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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crocheted Hoop Hanger

I decided to cover the hoop, that I had already covered with fabric.  I really like crocheted edges on my wall quilty-sorta things, and I really like the way Lucy on Attic24 did this for the first round of her wreaths.
The yarn is more of a thread, perle cotton type.  i used a size 2 hook, which is one of the tiny silver ones. I just kept single crocheting...and crocheting....and crocheting.....
I folded it over the hook, poking the wimpy wires thru the crochet.  Then I sewed between and through the loops.
You can see the wires on the top in the picture below.  I decided that will be the 'bottom' that you see when you look up, the sewn side will be the dust gathering   up side.   The wires are the 'new' christmas tree hooks.  Bah.

Now I am working on Dan's third hat.  And a couple of other things....well, maybe 3 or 5 other things.  I am happily ensconced in projects.
Hanging!  From light in dining room, Dan's idea!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Snowman Butts

I made another embroidery hoop hanging mobile....smaller hoop and I used paper clips for the "hooks" to hang things from.  This one is for my youngest daughter.  Snowmen are a thing she does when it snows.  And they are usually small.

Perler Deer. I glued felt to the back to keep it stronger, this one and the snowman.

The cat wondered what I was doing.

I had fun!  I made yet another embroidery hoop mobile hanger, but it's not been photo'ed yet.

Winding yarn....This yarn is dyed by Emily Parsons.  I LOVE her colorways!

I find it interesting how the yarn looks so different, as a hank and as it's balled up.  

Help from Page.
Was doing a little decor changing....

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Craft Projects

We have had this hanging bird mobile for years...years!  I am not sure if we got it at Cost Plus {world market} or Pier 1.  I have wanted to make another hanging mobile for other animal ornament type things we have collected over the years. So this week I did it.  I used an embroidery hoop, ornament hangers, masking tape, glue, torn fabric strips and ...I think that's all.
click to enlarge
And now I have a merry go round of animals on it.  Not sure if the strips I added for hanging will remain. I may get a little less messy and use twine.
The hoop holds the hooks between themselves.  The tape I used to hold the hooks on with,  that gets covered with the fabric strips that I wound around the whole hoop.  You could use twine...ribbon...yarn...
I was going to 'hook' the animals on the bottom loop, of the hooks, but just slipped them over the top of the hooks, with the ribbons they already had on them.  And lots more...or less....can be added. 
I am going to make another one with paper clips, I will show that one to you when it's done.
And own personal Santa!  He installed the storm door he got me for Christmas.  It was a pain in the arse!  But it is awesome!    I have wanted one for years....years!  And it has a screen to keep out the bugs of summer.  {Wish it kept out the bugs of winter, because the day after christmas, this Santa was in bed with the flu!}

Thursday, December 25, 2014

No Chaos for Christmas

i  had a wonderful day...full to bursting with quiet....not even many bad words were exclaimed as my dear one worked on the brand new storm door that was my want....muttering...yes...i think i even heard a little singing...that door was a complicated mess of this's and that'sis's...

i was going to leave that in the comments on graces blog, but decided to share it here instead...also...

only one phone call today, otherwise i messaged my children from FB.  They were all busy with their own families and wrapping paper and new and even a kitten....under another families tree, but now my granddaughter #3 wants one too.  can't argue with that...I love looooove cats.

the decorating can be stopped....though not put away....i have enjoyed being able to have my own do dads out on display.  megan loved to rearrange every display so i got out of the habit of putting anything out.  she would be so disappointed, and i would be depressed, that christmas wasn't much fun for either of us.  megan has always moved way too fast for me....her brain thinks at mack 10!  but i love her dearly.  she is, afterall, the child that put "grand" before mother for me.

I love all my girls!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ginger Bread Creations And Clay

Ashley came over with her girls and the gingerbread house and train assembled.  All we had to do was have fun decorating them!  I even added a little decor to the chocolate bar santa and nutcracker.  Rhiley let me write her name on the house, and I could not believe how well it turned out considering the house was upright.
I did the frosting-glue for Rhiley because it was hard to squeeze out, but after warming up in my hands, it got a tiny bit easier so she could do it.
Devyn slept through the first part of the decorating, which was perfect for all, since she has a stuffy nose and needed the sleep.  Then she got to decorate a cookie with mommy.

