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Monday, February 01, 2016

Child's Play and Pillows

My daughter needed her BLACK sweatshirt-jacket mended around the snaps. We had tried gluing once upon a time, looked awful, so I added scraps and thread to tie them all together.
The only true color in this picture are the dog hairs...go figure.
Onto more colorful things....
I made myself a little pillow for in bed.
both sides of the pillowcase fabric
Pix are out of order, of course.  I thought I would show the regular pillow I hacked the small one off of. For size ref's of course.  The rest of the pillow will get used also...
for something pillow-y no doubt.
I love that print!  And it shows up on the bed...or the floor...where ever it may end up.  

For the Child part of the post.  
MY child was working on this stitchy flower.  
While it was in the hoop, HER child decided to color the remainder of the plain white fabric.  
Said CHILDREN wanted me to have it.
I will frame it somehow.  Maybe even press it first!
I love those children of MINE.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Leaves and Hacking Beanie Babies

This leaf is one I used only white glue on.  Not as nice as the medium I used on the others as mentioned in the last post or 2.  Isn't as pliable and definitely no shine!

Beanie Babies!  From Happy Meals I believe. {not sure about Moosie}
This is not the first time I have "hacked" this toys.  I turned several into pincushions in the long ago.
Anyway, here is Goldy in her "before" shots.
Moosie didn't have a "before" photo session. 
I stitched around her antlers because they were 2 layers that had parted. I added the 'ribbon' to her back with the words "GG Evie and her Moose". Was a big thing in our family, to give my mom Moose related items.  She had had enough after the 3rd or 4th thing, but it was very hard to give up!  And when you get a small toy version??  You alter it baby!

I added satin stitch to her nostrils. And lashes to her eyes. Am adding hoofies to her footsies.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Comment Answer and More Leaves

Karen asked;

"Interesting! Will the leaf stay like that or is there some degradation that may continue as it gets older?" 

Good question.  We will just have to see.  I know the leaves I slapped green paint on are still around...I only painted one side of those and they have held up nicely.  Of course they aren't played with.

The top leaf is fabric. Nothing to do with this experiment, except for it being there.
The 3rd leaf, the ginkgo, I tried 'weaving' down.  Just thread around it, not through it.
Now that I was pleased with how the leaf would handle, I spread the shiny stuff all over the front side.
And used generic glue on the back side to 'seal' it.

dull dull dull
The extra leaf is just covered in glue, to see how it stitches through.  Have stitched it, but not taken a photo.  It doe not look good, so the generic plain ole glue is a no go!
Now onto another random work. in. progress.
Words. Has begun.  Our son had made these perler beads [also called hama beads] 'tiles' for us long ago, so I stitched them down before they fell apart completely.
The stitched word is Love done by Megan, gd #1. I haven't stitched it down yet, I want to pair it with other amore.
I have kept this little bag for Coal since the Christmas it was put in someones stocking. It of course had candy in it.
But it is a WORD.

I really love how the pearl cotton stands out!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Leaf Experiments

I want to stitch the leaf, the big one in my last post, to the fabric it is photographed on.
But first I needed to try it on a different leaf.  It worked!
I used Decoart Media Liquid Glass on these.  I read reviews that said it leaves things pliable, and that was what I was hoping for.  When it was dry, I put the needle to it. It worked really nicely.
I did find that the holes created by the needle were not as pronounced-mess up-disrupted when I put the needle down through the leaf.  So come up through the fabric, and down through the leaf. 
Not a great enlargement, but it gives you and idea of how the holes look.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Put Iron To Leaf

I was changing the ink cartridge in the printer and glanced at the design wall in that room. 
I couldn't get that dang thing in the printer fast enough before starting a whole other.... 
The fabric piece was on the wall.
The giant pressed leaf was next to it.  
Has been for awhile. How did I miss that?
The leaf smelled good as I pressed it. 
I didn't have to press it. I wanted to.
Not sure how I want to attach the leaf to the fabric. 
Any ideas?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's Happened....I Put Thread....

............into a needle and stitched something........
Many people mark the days passing in many forms. I read blogs of others who do this in stitch. I decided to try this too...not to mark the passage of time, but to kick start my enjoyment of sewing from the rut it was in.  
I started with this. Organic shapes {to use a new term; for something natural; I suppose is how I would have called it before}  These shapes are actually fur.  From the one Abby dog, mostly. When she is shaggy, her fur mats. I have saved them in the last year. So now they are stitched down. I can't tell you how many endorphin this one small piece released.  It still is.  Releasing them.  
Not very big.

