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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grandchild Number Six Is A....

*!*  GIRL  *!*

The parents, our son and DIL are a bit disappointed, they really wanted a boy. 
But....she has all her toes and all her fingers.  I have a picture from the first sonogram, but let's face it, those all look pretty much the same. 
For humans at least.
Of course this makes it easy to add another child to the Storybook Quilt.
I also need to fix the blurry words, where I wrote the book titles and the ink ran. 
So I did them up in be added soon.
That's why I remember I need to add another child, because this has been hanging around my chair for a few weeks.
{I made 2 of them, actually.  The second one is here.}
I am also doing a lot of satin stitch around a tower. You know the one, in Paris?
On a pillowcase/cover for a GD. I LOVE doing this stitch!
From the giant squash plant growing in the backyard's compost heap. 
Acorn Squash? The kids are going to carve and/or decorate them since we don't dare eat them. [they are growing over the septic field.]
So this watercolor idea comes from Debra @ Artisun.
She is an art teacher and she had her kids dab [her word was "Blob"] the color on, then draw what they "saw" in the shapes.
My youngest GD helped me do this one on top.  I see many figures in the paint, I just haven't outlined them yet.  But I did get this far.

Need I explain this one?
Didn't think so.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Decisions Out Of Thin AIr

I am always amazed at how an idea can just appear out of thin air.
"Tree Line With Bulrushes" Summer 2016
I had finally decided to "mount" this one on canvas, but not on a stretched canvas, like so many are doing these days.  Not that I don't like that idea, I love it actually, but I wanted to keep this 'softer'.  So I scrounged around looking for the hunk of canvas I am sure I have.  Nope. Not where I thought, but I did come across some dyed-black we had done years ago for a curtain. ('we' being dau. Steph and me)  And in the same drawer were some other fabrics. I pulled them all out and took them to the table.  As I lay out the different fabs, and Dan mulled them over with me, we came up with the orange-lavender combo....and that's when the thin air grew heavy with the idea on how to 'frame' this!  I got it all basted and am stitching it.  More to come.
Ocean Circle 2016 Additions

Have been stitching the Ocean Circle top too.  I had fun adding the stamens {?}
to the hibiscus flowers!  And even though they are more color coordinated to each flower in nature, I stayed with the yellow perle/pearl cotton. One of the threads is from the box of threads my mother game me 40 years ago.  I added a variegated blue thread to the line of 'water' stitches at the edge of the 'beach'.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Garden Bag

This spring I had added potato parts into soil in an empty dog food bag.
It worked!  The so called soil I started out with was really heavy awful stuff, so I added from our own compost heap.  That soil had all sorts of stuff in it...pill bugs, worms, undigested veggies...But it worked. As the potato plant grew, I added more of our own soil. One day I noticed a tomato plant growing in the same bag, so I left it there. It grew. I added even more soil, which was fine for both plants.
The funny ridges in the spuds are from rocks in the original soil in the bottom of the bag.
This is the final harvest.  Not as much as all the websites said I would get, but it did work!  I still have another bag on the deck that I will harvest...whenever.
The tomato from that bag has been re-potted and is doing fine.
I now have 2 plants that started really late in the spring, as you can tell by the flowers still on them, so I am hoping I can bring them inside to continue growing in my sunny bathroom corner where I started all my seedlings last spring.
This is a berry off the dogwood tree between us and the neighbor. It's a native Washington plant. I didn't know they produced berries.  I didn't know they were a treat for Robins and Pileated Woodpeckers! I didn't get a pic of the Robins, but I did get some of the Woodpecker when he came back the second day. [i just stood and watched him the first day, not even thinking of getting the camera]
Pileated Woodpecker in Dogwood, Sept. 2016
Another chore for the Fall.  Dig yet another trench for the rain runoff.  This time he put in pipe, hoping it will last longer. 
The Fifth Critter. These are made by V. in Northern Ireland. I resisted the first few years...but then gave in last Fall and bought Frost...and then...and then...So now I have 5, 1 for each of my grandaughters...for someday.   
Helia is the newest to the family here.
I am keeping them for now...So I can enjoy them too.
With grandbaby #6 on the horizon, I will have to keep my eye out for another one of the beautiful, homemade, creatures.  
I am still working on the Ocean Circle, formally known as Tropical, quilt top, but those pix are still in the camera.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Not So Broken

Front 1st-2nd-3rd xrays
and back, 1, 2, 3.
At first hospital, before xrays. Wouldn't believe she could hold her arm that way considering how broken it was!
This was how it was kept for a few weeks. Simply wrapped up!
Kids bodies are amazing!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Currently in the Ocean....

