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Saturday, November 28, 2015

We Gathered. We ate. I Saw. I Created.

We gathered to feast, most of us.  5 granddaughters. 2 daughters. 2 son-in-laws. 1 great-grandmother, 1 grandfather/husband, 1 Gup [me]
On the 18th of November 2015.
I ran out of forks, oops.

↑  The glow in the room was this warm and inviting!

↓  I noticed this on the wall. The rain had finally stopped.
↓  I gave my daughter a ceramic pin I had made in the likeness of this cat, KittaMa. A rescue from the streets of San Francisco, brought home by my brother who lived in SF for a time. 1960's.
I took the original BW photo, and am reflected in the glass take this one...
↓  My nasturtiums.  A freeze just wiped them out in one fell swoop! 
click to enlarge
 ↓  I made ornaments for my granddaughters, to save for their own future trees. 
2 different photos of all 5, taken by my daughter Ashley. She took many pictures of them all over the adventurous summer they had.  Did you know you can have pix printed in a 4 x 4 inch size? Me neither.  I glued them to board, added ribbon trim, dated them and sent them on their way.  I used the ruffled "ribbon" on the 3 for Ashley's girls,  since she has an idea for the use of the ribbon. 
click to enlarge
I found springs in the burn pile.   I 'painted' them with Snow Accent by Duncan. I was going to create something homemade, but then found a jar of this in my glue drawer, so...perfect!
Then I added button eyes, a holly tie, and mustaches??  Yup.
↓  Have I shown this?  The finished wolf embroidery, for my son-in-law.  
I couched sticks to cover the staples we used to staple it to the driftwood.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weird Light

Not weird like the light over California recently, but....I took a picture, even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't "show" up.  It was like a florescent light was turned on over our deck/front yard.  Or maybe one of those police helicopters with the big light?  But this didn't move around....Anyway, it was weird and I was weirded out by it.
I have finished the Dolphin.  I had Dan staple it to the stick, then I covered the staples with couched on sea shells.  I like the felt balls on either side, but I will leave it up to Ashley, since this is for her. She has always had a thing for dolphins.
For Ben it shall be Macaw's. 
2 of them on the same batt, for his fiancee also, since I don't know for sure what her "animal" is.  They mate for life, like so many other birds. The threads are from Colour Complements in her color # 186, in size 12 pearl, top, and size 8, bottom.  Really nice hand dyed threads!!!!!
I am pretty sure the sunset colors on the Dolphin piece are her threads too...
Another shot of the dolphin, with the seashells showing a bit more....

Monday, October 19, 2015

Driftwood Decor and Trinkets

We hung the wood by a wire tucked up under the molding at the top of the cupboard, and thumb tacked out of sight.
We have lots of driftwood and I use some of it for hanging things on or from. This time we hung a piece just for its own shape.  The twigs on top are squiggly wiggly willow branches. Not the formal name by far.  When Dan cut them off the tree a couple of years ago, I formed circles with a few of the pliable branches. I made circles with the idea to weave in those circles.  I haven't....yet.  Now that they are out in the open, so to speak.... 
Whew....I had to scroll back to 2009 to find the 'old' picture.
face on of the drift
Below on the plain wall I put up our road trip map.  There are all sorts of things attached, like pins and stamped/smashed pennies.  With pins from Maine, The Quilters Cache, to the Pacific Ocean, where the Hoffman Challenge 2005 Pin is stuck.  I entered a quilt that year to earn the pin.

I have been going thru stuff.  Mom would give me Woodstock things, because I thought he was 'boss'.  The small one hung from the heater knob in Mom's Honda Civic for many years.  She saved it for me when she replaced the car in 1985.  The 'cookie' is rubbery, it was on Mom's key chain for YEARS and all 3 of my children teethed on it.
For needlework, I have started the next 2 items.  On dyed batt again.
back, click to enlarge
My blueberries are changing with the season.  The nasturtiums, however, are still growing and flowering.  There have been bee's in them, still!
My cherry tree.  It had fruit on it this year, but I guess they hadn't been pollanized? because they all fell off with out ripening.  (i know, it should say 'pollinated' but i like my version) 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Felt-Like Batt

Judy Coates Perez did a wonderful experiment for RIT dye  
So way back then, 2009, I dyed some batt.  I didn't rinse it out, that's why the colors are intense.
I came up with an idea and ran with it.  I printed up a generic picture of a squirrel, and machine stitched it to the batt.  I do it this way to transfer the pattern, instead of one of the many other ways.
back, showing the machine stitches.
I tore away the paper, carefully.