I am still adding things here and there....

i love this shot.  Steph made the yellow dog for me one year while in High School,  after I saw one like it in an ad, Pier 1 I believe.  Ashley made the truck, also, in High School, because that's the kind of 'car' she wanted.  The black hatted snowman was made by Meg's teacher because Meg was absent that day, "Mine was the best looking one, Gup. All the others had sticks poking out everywhere and were really lumpy!"  I laughed after she told me that, because that is how Meg thinks in her Aspergers mind.  The little bitty clay pony was made by me.....long ago.  So 3 generations of school year clay adventures.

I tied the tree to the truck like in all the fancy holiday pix....I had to stuff plastic bags in it to stay plump...
Is that a roll of paper towels stuck behind to block out the kitchen?  Why yes it is.

Christmas Cards!

Now that all the cards have been rec'd....hopefully....I can show you what I made. 
Enlarge the pic by a click....on it....and you will see that I stitched the cards with yarn! 
I used my sewing machine, w/o thread, to make the holes in a 2 sided triangle.  Then I sat and watched whatever season of whatever show I was watching at the time, and stitched away.  Simple.  But so fun!!!!  Then I cut little bits of felt for the 'trunk' and decided to machine stitch that down, this time WITH thread....then I figured since i was on a roll, I might as well stitch down the 'message' too.  I even left the thread ends to show that I really did do this.  {I painted 2 sheets of paper with metallic paint, let them dry, then put them through the printer!  It. Worked!}

I was sooooo happy to send cards this year.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Put Up A Tree

Picasa let me 'shadow' out the rooms on either side, bonus!
My driftwood tree!  I love it.  I have mostly old ornaments on it , one is dated 1984 and some of the animals are from 2000.  Others are from my grandmother, so they are even older.
I made the elf on the top, but he isn't on a shelf. I did put 'seat-belts' around him and a couple of the other 'bears' because little persons were coming to visit.
My dining room window display.   There are 2 christmas cards on there. What happened to sending cards out people??
My own Animal House...
click pix to enlarge
didn't get very good dark shots...but this will work.
And dear Ashley came over to have craft day with her mama.  She had this wreath to finish, it's themed on the movie Frozen.  I only got one shot, so I have to take the blurr...

i cropped out the extra...
Craft day centered on trees...more trees.  This time with sticks and glue...
Avery was going for a forest...
What you don't see is the Oh My moment when Meg opened up a pack of sequins and sprinkled dumped them on her tree like glitter.  [hers is the one on the white cardboard] It was actually quite sparkly and pretty, but alas, a lot of the sparkle fell off.

I have enjoyed decorating this year...the first time in many.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Decorating Continues

Another tree.
I got an idea and went with it. It's torn scraps stitched down on green-dyed-batt.  {like felt}
Then a cone shape?

if you enlarge you will probably be able to see the seam.  I hand stitched that part.
I put it on a stick, but didn't like that as much as with it just sitting there.
Then it coped an attitude...
The inside...
Dining room window.  I got another idea.  But how to hang the stick?  With a wire hanger of course!
I had a couple that had the cardboard thingy in them, took that off and bent the 'arms' down and kind of made them hook tog.
I already have some hooks/clips on this stick from it's  past as a quilt hanger. Other ornaments will probably get tied on with ribbon/string.
And since I don't have a tree...but lots of driftwood sticks....and this awesome spot for a mantel display area...I'm still working on this one...
enlarge to see the bundt-cake-pan-log-holder and door stop giving it support
In the above and below pix I should have cropped out the mess....but since I can't crop it outta the room....
The shelves on the window sill may come out...but the kid table is still there and they know it!
I now have this awesome "bar top" that I can add decor to...but I need to block out the kitchen behind.  
Dan, my husband, needed a hat, so I crocheted one up for him!  I added a bit of green yarn to the tions top where there was a hole...I got the pattern from here Pay attention to the instructions so you don't have to start over...but stitched this way makes it very stretchy and he loves it!

oh look....a gray haired stichr sitting at her machine!

Meet Sven.  A Ty version.  From the movie "Frozen".  I decided to keep this guy instead of giving to the girls...they have lots of other gifts, including a 15" version of this guy.  He is soooo cute.
The lights are up!  At first it looked like Jeff Foxworthy had run out of beer because the lights were just draped...had to check to make sure we had enough, you know??
Reflections in the rain.
Something else for me....coloring books.  I had seen a chipmunk/pine cone color page on Pinterest and decided to just get the whole book.  These are from Dover Pub. but made by Creative Haven and the books are fantastic.  All the pages are one sided and perforated for easy removal.  I also got some fine point pens and these are definitely fine pointed, to fine for some coloring.  I also found this pack of Crayola pencils that didn't get given to one of the girls...they are wonderful!  A nice soft lead, but not as soft as crayons. But only 12 colors????