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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Odds

The other day, while visiting with my neighbor, I was also working on the Wedding Wallie, as I AM able to multitask. My thread broke. As I prepared to re-thread it, I dropped it. The needle. I froze, using my eyes first to try and locate it. Then I moved. "I have dropped my needle", said I to my neighbor.

We looked all around, under, over, the whole area I was sitting in. No needle.

Today I thought, "what are the odds of it falling between deck boards?"

So I googled it.

I am going to stick with my first thought, a Million to One.

Any MathBusters out there who can really figure it out???

Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Birthday Week!

DevynY. 3, MeganJ. 11, RhileyY. 7, LilyJ. 8, AveryY. 5.
My Grand Girls! 
This week we have 2 birthdays. The middle girls in pink are turning 7 and 8.
Rhiley Y. and Lily J.  Happy Birthday Girls!!
And though he isn't pictured, my son has his birthday this week too! He likes to put the emphases on his daughter,  Lily, though, because they share the same day.
So Happy Birthday to you my son!

Avery still has her cast, but that comes off this week, will she need another one...??  We hope not!
My mother and I, March 1987
Dan was going thru albums....the old fashioned kind.
My daughter, 19something
Her daughter, 20something
Seems I am slacking on the years, except for mine of course. 
At least I got the decades correct.

I am working away on the Wedding Wallie, but no pix to prove it.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Still Working On...

We interrupt this post with an update...Grandbun #6 is in the oven!
I got the call just before the other sides Dad could post it live on FB.

The wallie for my son and his bride.  Doing the satin stitch over the yarn for the tree was a joy....though I soon realized that I was running out of the color I was using. DMC 921 purchased back in the 1970's for a needlepunch project. I found some others really close though, in my stash of threads. I didn't want to buy new, I wanted to use the old for the story it told me.
and the back of course
If you enlarge the picture, you will see the colors differences in the tree.
Another part of the story is the strawberries. I found no roses in my fabric stash. Seriously. None. So what to do? Well, strawberries are red. I had 3 different prints with strawberries!  The snipped pieces are for the 'rose petals' the girls, Megan and Lily, scattered as they walked down the grassy green aisle. These 2 girls are our oldest Grands.  Oh, make that FOUR fabrics with strawberries...the cake was the perfect thing for the base of the tree! The shape, the formality, the strawberries.  
This be Lily, as I worked on her "basket." I did a blanket stitch around the strawberries, then did needle weaving on the base of them, to give the "look" of a basket.  Not the greatest example, but I had fun with it!
shadows cast by the raised tree trunks
My Megan, as I call her. My first ever granddaughter. She wears glasses now, so of course I had to add them! This was the best fitting animal I could find in my stash, hard to explain why, but that's My Meggie.
I think her glasses are purple? So why didn't I use purple. Good question.
The wallie is now ready for 'quilting', yeah!

And from the garden, our first jack'o'lantern. It fell off the vine.
The pirate, Avery, grandgirl is doing fine in her cast, figured out, one handed, how to wiggle her bottom onto the swing we have for them. She loves to swing!
Her older sister had just been telling me how "Avery taught her how", as she pumped her legs to get going. Not to be out done, the youngest set her mind to it and got herself on the swing with no help.
What a swingin' day it was!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Back To Penny's Landscape Piece

Instead of loading 25 pix, I made collages of a few.
This is the landscape I started 15 seconds, or less, after seeing the picture that Penny Berens took in her "neighborhood."

click to enlarge all pix
After looking at the trees for awhile, I came up with the idea to "gather" them each, before adding to the BG. I stitched them to a different green fabric, in case I had to blend that in with the existing BG.
Then I decided to do the "bushes" the same way.
 This is a "tree" all gathered.
I also worked on the bottom area where the grassy humps where.  Some were green, and some were not. I made not humps.
I love how the shaggy cattail's show up in this shot.

So...the tale of a granddaughter named Avery, 
who broke/fractured her arm. The purple circle is only on half of the wound. It should be an oval to include the right side also!  
And then got an ear pierced! 
Just one was all she could handle at the time, so now she is my little Pirate! 
Her older sister was able to tough it out and get both ears done. But I don't think she was super excited about it at the time.

