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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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 Avery, GD #4 found a bit of crayon melting in the sun.  The only pic I couldn't get was of her hands facing me in all their wondrous blue.  Melty crayon is easily rubbed into ones hands.
I started the seeds to this tall lupine last summer.  They are flowering this year!

Mr. Geen is done, tho this is pic before the finish.

the texture is what it's all about!

This plant is doing well too, it didn't even die back completely over the winter.

Back to Mr. Geen.  
It was hard not to pull the threads in the circle. 

Different colors of thread.  A 2-strand embroidery floss no longer being made. Sad. It holds up well to miles of stitching and  even quilting through many layers.

Friday, April 22, 2016

For Upcoming May Day

I remember making May Day (May 1st) Flower Baskets in elementary school.
I loved making them.  But with Mother's Day, no one 'does' May Day, that I know of.
So I decided to celebrate the day again, my way.
I made up a Plethora of Flor-ea. 

backside, of course
For the girls, I made necklaces this time, instead of pins. But the women, Ashley, Stephanie, and Malory, get pins. Oh and my postal delivery lady.  I gave one to her because she is so nice.
The small purple pin went to Stephanie's SO so he would not feel left out. He is a great sport that way.
All crocheted. The small one is a pattern from Lucy at Attic24, otherwise I made up a 'pattern' for the flower and the necklace part.  I love an I-cord, but haven't cared for the crochet version. So I came up with one of my own, super easy peasy!!

And Mr. Geen is still being worked on, just no pic at the moment.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Too Much Geen

So said GD #4, Avery.  She really likes the strip of stripes, but the rest is too much "geen."
Love that child!  And yes I will change that up a bit.  You can't really tell in these pix, but I have added another print behind the 'geen', a small blockish print.  I will cut out parts of the 'geen' so the print behind shows through.  
This started out as this strip of small scraps that I had stitched tog.  
click to enlarge!
I had finished the Fur-Felt Bird and was in a funk....a fog of no creative juices.
YUCK. Thank goodness that did NOT last long.  I intentionally went through a couple of places where I have 'stuff'.  That is where I found this strip...of stripes.  
It will end up another pillow cover, a bed pillow size.  
[Yes I have lots of WIPS, but none of them were calling me.]
This wibbly-wobbly-leggy looking thing is NOT a spider.  It is a crochet flower I made, from a "pattern" in my head, for my daughter who loves LOVES Gerbera Daisy's. It is on a pin that is not visible.  I have other flowers made up for the GD's for May Day.  They will get those in the mail.
But this one needed to be given in person, and explained....what IT was.
These 2 pix were changed up a bit in Dreamscope

Recently there was a fire in the forested area above Sierra City, CA, where I lived long ago. Luckily the fire was soon contained.  Despite the rains and snows they are getting, the forest floor is still dry.
I had never seen the area from this angle.
I love love love this area.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Fur-Felt Plankton 
Or Galaxy 
Fur-Felt Bird
As I was working on this second one, Dan mentioned it looking fish-ish...or bird-ish....
I flew with it!
These are made from the bits of fur the dogs shed. Small coils of felt-ish fur. 
Most of the family thinks they are gross.  I see them as possibilities.  Dan sees them as his wife enjoying herself. And encourages her! I am stitching them to small "sample fabrics" from Dharma Trading I do believe, and backed by off-white blanket fleece. It is nice to hold. 

As it really looks on  my pin board.

A new....wait for it....PIN BOARD!!  
Dan had cut this piece about a year ago, for another area that I decided not to use it in. 
A couple of days ago, bitta met bing and with a piece of canvas...wa-la.

Beachy theme.  This started as an Embroidery stitch test thing.  

This one is Chair With A View.  
The chair part was a quilt block I had designed. The rest of it came together when i first started following Jude Hill.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

It's About A Dog

His name is Ozzie.  Named after a soccer player.  My youngest daughter and her S-O-in-law are the proud forever parents of this guy.
He is as soft as he looks!

