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Monday, March 02, 2015


Am crocheting yet another hat for my husband.  This yarn looks like suede, is a bit on the rough side when handling the yarn to crochet, yet when I pet the hat and run my hands over it, it's soft.  So all is good.  I like working with this fiber, works up fast too because it's a thicker yarn than I have been using lately.

click to enlarge
baby food jar for size ref
I started this one when I had to wait on Dan to try on his.  This is a softer yarn, slouchy, thinner.  The pattern says the size fits up to adults, but not with this hook and yarn.  This will fit the youngest of the grandbabes...for about 15 minutes.  Perfect color for  GD #4.

Another scarf started, in a pattern that gave me fits at first, before I went with the flow.  I am sure there are lots of mistakes in it, but can you see them?  Me neither.  Moving on....

Oh, look, it's finished!  
I went down the long sides with a simple chain to give it a finished look, as it was looking rather bumpy...

Love Etsy for this sort of yumminess.
Darn it, I didn't get a picture of Steph wearing the scarf.  Sheesh. Guess she will have to take a selfie for me.

Oh look....young women!  
Stephanie and Ashley, daughters 2 and 1
We had an influx of females yesterday, all come to visit Grandma and Auntie Steph...Since Auntie lives sooooo far least 16 miles by gosh, and a bridge it's a big deal when she gets to our side of the Narrows....
Megan and Lily, granddaughters 1 and 2
Avery, granddaughter 4
Rhiley, granddaughter 3
And Devyn, granddaughter 5
As you can see, everyone is doing their own thing....that's what happens when they visit, they scatter to different areas of interest.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Bits

Before giving the scarf to Ashley, I added a bit of personal notes.  The ribbon came with the yarn, so I added my signature symbol {VJ} and the year.  Admittedly it's a hand, but that's how it can go at the last minute.  I even stitched it onto the scarf and didn't take a picture to prove it. 

"wait mom..."
But here is my lovely daughter Ashley wearing it....
"...for me to pose..."
And this is of course what is really going on around the camera...
little girls, [Devyn this time] crawling over grandma's legs...
one way then the other
...and asking me to read a book to her...
Avery asks me every time she comes over. 
Every. Time.  Sometimes I even get to read it to her. 
More often than not, they are to busy doing little girl things, not hold-still-for-grandma-to-read things.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Presenting The Finished Scarf!

Hanging from afar...
 ....and close up....
...and sideways....
... and wet...
The scarf is finished.  I left off the flower. 
Nor did I use the yarn she did, so it's different, of course.  
These color changes are also more bold.
Next up...catalog covers...I have saved many over the years.  These 2 from the same seed company, got glued to old calendar pages to stiffen them up and to give them a 'backing'.  Not sure yet what they will be transformed into...
The boat quilt is on the back of the red veggies, the ice cream cones on the back of the "Art of the Garden".

I have always loved watercolor paintings!
What to do after finishing a project?  Make a loopy thing of course...

I wanted to try out this trick... found on Pinterest of course.  It's a way to pad circles of crochet, so I made a 'garland' of them in a soft cotton yarn.  You just keep going and going...
But as I did this, I pictured those scarf hanger hacks using shower curtain rings..., found on you know where.  This would work for that too, besides being soft and not scratchy. 

Next....We finally put up a dedicated Rock Shelf.  Sand. Dirt. Pinecones. Driftwood...All collected on road trips.  {I added a few animals and such that were NOT collected on said trips}
Stephanie and Dad had made the original shelf unit for her teenage room for do dads.  I always loved it,  and since she left it here...
Dan added a top board and both sides, to strengthen and make high enough since it originally did not have 'legs'.
There are also a few nests found over the years, hummers, wasps, and a junkos.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Making Progress

This scarf is coming along nicely...despite the cats efforts to stall me.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

More Crochet

I found this scarf pattern....on Ravelry.    I bought a couple of different yarns for the pattern that didn't quite work.  They weren't giving me the striped look which is what caught my eye in the first place.  Then I found this skein on Etsy, at Quaere . It was the last one she had in this colorway, which I forgot to take a pic of.  But here it is all balled up, and on the go.  It's a Merino and Tencel mix and soft as butter!  Yummmmmm.

I would have gone with the King Cole yarn the designer used, but I knew I would pick the same colorway she used, and I wanted to make it a bit more 'mine'.
Lyubava Crochet is the designer, she has an Etsy store too.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crocheted Hoop Hanger

I decided to cover the hoop, that I had already covered with fabric.  I really like crocheted edges on my wall quilty-sorta things, and I really like the way Lucy on Attic24 did this for the first round of her wreaths.
The yarn is more of a thread, perle cotton type.  i used a size 2 hook, which is one of the tiny silver ones. I just kept single crocheting...and crocheting....and crocheting.....
I folded it over the hook, poking the wimpy wires thru the crochet.  Then I sewed between and through the loops.
You can see the wires on the top in the picture below.  I decided that will be the 'bottom' that you see when you look up, the sewn side will be the dust gathering   up side.   The wires are the 'new' christmas tree hooks.  Bah.

Now I am working on Dan's third hat.  And a couple of other things....well, maybe 3 or 5 other things.  I am happily ensconced in projects.
Hanging!  From light in dining room, Dan's idea!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Snowman Butts

I made another embroidery hoop hanging mobile....smaller hoop and I used paper clips for the "hooks" to hang things from.  This one is for my youngest daughter.  Snowmen are a thing she does when it snows.  And they are usually small.

Perler Deer. I glued felt to the back to keep it stronger, this one and the snowman.

The cat wondered what I was doing.

I had fun!  I made yet another embroidery hoop mobile hanger, but it's not been photo'ed yet.

Winding yarn....This yarn is dyed by Emily Parsons.  I LOVE her colorways!

I find it interesting how the yarn looks so different, as a hank and as it's balled up.  

Help from Page.
Was doing a little decor changing....