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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dreaded Tax Day

Except I have done mine.  Yay!
I know mom didn't like this day.  She would wait until the last minute to pay because she wanted the money to earn as much interest as possible, before giving it to the IRS. Back in the day, the envelope had to be post marked by the 15th. 
She fretted until the taxes were all done and delivered!  
She even waited to deliver my brother until the next day!

In more pleasant areas, I have finished this capelet!!!
I fretted over it like it were my taxes. Would it be large enough?  Of course as soon as it was finished, the yarn stretched and became larger.

All the granddaughters can probably wear it, but it's for the younger 3.  They have so share.
The closeup pic of the buttons will have to wait, it hasn't loaded yet in the mysterious world of 1's and 0's.
I did this one day while 2 granddaughters were here. We got out the paint.  I had seen an idea on Pinterest about crumpling the paper, outlining the lines left by the crump, and coloring in the spaces.  Of course since I used black construction paper, I left out the outlines.  I think the dots were the best part, they outlined the spaces.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Leaky Roof

The house next door....well, it was actually a trailer....had developed a leaky roof.  The renters moved out.  One rain storm too many caused the leak to become a cave-in.  Seriously, the whole roof over the central part of the trailer, just collapsed.
So the land owner brought in an excavator and tore that place up!  

See the cat through the shrubs?
There...see it now?
In other cherry tree is blooming.  
Look at all that pollen!

We are finally doing something with this front part of the house. The area had been left lumpy and bumpy by the itty-bitty bob-cat that prepped the site for our modular.
The bamboo on the left is now all gone.  It was a nice backdrop for a few years....then it decided to spread it's roots.

Monday, March 30, 2015

For The Birds...

We were awakened by a rat-a-tat-tat on the side of the house recently. 
I didn't see it, but my husband did, which means I may never get it ID'd. 
He usually takes a picture of the ...whatever...and brings it  back to me for IDing.
No pix. Damn.
Then yesterday, the dog growled at something outside.
I thought it might be a raven, because it sure was bigger than a crow.
Upon closer observation, I am pretty sure it was a peacock.  No great plumage, but that iridescent, turquoise blue  was hard to miss.  Though this one had more red on it's head than I could find in several searches.
We have a road called Peacock Hill, so it's likely those sort of birds roamed free in the area in years past.
I do have pix of girls.  And huge cardboard to draw on...
...and pose in front of.....
enlarge the pix to see the pencilled in girls.  
They get to paint them later in the spring when they can be outside with it.
A find for me...
A VW Bus box

Friday, March 20, 2015

Really Random...

I used a calendar picture to collage flower pix onto.  The pix are from the catalog I ordered the flowers from....figured I should keep pix so we know what they are supposed to look like...I saved the name of the scenic shot too.
The veggie garden is moving to the side of the house and now has a nice cover over it.
So I have had these containers for years.  I have put in them all sorts of things that belonged to each child of mine.  It was now time to give them back their childhood.
This is Middle Child, Ashley with hers.
Middle Child has children...Youngest Child has fish!  She and her BF have been successful with salt water tanks!
After repairing a suitcase zipper for this child, oldest child of Middle Child, I left a note in it for them to find someday.  I didn't expect it to be so soon....
Speaking of she is with 2 of her own, the middle child is in pink the youngest is in denim. They are pretty good helpers! 
Back to childhoods.....Here is my oldest, Ben with his container.  I also let him take the t-shirt, reluctantly...I had those shirts made up for all 12 or so children in his kindergarten class, the future Class of 2000, which I thought was an amazing thing to ponder!
And my youngest...Stephanie the College Girl...the fish tank owner...the recipient of her childhood container.
Seeds are sprouting...tomatoes on the left brussell sprouts and broccoli on the right.

My Middle Child is brave. Very brave.  She takes all 5 girls into stores with her!  After finding this sofa in the second hand store they all had a go at it...I love this shot of Megan 'fainting'.
I told you it was a random post.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Mowing Crochet

Dan was out mowing and I noticed something on his feet....
plastic bags! 
▼ Over his shoes, so he wouldn't get dog poo all over them.
Smart man!
 Crochet.  Hooded capelet for a granddaughter.  First half. 
This is a 100% merino and it is wonderful to touch.
I ran out of yarn....but more is on the way...whew!
See, I crocheted right up to the end!
So...I was looking around for this wicker basket we have....can't find the damn thing, so I pulled this out of the pile.  Works pretty good.  I can pull the yarn out through any old hole I want to.
And yes that is another project started...this time for me if it works out.
So...Ashley brought me a 'glitter tube' that was empty, knowing I find uses for that sort of weird thing.... I gave it 5 seconds thought and had her toss it.  Then a few hours later I retrieved it from the trash because I HAD found a use for it...a HOOK HOLDER in the plastic basket.  I duct taped it in of course.
And the plastic bag holding other yarn?  That was one of those zippered sheet packages new sheets come in, I save them all the time!

Monday, March 02, 2015


Am crocheting yet another hat for my husband.  This yarn looks like suede, is a bit on the rough side when handling the yarn to crochet, yet when I pet the hat and run my hands over it, it's soft.  So all is good.  I like working with this fiber, works up fast too because it's a thicker yarn than I have been using lately.

click to enlarge
baby food jar for size ref
I started this one when I had to wait on Dan to try on his.  This is a softer yarn, slouchy, thinner.  The pattern says the size fits up to adults, but not with this hook and yarn.  This will fit the youngest of the grandbabes...for about 15 minutes.  Perfect color for  GD #4.

Another scarf started, in a pattern that gave me fits at first, before I went with the flow.  I am sure there are lots of mistakes in it, but can you see them?  Me neither.  Moving on....

Oh, look, it's finished!  
I went down the long sides with a simple chain to give it a finished look, as it was looking rather bumpy...

Love Etsy for this sort of yumminess.
Darn it, I didn't get a picture of Steph wearing the scarf.  Sheesh. Guess she will have to take a selfie for me.

Oh look....young women!  
Stephanie and Ashley, daughters 2 and 1
We had an influx of females yesterday, all come to visit Grandma and Auntie Steph...Since Auntie lives sooooo far least 16 miles by gosh, and a bridge it's a big deal when she gets to our side of the Narrows....
Megan and Lily, granddaughters 1 and 2
Avery, granddaughter 4
Rhiley, granddaughter 3
And Devyn, granddaughter 5
As you can see, everyone is doing their own thing....that's what happens when they visit, they scatter to different areas of interest.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Bits

Before giving the scarf to Ashley, I added a bit of personal notes.  The ribbon came with the yarn, so I added my signature symbol {VJ} and the year.  Admittedly it's a hand, but that's how it can go at the last minute.  I even stitched it onto the scarf and didn't take a picture to prove it. 

"wait mom..."
But here is my lovely daughter Ashley wearing it....
"...for me to pose..."
And this is of course what is really going on around the camera...
little girls, [Devyn this time] crawling over grandma's legs...
one way then the other
...and asking me to read a book to her...
Avery asks me every time she comes over. 
Every. Time.  Sometimes I even get to read it to her. 
More often than not, they are to busy doing little girl things, not hold-still-for-grandma-to-read things.