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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where's The Cat?

Oh there she is....
...the shelves cover the heater vent, so the cat did what she could to enjoy the heat.  I have since moved the shelves for the winter.

Today, daughter Ashley came over with out her darling we could get some crafting done.  
I stitched up another yarn wig [pix at halloween] and then Ashley asked me to stitch up Squidgy....
from Justin In Time, a kid show that Avery LOVES.  Ashley drew Squid on paper and I just stitched through the paper, to scraps I had,  then stuffed it.
[without eyes]
Of course I had to take 2 pix in case one was blurry, but I didn't notice until I downloaded them that my husband had rolled his eyes in the 2nd shot....

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Birthday Day For My Youngest

 But the picture of her won't load here is some other activity around my house.
Ben needed to get the engine for another truck into this truck.  He used 2 ladders, many ropes, other misc. and Danny.  Ben is out of the first 3 pictures because he was behind a bush on the ground holding the extension ladder down on one end. Danny [son in law] had to do the maneuvering part at the other end.  Avery, the little girl, Page, the white dog, and I watched this amazing feat of manliness.  
Outside my window, mother natures lace.
I was trying to photo 2 crows...
....ah there you are....1...
and this bug was inside, i decided he needed to be outside

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Deer In The Yard

Deer are venturing into our backyard area.  Man must be changing things in their normal grazing grounds because there is a nasty road they have to cross to get to our tasty plants.
see the road thru the trees?
 People drive crazy fast on that road!  We cringe waiting for the crash that doesn't happen....yet.
And yet here was this beautiful young deer back there grazing on the various plants, like blackberry, salmonberry [i think] and other herbage.

click to enlarge
We watched from inside and didn't tell the dogs, though I was really surprised Abby didn't get curious...She would have been out the backdoor in a flash!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Spool That Got Away

Brand new white thread, had just taken the plastic wrapper off.
It slipped out of my hand.  and rolled under the table. 
I brushed off a nest of fur.
Speaking of fur.  Precious didn't want me to work on my project....
I sure got those colors right! [fabric and fur, fur and fabric]

Monday, September 08, 2014

Three Grandgirls...

in school.  Check.
Rhiley's, [GD #3] first day was today, all day.  She loved it.

Lily, {GD #2} is now in first grade and cheerleading!

And my oldest, Darling Meg, now in 4th grade!!

I love you all grills and am very proud of you!
And I love the other 2 who are still at home, Avery and Devyn, drying mommy's tears and making friends with slugs.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Moths, Catepillars and Yarn Wigs

More of the moth.  This is where I had put him/her when I removed it from my husbands shirt.
I am still working on the Animal Contest idea...

and here....sheers.  
I ordered swatches to see what I liked best, but I think I will use the swatches themselves!
The other day my middle daughter, Ashley, arrived with her 3 littles.  [gee...that makes it sound like they live far away and not just 20 minutes from me]
Rhiley [5]  wanted to make something so I gave her a small stack of small squares and she created this! [she wanted a needle, but i can't concentrate when there are 2 other littles running around too.]
Enlarge the pix so you can see the caterpillar better.  She had put the tape on the table, sticky side up! so she could stick tog the pieces she cut.  Ashley stopped, looked at it, and said "I didn't know she could figure out how to put the tape upside down..."
Ashley really came over to have me help with this...a wig!  She found the instructions on Pinterest, you can find them here.

I know it's kind of hard to see, but you take a pair of old tights, we used baby tights that have been kicking around for 30 years!  You sew the yarn to the crotch area...go to the link, easier to see than for me to tell.
Then I needed to dye the tights part brown, since they were white.
I couldn't rinse the dye out very much either because the tights are nylon and the dye will just wash out.  I used Rit because I had it.

I will get a better picture when I have a kid here to try it on.
I was actually pleased about this project.  it worked a lot better than I thought it would!
And, yes the yarn will be 'styled' a little better later.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I See You

My husband found this cement creation in a yard he delivered to.
A moth said husband found on his shirt...ok, pix are out of order.  Here it is on my thumb.

Another said husband picture....of the tomato plant growing freely outside the store in a teeny tiny bit of dirt.  You can see the employees are caring for it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Needs More Days

Why can't there be a 32nd of August?  

More stitching on this weave.  Another hint too. Actually there appears to be a 2nd hint in the left corner....
What am I making???
This is with the big thread and the sewing far I like them both blending tog.
And the back of course so you can really see the stitches.
Stitching on batt is different than stitching through all 3 layers, fabric-batt-fabric.
I have been using the same needle I used for the thicker thread...harder to pull through even with the finer thread.  Stubborn batt.  Stubborn me for using a thicker needle.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Contests Get Me Started

Recently I saw a posting, probably on FB, about a Quilt Contest.  Probably the only kind I raise an eyebrow about, if I may be so honest.  The Quilt Alliance is having this contest...themed "Animals We Love".   Pix of my start will be below the text. I am not positive I will enter this one, as I didn't enter the last 2 contests that got me started, got my juices flowing, got me INTERESTED in....well....everything!

In 2009, I think, I came across a contest....go to this link to see all of that wall quilt I made and finished.

Way back in the 1970's there was another contest.  Make a quilt about California, I think. Or what the state means to you....something along those lines. Back then quilting was still all about piecing, sandwiching and hand quilting.  So I made up a center of Bear Paw blocks. Then I made up a whole bunch of Pine Tree blocks to go all around the center Bear Paws.  The fabrics for both blocks just leaped off the shelves and into my arms. 2 different prints for each. [Not a lot of choices back in the day]

I then wanted to do Flying Geese to represent the Pacific Flyway. The Bear Paw was for the state flag, the trees for the ...well....pine tress of which I love.  The final thing I wanted to add was something to represent the Poppy, the state flower.  Of course there were no patterns for that back then, so my mom helped me try to create one.  BUT...I just couldn't find fabrics that suited either the geese or the poppies.  I was stumped.  I was disappointed, I did not finish that quilt.  In fact I recently gave it to Goodwill, the whole bag of stuff, my pattern drawings, everything.  I know, terrible.  But it hung over me, and no one in the family gave a shit about it, didn't see the importance of it to me....Well, except Mom and she is gone.

So maybe the 3rd time is the charm, and I will complete this one AND enter it!

Cat Colors
My project-keeping was getting out of hand...and all those ceramic dishes were weighting a ton.

So I 'filed' the threads for the tree and river piece I have been working on.
Back to the "Cat".  
These are the colors of my cat, Precious. [daughter named her long ago]
All woven tog.  First line of stitching done. Heavy thread, not something I would usually start with..
have to show the back
I am stitching to Batt.
I love those colors of the thread on the right...but I wasn't loving how the fabric looked going the other direction. So I broke out the sewing thread, "Essential" from Connecting Threads.
I am stitching in the same direction, but at the other end of the 'squares'.
Picture of the heavy thread, the row in the second from the top of the picture, that I didn't care for.
I don't know how much of the quilt I can show you, the rules state that the Alliance gets copyright's to the final quilt, but the maker keeps copyright to the pattern.  But hopefully I can show you progress pictures....
Have you guessed what my Animal will be?