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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heat Wave

We have never had the gardener snake up on the deck that I know of, but today I am pretty sure it was looking for water.  I watered a few rocks for it, between it's visits.
I know I should have cropped out the white hose, but....
We think this being is about 18 inches long.
My other discovery was this wasp nest right above my clothesline.  We haven't bothered each other yet, but I figure this will have to be moved before it gets too big.
I haven't had this many different flowers growing all at once!


The succulents in the fairy garden are going crazy!
The next 3 flowers are actually very small...
look at the center area of even smaller flowers!

ground cover

The first 2 are from this box which has "no mow mix" seeds in it.  They would be perfect for a fairy garden because they are such small flowers.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Can't Remember When

I made this small weave.  I had dyed the cotton string with other things I was dying years ago, pillowcases and such.  Then I used the sticks I have from different road trips. 
I unearthed it from a design wall in our bedroom...I tell you I have design walls everywhere in this house! 
I had pinned small scraps on it.  Now was the time to stitch them down. And add others.

But now this gap is bothering me...that blank space between hanging's sooooo blank....wonder what I will do with that?

Monday, July 06, 2015


I was exploring the app store and came across iPiccy.  of course I tried it out, by messing around with one of the needlework pieces I posted yesterday.
Looks like an open eye glasses case...

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Picking Color

Surfing recently, I stopped over at Handstories and found she had taken a picture and blogged about this beautiful work of Mother Nature.  I fell into the color of this moth and tried the color picker in Paint.  Are the colors that Paint picked the ones i am seeing??  I am not sure.  But then again, who cares?  It's just a beautiful being.
i tried different 'background' colors and this made the pallet really pop!
I had done the same with this bit of 'bark' picture I found on Pinterest.  Is it really bark from a tree?  Does it really matter?  I love the colors.  
Next question.....Is there an "app" for picking colors?  That matches up to....say DMC/Anchor embroidery floss colors??  Guess I will have to go surfing again.
Since i am working on little bits, this was the next one out on the table.  My river-trees-path.
I added this bright green and am not sure I will leave all of it.

A Mountain of silk.

This part of the green...the gauze bit....I think I will try pulling some of that out, it covers too much of the dyed BG fabric.

the lime green net piece can probably stay since I plan to add more stitches.

then i realized the base of the mountain could have a lake....a pond?

Seeing it all like this....the proportions are off...maybe the 'mountain' is just a rock...

Thursday, July 02, 2015

It Works!

My first customer is a Robin.  
Prolly the same fella, or this one the female,  who  has been enjoying my blueberries.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Finally....A Homemade Birdbath!

We are having a heat wave here in the NorthWet West, so I want to make sure the birds have water too.
I got the plastic pipe from the neighbor, the flower pot tray I had, the rocks I had, the fish tank pump I had.  So far the only thing brave enough to visit it on the deck is a wasp. I will be moving it to somewhere in the yard. Hopefully I will get it [the pipe] painted gray-ish first. did that slip in middle child and her equal half. 
She was homemade too, now that I think about it.
After I think I vacc'ed up a feather, I decided to encase the other 3 in net...
here, let me zoom in...
...those 3 teeny-tiny feathers on creamy white fabric....
I understand you aren't supposed to keep feathers...I am just safe keeping them should the hummers ask for them back.
Dan brought me a length of moss, I shaped it into a moss-a-pillar.  It will get replanted. In the meantime, I just water it where it is on the fugly , but oh so handy, table outside.
I was looking at this driftwood one day and wondered what it would look like as a rubbing. 
On fabric.

Not as great as I had hoped, but maybe it's the blue crayon I used....I want to try again, different crayon, different fabric sample.
Another homemade tank tops.  Dan had a bunch of T's where the neck was frayed from beard scrubble.  So I cut off the neckline and sleeves.  Now we both have a bunch of tank tops! And no I didn't bother 'hemming' them, we aren't out to win a beauty contest. 
To see this better, you probably have to enlarge.  Ashley, in the pic above, worked in the hot sun yesterday to get the pavers all nice and level around the blueberry plants.  Thank You Sweetie!  

A robin has found the plants.  I will share with him, but if he brings 42 of his friends....well....first I will be flabbergasted to see 43 robins in my yard...then I will put net up around the year, because obviously 43 robins would strip the berries off completely!.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fairy Garden

My Fairy Garden changes every time a granddaughter comes near it.
I love watching the girls rearrange the animals and 'crystal ball' [marble] and such.
I believe I need to move it into the shade more as the succulents are getting a bit fried. [the pot of grass is not part of the garden, just landed there for the moment]
Moth or Butterfly?
look at those frilly things on the nasturtium!!
and the orange rays on the petals!
oh...and a bug on the stick....gotta love this option on my camera!
First time I remember really looking at the underside of a Swallowtail...will be trying for more pix on them.
These buds...I thought they were Passion Flower buds, I was so excited that my vine was budding out....
...when they opened up, I realized they are the Freesias.
But look at the P.F. vine reach for the sky! [I have a willow stick as a 'trellis' for the passion vine]
Sometimes I just hold the camera up, wait for the ping, then take the picture, not quite sure what it has focused on.
Strange...but it was delish!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Trying To Organize

I have been trying to organize all my quilts and quilt parts and other quilty things.  I would like to have a "page" of just quilts that you all can go to and see how MANY I have MADE!  I am astounded by the amount.  I have made many from block swaps over at "".  I even started some of the swaps!  Like the Buffalo Postage Stamp swap, started from a small 5 cent stamp!  The Planets block swap, involving all the planets and some other starry things.  That was a tricky swap because I had to assign each person to a planet!

Some I was part of even though they weren't a 'love' of mine, like the Chicken block swap, where all the blocks were chicken related.  I made that quilt up and gave to my sister in law since she had raised chickens, "Les Girls" as she called them.

One swap became 2 swaps....the Harry Potter swap was a popular one, so we made 2 swaps of it, but made sure everyone made something different for each swap.  We, us at decided to do this on the cusp of the release of Book 4 [i never did hang onto the names, just the number order]  At the time, Hollywood was getting itself all geared up to make movies of the books.  But we wanted to make things from the books before Hollywood 'told' us what they looked the death mask, the dementors, even Harry's broken glasses!  So everyone picked what they wanted to make and the swap was launched.  Each person made as many blocks of their one item, as there were people in the swap to swap with.  We tried to keep the number of people in the swaps to less than 20...or something like that.
The whole quilt. A look at Harry's side of the 'dorm room'. Shelf, bulletin board and beside table.
Dumbledore's Pheonix
The broom Harry flew on in the Quidditch matches, I made it to look like a brochure.
The Invisibility Cloak
The swap particulars printed up on fabric.
A few of the items that went on the 'bulletin' board.
The Death Mask and the Mirror....cant remember what it did to you...

Of course Harry's Lightening Bolt!
The 'bulletin board'
The bookshelf.
Below is the quilt as it was displayed on the wall at the museum/folk center in Thermopolis WY 
with my daughters, of course. This picture was taken....long time ago!  Can't find the right date on the picture in my flickr albums.