 colors????

Friday, December 05, 2014

Wreath Making With Pipe Cleaners

I have this wire basket that I love, but it's wide and takes up more space on the counter than I like.  So I decided to use it for a wreath.  I wanted lights on it, battery LEDs, and had a ah-ha moment to use pipe cleaners for holding the lights on.  They work wonderfully and don't look to bad since they are in green, and easier to use than other wire.
I had planned to use some of this fake garland, but changed my mind.
I used 2 sprigs of berries, fake, and again used the pipe cleaners to hold them and the pine cone on.  Oh, and the battery box.  {you should have seen the layer of dust on the and others have been on a shelf for years now....}
And here it is on my door, my awesome plum colored door.  Not sure if I am finished with it...think it might need something like batt stuck in behind the sprig and cone, so they show up a bit better.

I had  pipe cleaners left over from making the 'snowflake' tree.  I would recommend having some around for this sort of project! 

I made my christmas cards this year too, but can't show them off yet, they just got mailed yesterday!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

3rd Post This Month

Yesterday was Craft day.  Steph came over and worked on several things....and I worked on several things...and we both did some felting!  The felting was fun. I have had the wool roving for a few years, but finally did something with it.  I made different sized balls for a snowperson and Steph made red ones.  The blue long snaky thing was supposed to be a scarf for my snowp, but....
Stephs tree on right, simple cone, ribbon, small log.
My tree is the left one made from pipe cleaners, instructions found on Martha Stewart...
mine came out looking nothing like the one on the MS site, of course, but I had fun making it and want to make another.  I would not recommend trying this if you don't like doing fiddly things! The pipe cleaners were a bit of a pain to keep you can tell by the finished tree.

These lovies are for the grandchildren....well except for the smallest one, Steph wants it. So now I need to find another jar for the youngest....but she can't play with them anyway because the are glass, so she probably won't care.
I swooshed white paint around the inside of the jar, dabbed some on the lids, painted eyes and buttons on the outside.  The carrot is felt because I didn't have orange paint.  The light is one of those led tea lights.
tree closer up, the  snowp is a 'natural' color of roving, so it looks like a dirty city snowp

Monday, November 17, 2014

What, Another Post This Month??

So here is the 'nest' with some of the leaves glued to it,  The leaves were dried, but 'as is', not flat and tidy.  They still worked.  As I got them loaded with the glue, they softened rather nicely.  
Not nearly as good as using glycerin, I am sure, though I haven't tried that yet.

Ashley brought me a bag of leaves the girls found for me, and since they dried 'as is', I just played around with them.  The leaves draped over the glue tub worked out a lot better than the ones left to dry on the wax paper.  They all have a gluey cast to them to, so I wouldn't use them for something I wanted to make last.  But it's fun and now I know how to help the girls with this sort of summer! [outside] [and wearing gloves to make hand washing easy for kids]
Those squiggly things are Japanese Maple.  I may add them to the nest....after I cut them off the wax paper.
Then I started another craft....I needed to paint up some paper for printing on, because I won't waste printer ink on that kind of thing.  So I put a tad bit of the green into a small cup, added a bit to much water, I thought, and smeared the paper, which isn't pictured...opps...
Then I was standing there looking at the left over paint in the I started painting other things!  The leaves are real ones, that I did dry flat.  The cones are from the yard. I just rolled them around in the cup.

So you can see what paint I used, and the back of the leaves, because that is what I do.

O look...that can got some paint on it...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Next Month...

Ashley and 2 of her girls were here the other day.  {the oldest was on a 'date' with daddy}
Devyn was showing me her writing skills, still a scribble, but that is ok with me.  She is 16-ish months old now.
And mama working on her project.
I love this shot!
This is my paper mache nest.  I decided to try to add leaves to it, instead of painting it.  I put the leaves in the glue, like you do the  newspaper strips for PM.  The glue made them very pliable, surprise!!
step 1
step 2
I wasn't able to take pix of the application part because me hands were all covered with glue.
Below is a shot of the craft day when the girls all made a PM snowperson and a turkey body.
The areas between the balloons on the SP were a little weak, so I added more PM a couple of days later and thats when I created the blob for the nest.  I truly used a bunch of papery gloop to create it.

Dinner oen
1 can of corn, whole thing.
1 can of refried beans, whole thing.
1 good helping of salsa., probably a cup.
Pour into a bowl of  crushed and crumbled up chips.  
[The fact that it came out looking so nest-ish was a super bonus!]
Add sour cream and a spoon.
Speaking of leaves...Jude has been doing leafy things too, so I got to thinking and finally did this.
It's a leaf print on heavy fabric, upholstery stuff. 
I did a pulled satin stitch on the veins, then did  backstitch on the other lines.