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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Finished! "Tree Line With Bulrushes"

I think I have finished the Penny Berens Landscape.
"I hope you can  come up with a good name for your so called PB piece!  Something to do with Tree Line or bulrushes in a row!  Just a suggestion." Penny said in an email to me. 
So how about "Tree Line With Bulrushes" for a title.
Her picture, her suggestions. Works for me!

She took the picture that got me started on this.
Picture taken by Penny Berens in her "neighborhood" of Nova Scotia.
The line of bulrushes, right in the middle of the photo, got me first...or maybe it was the "pink" ground cover....or the 'ghost' trees in their Spring coats still. 
I really wanted to have many more ghost trees, but they looked awful, so I snipped out a few. I hope the netting, that I cut the black dots out of, will show enough of the "hazy" area of bare branches.
messed with photo editor
 Taking a picture of it has proved to be difficult. I am not one to worry about 
pro looking pix.  Though this time it might have been nice to have a dedicated area for photo shots. Now to figure out how to frame it!
trying different spots for pix
 My daughter's pix 
Barred Owl, Belfair WA.,  Nest? , Opossum on front gate.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


This is the picture of GD Devyn's break! Not Fracture. Break!  Wow.  And they only want to wrap it in a sling?  Unbelievable. But. On Bone Talks
they mention that kids under 6 heal on their own...AND the bone straightens itself out...on it's own!!!!
My daughter said, "So that's what they meant" when the doctors were explaining it to her. {this xray is a week old}
Onto more creative fronts....Ashley is still having fun with the string art projects.
These are all gifts.
And besides pokemonGo, the area has been rock hunting....
You find them, you can keep them, or you can hide them again for others to find. Ashley made this one. 
And my brother has found an unusual creative outlet...painting "grabbers"- or whatever you might call them- with nail polish!
And not to be outdone, the garden has been creating some goodies...

This was a dog food bag I put potato eyes into last...April?
That harvest.
We moved the tomatoes up to the patio, more sun, more warmth from the pavers.

The pumpkins like it too.
Dan 'harvested' the carrots I had seed-started in water bottles.  They def could have grown longer, but...
Extremely close up you can see the different colors of them.
The peas are from them too, and maybe some tomatoes? I know I started many of the tom plants from our saved seeds from last year.
The onions were volunteers from the compost.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Different Handwork

These all loaded be it.
The back of this wonderful work of childhood art. 
1968 kind of art. 
Was I reading too much Babar perhaps? 
Dig that groovy hairstyle and those farout sleeves!!!
I am at a momentary standstill with this landscape. I thought I knew how I wanted to do the ghostly tree I am not so sure.
So while I mull that over, I wanted to work on something, anything! 
Opened my footstool and saw this peeking at me.  YES!!
I will stitch this some more. If you enlarge it, you will see the outer safety pinned sections, and the deep creases from hiding away so long.
I have some new ideas for this now, as I stitch those outer areas of 'sand' down.
Edited to add- Started this Tropical quilt top in 2011.

Is It In The Water?

This is the 3rd injury to the 3rd child.  In her wrist.
A tiny fracture. 
Is it the organic foods her mama buys for her and her sisters? 
Is it the water they drink instead of sugary drinks and juices? 
Is it because mama takes them to the doctor instead of just telling her it will get better?

How many "fractures" have we all had during our childhood that healed on their own?   Children heal fast, "they" say.
Are we making our children sick by giving them the latest vaccinations?
What about pesticides and pollution?

Monday, August 01, 2016

Help Me!

About 3 hours before she fell, her mama took this picture of her.
Premonition?  Coincidence?
Less than a week later. Finally got a good scrubbing bath and new wrap. It's possible she won't get a cast.  The ibuprofen is making her sick. Not sure why.
Amazing to be able to see inside her skull!!  6 to 8 weeks is the healing time given by the doc's.  Still not sure about the arm fracture. 

I have added netting...
to "imply" the bare, white-ish, ghostly looking bush branches....
after cutting all the black dots out of the net that is.

More [dau] Ashley art. This one is a glue, crayon, watercolor project found on Pinterest {of course} and done by Ashley and her 3 girls.

I can't get a good shot of the pine cone she made for me.

But I love it!  String on nails and driftwood.
Though the "string" she is using is mostly perel/pearl cotton threads.
She is hooked. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Dreaded Text...

What was once the 'dreaded phone call' as been updated to a text.
Still as bad though.

"Dev fell in bunker*. Going to hospital. She is passing out"

With spotty phone service, they were getting directions from other people, but made it to Port Townsend Hospital.

Then the even more dreaded text came.
"Fractured Skull"

No bleed in the brain.
She has a fracture of the humerus bone in her right arm also.

Then came an ambulance ride from PT to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma. 1 hour 32 min. We all thought it would be an over night stay for sure.

But the doc's decided to send Devyn home for the night. The fracture in her skull was just a dent?  Not really clear on that. More appointments to come.

We do know that she can do art with one hand!!
And was mad because she couldn't go play with the others.