I have been needling lots of different things, pix later.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Granddaughter Art

click to enlarge 
Daughter Ashley was here yesterday to help with garden chores, now that Spring has Sprung. She brought her oldest, Rhiley, 6,  with her. I had just the activity for her!  Color an elephant, of course.  This is the screen print Valori Wells made and generously gave me.  There were enough prints on the half yard of fabric, to share with all the GrandGirls and then some. Rhiley tried all the different pens, crayons and colored pencils I have.  She found that the crayons worked really well on the linen fabric.  And then....I got out the metallic pens for her to try. Bingo!  
{This won't be washed, so I wasn't worried about colorfastness.}
Here is my version of the same elephant....well, actually there were 2 different prints.  I think Valori actually used these designs in a fabric collection in the past.
Anyway.  I will be using 2 of them.  
We watched a Discovery channel sort of program a few weeks ago that made a real impact on me. More on that as I progress.
Rhiley climbed on the windowsill just as I shot this one.
 Freebird is Done.  The pillow I was constructing. All stitched and given away. To Ashley.
The back of the embroidered part
The weather has been really nice.
I had to add this shot....of 5 eagles.  Can't see them, unless you have spots on your screen like I do.
A plant from last year is still with us AND blooming!

Thank You Devyn.  GG#5, 2 yo.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Purple and Black with White All Over

What is it? A hat with dog hair, white dog hair. I spent an hour picking it off. 
The hat for my son-in-law has been in the making for months...MONTHS.
It is now completed.  
I love love love the swirl this pattern makes at the beginning.
I tried to start in the black, but I couldn't see the stitches well enough.  
The purple was just light enough to make that easier.
The yarn is Valley Yarns Northfield.  It is wonderful to work with!!  No splitting of the yarn.  Easy weight to hold between fingers. And washable.
I was going to add a ribbing at the bottom, but it was just too stretchy!  Even skipping stitches on the base [the hat] was not going to work.  It looks good though, that's why I am showing it to you. 
Look at the price on the hook.  I have had it for ages!
Another WIP, the Freebird pillow cover, got some crochet made for it too. 
A mini doily. Now where to place
...or here...
....or here?....
Yes!  that is the spot!  I also added a bit of stitching to the other circle in the photo.
Another WIP is this coffee stained scrap.  
there was some salt on the scrap from the first attempt, which was a washout, literally.
Just a bit of experimenting. It is actually darker than the photo's show.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

I made ribbon things for the GrandGirls to wear on the 17th. 
I mailed them because they all love getting mail.
Crochet clover, 4 leaf of course.  I enjoyed making them.  
I want them to have good memories of this day.

When I was in 1 st grade, my teacher had really long, long nails. Polished red of course. 
She called me up to her desk and took my hand in hers....
and pinched the back of that hand with those long red nails.
I have dreaded this day ever since, Thanks Teacher!

Monday, March 14, 2016

It's All About Timing

Daylight.  P.M. daylight. Date Stamped.  Clock correct.  Camera not.  From my chair.
Somehow my first collection of Fur-Felt  Bits got misplaced.  
So I started over.  This time I am more experienced. I had a Plan.
I put a piece of plain fleece (sweatshirt kind, not batt) behind the gauze-y fabric.
Much better.  Still a WIP.
The center bit with reddish in it is from a throw rug that got caught up in the fur.
From my chair I can see this "design" wall.  This section really does look like a WIP area.
I usually have little bowls around, with the threads and stuff that go with each project. If they go into the ottoman-storage-stool, I add a note to them to keep track of what they go to.
Valori Wells elephant screen print
Currently, there is a grandgirl who likes to explore through those little dishes. She likes to change things up a bit.  I don't mind, I love that she wants to explore fibers. (this is the youngest, the 2 yo who also sews sequins on the Fish, Goldie)
Unfortunately, I don't remember shit these days. I look at the jumble of things she has 'collected' and wonder what goes to what.  So I am resorting to adding the threads to the wall.  Am also thinking it's a good thing to look at and mull I like that thread combo?
Good example....I found a fabric I want to use on the back of these Macaws, instead of the teal it's on now. But I Can't Remember Where IT IS.  Bah.
(i will cut the teal out from under the green batt and place this on the new fabric choice....when i find it.)
Freebird is coming along nicely.  
I have ONLY that much left of the yellow-gold. So I want to finish the outlining before doing more satin stitch on the branches.  This thread is from the Christmas package my mom gave me while I was still in High School.  I hope I never forget that gift, it has been a long time favorite!  I am adding those threads to various projects for my family. 
Including this bird.

Now, for other things....Rhiley, GD #3 was here Sat. with mom and sisters.  She quietly asked me if I would show her how to use the sewing machine. She has asked before,  this time I was able to spend the few moments with her.
We stood at the machine, her in front of me, I set the machine to super slow stitch time, and let her put her foot to the pedal.  She loved it.  She will do more next time she is here.
I noticed the Forsythia is blooming outside the sewing room window.