After getting this whole thing pinned...I unpinned it.  I didn't like the basic stitching I was doing around the  volcano and waves. 
So now I am doing a running stitch, doubling it up by going back. I am trying to get a feeling of water movement, the ocean current, the invisible jet stream. I also think I will need a batt layer to help with that. For now, the embroidery work, with pearl cottons. I am also trying to use what threads I have, so some will probably have to be done in floss.

With a lot of other people too, of course.
Anyway, my theme was the beach, and I came up with quite a few stitch combos that worked for crabs, kelp, beach grasses, etc. 
Little did I know that 8 years later I would be referring to it for another project. 
It has been on my wall all this time. Staring me in the face.
Go figure!

Friday, September 02, 2016

Not So Broken

The break is healing! No more sling for Devyn, amazingly enough. The foggy parts around the break are new bone of course, pulling the 2 parts back together. Our bodies are just wondrous things.  Especially when you are under 6 years old.
I do have another daughter, with her own "baby" to care for.  
My Stephie and her Ozzie.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
On their way to Tacoma, Ashley and her girls got to "drive through the clouds". 
Ashley is at it again...more string art on driftwood.
What you don't see is how small these really are. 
So she is working in a tight space. I will have her measure next time.

There was a day spent on the west coast, at the "real" ocean. 
Devyn still in her sling.
And then a day spent at one top end of the state.  It's the ocean, but as it comes into the Puget Sound. 

Camels. In Washington?

Yup.  Maybe I should have another blog for other family member adventures....
Something I have been working on. I have added the flowers and trees at the corners, pinned on the backing, no batt, and now trying to figure out the quilting...or embroidery...or both??
The center is a volcano...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Finished! "Tree Line With Bulrushes"

I think I have finished the Penny Berens Landscape.
"I hope you can  come up with a good name for your so called PB piece!  Something to do with Tree Line or bulrushes in a row!  Just a suggestion." Penny said in an email to me. 
So how about "Tree Line With Bulrushes" for a title.
Her picture, her suggestions. Works for me!

She took the picture that got me started on this.
Picture taken by Penny Berens in her "neighborhood" of Nova Scotia.
The line of bulrushes, right in the middle of the photo, got me first...or maybe it was the "pink" ground cover....or the 'ghost' trees in their Spring coats still. 
I really wanted to have many more ghost trees, but they looked awful, so I snipped out a few. I hope the netting, that I cut the black dots out of, will show enough of the "hazy" area of bare branches.
messed with photo editor
 Taking a picture of it has proved to be difficult. I am not one to worry about 
pro looking pix.  Though this time it might have been nice to have a dedicated area for photo shots. Now to figure out how to frame it!
trying different spots for pix
 My daughter's pix 
Barred Owl, Belfair WA.,  Nest? , Opossum on front gate.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


This is the picture of GD Devyn's break! Not Fracture. Break!  Wow.  And they only want to wrap it in a sling?  Unbelievable. But. On Bone Talks
they mention that kids under 6 heal on their own...AND the bone straightens itself out...on it's own!!!!
My daughter said, "So that's what they meant" when the doctors were explaining it to her. {this xray is a week old}
Onto more creative fronts....Ashley is still having fun with the string art projects.
These are all gifts.
And besides pokemonGo, the area has been rock hunting....
You find them, you can keep them, or you can hide them again for others to find. Ashley made this one. 
And my brother has found an unusual creative outlet...painting "grabbers"- or whatever you might call them- with nail polish!
And not to be outdone, the garden has been creating some goodies...

This was a dog food bag I put potato eyes into last...April?
That harvest.
We moved the tomatoes up to the patio, more sun, more warmth from the pavers.

The pumpkins like it too.
Dan 'harvested' the carrots I had seed-started in water bottles.  They def could have grown longer, but...
Extremely close up you can see the different colors of them.
The peas are from them too, and maybe some tomatoes? I know I started many of the tom plants from our saved seeds from last year.
The onions were volunteers from the compost.