But not really surprising to find I do this.  I pulled this out of the ottoman. 
I am not sure how old it is but I know I had it with me when Granddaughter #3 was aborning herself in July 2009.  I sandwiched everything back then, like a quilt.

Bits from other wallies I didn't really care for. ↑↓ Labels from clothing.
Soda bottle lids.
Cutout from a soda can.
Printed ribbons off fabric bundles.  If the company is going to print it, I am going to save it.
These will be used elsewhere....someday.
This fish was a novelty fabric,  in parts.  So I connected the parts with a ruff.

I started in with the fur bits after getting a card and 2 books as gifts from my brother.  He has not wished to converse with me for many years, until now.  I am very happy he did! 

I laughed the next day when I was reading Judy Martin's latest post, she was talking about Janet Bolton's newest book, Fabric Pictures which is the book my brother sent.  
The books contents are  soooooooooooooo me!
Thank You Scotty!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

A Small Sweater

For a big heart-ed  Hare!

My sewing room is always this odd yellow color.  The CFL lights.
Anyway, Nut Brown Hare wanted a sweater as soon as Frost moved in and showed her's to the group.  
Below from left to right....
Mouse, from the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie  by Laura Numeroff fame, though this fellow is from the Merry Christmas Mouse book.
A small ceramic Yellow Dog my daughter Stephanie made for me one Christmas, after I saw a similar one in an ad somewhere. The face in the frame behind YD is mine as a kid. And there is a skunk and a Frog Prince on his pillow that my mom made many years ago.
Mouse, Stuart Little, dog, picture of me, Peter Rabbit, Frost, NutB.
skunk and Frog Prince
 This is not where I hope they end up.  I am working on a house for them, as I am still in dollhouse making mode.
Nut B. likes the Mary Engelbreit pin cushion chair very much.
I heard there is a Troll movie in the making....thought how neat it would be to show the grandgirls one of the original troll dolls, if only I had one....I do I do. Forgot it was tucked in with an Alien and Barbies barbie dolls.
They are in a shadow box with a Raggedy Ann doll, with items my mom made back in the...1950'S? A turtle,  the cat puppet. [flat black face] and a dress for Barbie, with the dolls tucked in that pocket.
I just learned that Raggedy Ann is 100 years old!!  Well, maybe not my doll, but I know she is over 40.

This year, and for the next 4, I have pro printed labels for my calendars.  I was using the template on the Avery site. Did you know they will print them up for you?  cheaper than the ink cart. my printer needs.  AND AND AND....they are smudge proof.  I was able to color on them with markers and not have the ink runnnnnnnn......yeah!
And this is my youngest grandgirl.  
So nothing quilty yet again, but fiber was used in the making of the sweater.

Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year~ An Even Numbered One!

To begin the year, thought I would post some random pix I have hanging around my pc. Well the first one has't been hangin' to long.
 I just happened to click on the Google Doodle yesterday....and gosh ola....there it was, a greeting from Google for moi! Click to enlarge.
My cards this year were snowmen faces!
They  were going to be stars. I machine stitched a circle with an empty needle...on every card. 
When the star wasn't working, I was what the hell to I make?  Not sure how this idea came to me, but I ran with it!
Foamy sheets were trimmed for eyes and noses.
And another project that Ashley and I did/tried.  Snow globes.  They were so fun to make, and the glue we used made up rather giddy.
Turns out the waterproof glue wasn't so 'always wet' proof. So they aren't as wonderful as we had imagined, so let us be a lesson to you...use the epoxy glue, or whatever, that the recipe recommends. 
Many years ago, my daughter and I saw this on Christmas Eve.  Not sure if the other 2 children saw it. It is something that Ashley and I have never forgotten and we had talked about it again this year. Believe what you will, but we 2 believe this wholeheartedly.
The dollhouse has been moved to it's forever home, and set up.  The cute lamp was another gift this year.  We think a drawer set-up under it would be ideal, to raise the house a bit and for storage.
The youngest grandgirl  loves her some animals!

My older 2 grandgirls found the Ikea Bug!  Remember the commercials of the Bug piled high at sale season?
I gave the girls some cozy soft animal blankets, and Lily thought it needed to be worn as a hat.

My husband took this shot one early hour morning.