*There are cement bunkers built in 1897, all over this area of Puget Sound, many are now state parks.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Kids and Kats

 It was Girls Night here for the birthday girl, Rhiley. 
I made toothpick "candles" for the fruit bowl. The banner I made many many years ago.  Spelling hasn't changed.
Birthday girl said: "no cake???"
Middle sister said: "auntie Steph is....mumble mumble"
She got The Look from mommy. 
My  excuse me. OUR cat loves Dan's beard.
click to enlarge
The day Avery got her cast off, she had time to sew with me. This time I had her make something!  She is hooked!  While she was doing this, her mom was cutting wood for more of these....
String pictures. She is hooked too.

I need to prep some fabrics for Avery to sew next time she stops by, because I KNOW she will ask.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Odds

The other day, while visiting with my neighbor, I was also working on the Wedding Wallie, as I AM able to multitask. My thread broke. As I prepared to re-thread it, I dropped it. The needle. I froze, using my eyes first to try and locate it. Then I moved. "I have dropped my needle", said I to my neighbor.

We looked all around, under, over, the whole area I was sitting in. No needle.

Today I thought, "what are the odds of it falling between deck boards?"

So I googled it.

I am going to stick with my first thought, a Million to One.

Any MathBusters out there who can really figure it out???

Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Birthday Week!

DevynY. 3, MeganJ. 11, RhileyY. 7, LilyJ. 8, AveryY. 5.
My Grand Girls! 
This week we have 2 birthdays. The middle girls in pink are turning 7 and 8.
Rhiley Y. and Lily J.  Happy Birthday Girls!!
And though he isn't pictured, my son has his birthday this week too! He likes to put the emphases on his daughter,  Lily, though, because they share the same day.
So Happy Birthday to you my son!

Avery still has her cast, but that comes off this week, will she need another one...??  We hope not!
My mother and I, March 1987
Dan was going thru albums....the old fashioned kind.
My daughter, 19something
Her daughter, 20something
Seems I am slacking on the years, except for mine of course. 
At least I got the decades correct.

I am working away on the Wedding Wallie, but no pix to prove it.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Still Working On...

We interrupt this post with an update...Grandbun #6 is in the oven!
I got the call just before the other sides Dad could post it live on FB.

The wallie for my son and his bride.  Doing the satin stitch over the yarn for the tree was a joy....though I soon realized that I was running out of the color I was using. DMC 921 purchased back in the 1970's for a needlepunch project. I found some others really close though, in my stash of threads. I didn't want to buy new, I wanted to use the old for the story it told me.
and the back of course
If you enlarge the picture, you will see the colors differences in the tree.
Another part of the story is the strawberries. I found no roses in my fabric stash. Seriously. None. So what to do? Well, strawberries are red. I had 3 different prints with strawberries!  The snipped pieces are for the 'rose petals' the girls, Megan and Lily, scattered as they walked down the grassy green aisle. These 2 girls are our oldest Grands.  Oh, make that FOUR fabrics with strawberries...the cake was the perfect thing for the base of the tree! The shape, the formality, the strawberries.  
This be Lily, as I worked on her "basket." I did a blanket stitch around the strawberries, then did needle weaving on the base of them, to give the "look" of a basket.  Not the greatest example, but I had fun with it!
shadows cast by the raised tree trunks
My Megan, as I call her. My first ever granddaughter. She wears glasses now, so of course I had to add them! This was the best fitting animal I could find in my stash, hard to explain why, but that's My Meggie.
I think her glasses are purple? So why didn't I use purple. Good question.
The wallie is now ready for 'quilting', yeah!

And from the garden, our first jack'o'lantern. It fell off the vine.
The pirate, Avery, grandgirl is doing fine in her cast, figured out, one handed, how to wiggle her bottom onto the swing we have for them. She loves to swing!
Her older sister had just been telling me how "Avery taught her how", as she pumped her legs to get going. Not to be out done, the youngest set her mind to it and got herself on the swing with no help.
What a swingin' day it was!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Back To Penny's Landscape Piece

Instead of loading 25 pix, I made collages of a few.
This is the landscape I started 15 seconds, or less, after seeing the picture that Penny Berens took in her "neighborhood."

click to enlarge all pix
After looking at the trees for awhile, I came up with the idea to "gather" them each, before adding to the BG. I stitched them to a different green fabric, in case I had to blend that in with the existing BG.
Then I decided to do the "bushes" the same way.
 This is a "tree" all gathered.
I also worked on the bottom area where the grassy humps where.  Some were green, and some were not. I made not humps.
I love how the shaggy cattail's show up in this shot.

So...the tale of a granddaughter named Avery, 
who broke/fractured her arm. The purple circle is only on half of the wound. It should be an oval to include the right side also!  
And then got an ear pierced! 
Just one was all she could handle at the time, so now she is my little Pirate! 
Her older sister was able to tough it out and get both ears done. But I don't think she was super excited about it at the time.

The bars are not as easy with one arm. Darn. 
{she broke it falling off monkey bars}
Just got her "real" cast put on.  The doc's waited a few days for the swelling to recede. Hopefully she can get this wet! {she accidentally soaked the first soft cast/bandage they put on it the first day}

We have a joke in our family, that I started as a teen...I was a passenger in a car, windows down, when we drove past a young man jogging in a cropped off tank top. Without even thinking about it, I yelled out to him, "where'd'ja get the shirt?, half off sale?" and of course burst into gales of laughter.
So Rhi drew a picture and told her mom, 
"Look, Mommy, she got her shirt at a half off sale!"
Gotta love them grandgirls!