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Friday, April 11, 2014

Wish I Had Pix

2 days ago, on the way to grandmothers house, I saw 3 or 4 deer in a field and I thought they were shedding their fur, something I have never seem before!
The deer were lovely otherwise!

Then on our way back from Little Red Riding Hood's house, I saw an eagle, feasting on something in a pasture!!  With a crow near by waiting for it's turn.  The 'fields' in our area are usually grassy areas in empty lots, but there are a few pastures still.

It was a good day, then. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wholey Guacamole

I haven't posted in weeks....weeks!!
Last week, the biggest girl in this melee of squeals, turned 9. Megan.
Which means that it's been 9 years since I was tumbled into another faze of life. 
Grandmother.  Better known as Gup these days thanks to the second addition, Lily.
The current count is Girls= 5 Boys= 0.
You should hear it around here when the clan gathers...and yes we do gather.  I get worn out, but I love that we still get together!  We have more family. My brother who cut himself off for reasons of his own, nieces who still stay in touch, thankfully.  Dan's side of the family....his mother lives near by, we see her too.  His sister in California....

I am trying to keep my kids and their kids close. We had even try to include Ben's exwife and hers, and now she has remarried, so the clan does grow!!  
Ben now has a significant other who mothers the 2 older girls so I can go back to being GoofyGup.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giddy Feeling

Judy Martin commented on my last post....

"I liked it in the hoop too.
I wonder if you could stitch a circle around it - like a hoop - to get back that contained basket feeling."

When someone I admire leaves me a comment, it makes me Giddy.  Like looking at color, which I commented on here and Lesley Turner commented back...

You got your movie stars, I got mine.

Back to Judy's comment....I had not even thought of putting this CircleWeave into a different sort of circle!
So while mulling it over, which I do very well thank you, I noticed the squiggly tree out the window.  It's a willow, a Curly Willow tree that I won't even bother giving you a link for because it might change fate and give us bad juju root trouble.
So I talked my husband into taking 5 minutes and cutting some branches for me, 
since it needed trimming anyway. 
Then I wove, wrapped, and poked the pliable small branches into a circle shape.
 I clipped the weave to it and pulled some of the tails through with the crochet hook.
Will it stay this way?  Not sure. 
 I like it much more than in the man-made hoop, but not sure if the willow branches will stay friendly.
Different project.  I thought this one was done, long time ago.  But as it hung on the wall looking at me, I grew to dislike the squirrel didn't stand out enough! {and it needed some more blue sky wiggles between the tail and body}  So I have been mulling over different 'treatments' to make it gray and visible.  This little bit of sheer is the first layer....
The ToilePathway, below, is progressing.
Some gold-ish silk and green gauzy bits woven in....

all pix are enlargeable, just click um 
....and more yellow-y silk added to the sky area....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More Circle Weave & ToileCloth Pathway

circle weave just resting on other cloth
So I started stitching the Circle Weave.  Boy was THAT a beast to do.  The hoop wasn't able to get tight enough to hold ass ALL {TYPO eh?} the loose ends, so it took longer than it should have.  Half way through I thought about how it looked and didn't like it.  But I kept going, finally taking it off the hoop to finish stitching it. 
Now I like it again.  But not as much as I liked it in the hoop, un-stitched.
my stitch helper
the toile fabric is stitched down on a tablecloth
The ToileCloth.  {play on words}

I added a chair under the trees....not sure if I like it. Yet. 
 I also took out the macaw in the left corner. Since I changed directions, as I am wont to do, the big bird in the corner didn't fit in.  I still want to keep the dino bones....
My creative juices are flowing so fast I am drooling! 

Monday, March 17, 2014


I wanted to add a weave-y bit to the toile piece, so I tore some strips, wove them back together...and then wondered how I was going to stitch the whole thing together.  Normally I would weave like this, {a la Jude once again},  on another piece of cloth which I would stitch the weave  too.  This time I didn't want to do that, I wanted it more free floating....But how would I hold the whole thing together WHILE stitching it tog..out of the ether,  visions of embroidery hoops popped up, and ta da, tis anchored.
Now looking at this, I began to like it this way...did I want to use it on the toile after all????

color compliments the cat.
Still not sure.  I will let it sit for a while.  
Maybe I have come up with something totally new.

Christine asked if I would make a cross stitch out of the sunset picture....probably not.  But you never know.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The WWW Is Older Than....

My College Graduated daughter!
Remember dial up?
What made me think of this???
This picture of a sunset I snagged off a local news site.  
I used the Paint program to pick colors.  
I also used the "felt tip pen" to 'smear' the colors beside the picture. That's why they are transparent.
Old School. But works.
Wonder what I would get with a Cross-stitch pattern maker program????

Edit...wellllll that look less than 3 minutes!
I went to Google, searched for free cross stitch pattern makers, and ta da.  Stitchboard dot com
Gave me thread colors, which is really what I wanted, right??  
Now what?  Dunno. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Check Pattern TWICE....

then cut.  Damn it.  
I checked my measurements several times for the Flower quilt.  
But I DID NOT check the PATTERN to make sure I was cutting the right length.  So while I wait on some more fabric....I went back to this to play with.
click to enlarge, as usual King Friday
 I am head over heels for this tree.
see bird down in left corner?