The bars are not as easy with one arm. Darn. 
{she broke it falling off monkey bars}
Just got her "real" cast put on.  The doc's waited a few days for the swelling to recede. Hopefully she can get this wet! {she accidentally soaked the first soft cast/bandage they put on it the first day}

We have a joke in our family, that I started as a teen...I was a passenger in a car, windows down, when we drove past a young man jogging in a cropped off tank top. Without even thinking about it, I yelled out to him, "where'd'ja get the shirt?, half off sale?" and of course burst into gales of laughter.
So Rhi drew a picture and told her mom, 
"Look, Mommy, she got her shirt at a half off sale!"
Gotta love them grandgirls!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Header Picture...

that does not fit like i want it too. dang it.
Anyway....some new works in progress....

It has already changed from this. The outline is Oahu, HI. 
I crocheted a chain of the 3 main wedding colors the kids used, in pearl cottons. Then simply couched that down on the lines.

I have a new laptop.  Can't find other pix I wanted to post. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

The 22nd Week

Of this year started out with a Birthday and ended with a Wedding!
My daughter has always liked the number "22", and her first 2 girls were born on a 22, but not the 3rd.  This year #3 gets to be a "22" also.  And we feel the Groom and Bride will be favored with the same Karma.
I say Groom first because he is my son. I now have another daughter also.
I played with this photo...
Groom and Dad of groom. 
Bride and her Dad. {My granddaughter had the camera.}

The lovely madrone tree beside the Hood Canal, WA

The Bride's Father, the Groom's Mother, the Bride's Sister.
Toasting....though I was was HOT that day and in that building.


Ben, the Groom, made the Cupcake Tree, the "Thumbprint" Tree painting, and they both made the candles for the guest gifts.
Row 1.Groom with Pastor, Groom dau.'s Lily and Megan, flower girls!
Row 2. Devyn would NOT look at the camera. BTW, she was the bday girl
Row 3. Bobby, SO of Stephanie, also in yellow. 
Even though no tables were marked Brides family, etc, we ended up sitting together with family.
Grooms family at one table, Brides at another, and the wedding party at the center table.

It was the perfect day along the Hood Canal, hot with a nice breeze off the water. 
Everyone I talked to said, "this is so unusual for June, isn't it??"
So week 22 ended perfectly for our family!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Trees and Birthdays

part one down, the bush to the right
The next door neighbor and ourselves decided some tree-age should be removed to give the "hedge" that grows between us a chance to grow and be beautiful. 
There is at least 1 snowball, 3 holly, 1 forsythia, 2 mock orange, and what ever else I have forgotten, growing in that hedge.  The tree was preventing sun down into the lower regions.  My only concern was any nesting birds in the tree.  I still don't know if there were any.
and the rest of it
There have been overcast days for awhile, but the sun came out to smile on us that next morning!

And look....sun in the sewing room window!!!!!!!!!
There have only been dapples in the past on that eastern side.

Then the guys started on the front trees.  This oak ? was getting out of hand. Had to leave one trunk because of the way it is leaning.  Oh and some of the trees/bushes were being strangled by ivy as are the trees in the property below us.

But the best part is, today is another birthday.....not this one, this is Avery sailing on an orca, she had her 5th bday last week, but no picture.
Today's was this little miss.  Our GD #5.  
She is now 3 years old! This is an old picture, just grabbed it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Brooch and New Bits

It is done.  The sweater it is for is not here yet.
Click to enlarge so you can see the texture the stitches give it.  
I love it.  It started out as a scrap about 5 x 8 inches big, on a selvage edge.  I cut out the parts I wanted to combine and stitched it too a pink scrap.  
Just a bit of stitchery. 
View from my chair. Looks farther away than it all really is.
The fish tank isn't that green, me...
Sometimes you have to run with it.  
After asking permission, I started cutting things up....
...and making quite a few changes....
....and more since this picture was taken.
Don't you love it when the sparks fly?!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Short Post

First.  Happy Birthday to my #4 grand girlie-o.  She is 5...FIVE...years old today!  She is soooo happy because now she can get her ears pierced and go to school!

I am working on a "brooch".  More later.