Then I back-stitched the squirrel in grey perle cotton, probably a size 5. Just on the batt, no BG fabric. Then I worked a seed stitch in size 12 perle cotton in a variegated  'fall'  color, this time with the BG fabric.  [remember, i am just winging this]
 After stitching, I carefully pulled the extra batt away, fluffing the 'edges' a bit.
And here is the second design I worked on.  I didn't actually 'complete' either of these, giving them to my daughter, and her BF, to finish as she would like.  
I only stitched around the 'ground' of the elephant.  Since they don't live in trees like squirrels do.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whale of a Size

click to enlarge

 There have been numerous whale sightings the last couple of months.  We have the Orca Pods here in the Puget Sound and they have been very visible this year.  And have 4 new babies too!

For the first time in a long time!  The Fin is the second largest mammal on our planet peoples!  
But how to show the kids how immense they really are?
Chalk.  A long street. Yard stick. 
Then try to take a picture of it. 

And these have nothing to do with whales. Mushrooms! 
They look like boobies. More texture?

Thursday, September 24, 2015


So I do have some needlework in the works.  But just in case one of the kids should stop by here, I will wait to show you.
For now, Toast. Grilled to a tasty charcoal flavor.  
And check out the Honey Do...
Supply List
~ misc saved parts from other lamps/light fixtures.
~one broken floor lamp.
~one good table lamp, but a bit short.
~one pen lid. Dan has learned to look on the kids "activity table" for tid bits.
Cost~ nothing was purchase for this lamp in particular.

Put it all together, with or without swearing, and TA DA...You have a floor lamp that FITS your needs. Well, in this case, my needs.

See the pen cap?  I think he chose a lovely color for it!  And it is big enough to grasp easily. 

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Memories, Knots, Stitching

Thank You Karen for leaving a comment!  

My children had used this part of the bunk bed as a memory wall.  
Many things are written along the whole length of the plywood., but I won't share those pix, just in case it embarrasses someone.  The bed is being moved to be used for my 2 older grandgirls...wonder what they will add to the wall???? 
[besides the scribbles you see that they have already left]
                                                                    ↓ [skipper]
My dear one was trying to get a photo of the skipper you barely see skipping away....but I thought the knot and radiating lines were something to add to my texture collection.
So after stitching 'both sides', better pic of that below somewhere, I cut away the backing so the middle part would....well, I thought it would stand out...but the bleached squiggles disappear in the light.  Wasn't expecting that, though I should have.  
Rather interesting, now you see me, now you don't.

I just pinned it to the stick in the window, for pictures.
I 'pencil sketched' it in Picasa.
click to enlarge
Here it is, the stitching shows up nicely in this shot.
Not done yet.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Blue and Yellow Shirt Days

Today is wear blue for Law Enforcement.  This is daughter Ashley and her 3 girls...
...and so is this one in yellow shirts.
The yellow was Wed. for  Wildfire Firefighting support.
.....and here are all the granddaughters and mama/aunt Ashley...
We are teaching the girls that All Lives Matter, no matter what color your shirt is!

Onto some other things....
Another Texture picture.  This is dog fur, right out of the brush.
My husband's fantastic fence! {so far} He wants to separate the patio from the road.
We have planted the decorative grass we got last June or so. And mixed in some of the rocks that came with the property.  They are part of what once was a very LARGE rock according to my neighbor.  She said the previous owner set a fire over it to bust it up into smaller pieces. I think they need to be displayed, after all that hard work! 
Some bits from my garden...except that squash. That is from someone else's, shared with me.
Hummm....someone was nibbling....

This crow.  It was eating something orange...maybe an orange peel???
Last....stitching is happening....finally.
The top piece is from Deb L.
She dyes linens....the old school kind, tablecloths and such.  I have had this piece for years now waiting for the moment I needed to bust out of my rut.