Decided to work on the other tree too.

The idea to stitch on the Toile fabric print is not original.
Richard Saja does it and has a blog! 
 I am not doing what he is doing, but credit for the idea does go to him!
I am using the handdyed  #12 perle cotton I had gotten from Lorriane.  
I LOVE this thread!!!!
I must admit though, I may get a little bolder with  threads on the little bird...

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Possibly Done....Maybe

The Valori Wells 'DelHi' Collection print, pillow cover.
The embroidered pillow. 
 There is more I would like to do. 
But I have a couple of other WIP's I would like to get to, so the pillow case is on the pillow.
I challenged myself to use ONLY variegated threads, perle/pearl cotton types, not 6-strand.
Turns out the challenge was more in the lack of color range.  Most of the treads are hand-dyes/over-dyes so the 'spacing' is different from consistent-dye variations, which became part of the challenge also.

I added the gauze/batiste/lawn type fabric pieces....That pathway leads to Jude and all I learned from her!
You can see the dragonfly better in this shot. I stitched areas of Valori's print that showed through the thin gauzy stuff. The pillow form is about 20" square, one my mom had made [not purchased] for decor pillows for her bed. She would like that I made them into my use on my bed. 
[this is a book prop for reading in bed]
So what is the WIP I wanted to work on?  3 Quilts for 4 special people.  
I had to sit down and draw proper 'maps' for the cutting of the fabrics...and to work out my designs.
This is a stack of blocks partly assembled.
Each pattern, fabric and embellishments are gathered to suit 3 different people.
The 4th person?  Well....he will just have to snuggle with the 3rd and love it because he loves her!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Between Adults...

a kid will insert her feet.
Pic taken on valentines day. 
Feel the love!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Hasn't Interfered This Year

Working on the Purdy Quilt {many raffle tickets were purchased when it was displayed at the schools Science Fair last week!} has enabled my right brain to keep going, I am very happy to say.
I have started a new Pathway.  This one involving a Toile print and a large parrot, both a heavier fabric than I normally like to work with, but..I am stitching them to a tablecloth that had been my grandmothers, card table size, probably a damask, wonderful stitching hand.
click to enlarge
Weaving the 2 prints together, a la Jude.
This skeleton print came in a big box of fabrics from another quilty person.  She had answered my call for novelty prints for the Purdy Quilt, and yes, a piece of this print went into the quilt.  But I kept some for me too....and the batik above it.  She sent that one too, like 2 squares, like fantastic, like....I don't recall if one of them is in the P.Q. But I will use it to continue the bones of the neck on this prehistoric being. 
And because I am who I am...I added a bit of Fossil Fern print to this bone path. {if you go to the link, it says that this print is "still hot after 17 years", which just dated that scrap! and me because I still love it too}
The overall pic.  Of course it has changed already. And....I was looking for a jump ring to repair a bracelet for Lily, and some skeleton earring parts jumped out at me, so....this will got some 3-D bits and bobs added to it too.
The Embroidered Pillow Cover is not to be left out either.  I loved seed stitching the other sheer part so much, that when I found this sheer bit of dragonfly 'print' in the fabric box that included the parrot and toile....well....{this box was completely different from the box of goodies for the P.Q.~ this box was from a neighbor who goes to auctions...}

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Three New Quilt Ideas

I used Paint to come up with 3 ideas for quilts.
I would have used paper and pencil, but then I would have to take a picture, up.load to pc.....this seemed simpler.  Besides, I can make square squares in Paint.

I have an EQ program, just not on this PC at the moment.  It might even be obsolete. 

This was fun.  
Much more fun than working on something taxes or dishes or laundry...
besides, those things never go away, they will always be there waiting for me...

EQ is up to number 7....I think mine is a 5....

Monday, February 10, 2014

Embroider While Snowing

Phrased that way, it suggests that I was out making it snow while still able to stitch...
Extreme Multitasking.
The yellowy ribbon I chain-stitch-couched down is a 

                                  Hand Dyed Viscose Tubular Ribbon

that Lorraine sent me as a sample, along with other threads.  
She was giving me some of the thread I was using up doing the seed stitching. 
                          Keep scrolling past the snow I made to see the seed stitch in a better pic.                              
zombie eyes on the snowperson
white dog in white snow

Now back to the stitchy stuff.  I had fun doing the seed stitch in this area of the pillow cover.  I was stitching down the voile? batiste? Not sure what the fabric bit is actually called, but it has it's own embroidery on it. {got it in a 'grab bag' off ebay loooong ago}  Then I thought I would stitch along the lines of the Valori Wells print that showed through....oh, skip to the next pic for a full view.

couched ribbon over the couched #3 perle cotton

Then I started on some leafy shapes.  I was trying to do an open Raised Fishbone stitch....I kind went wrong somewhere...but I still like it, so it stays for now.