Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Daily Patch is Complete

Though not exactly finished yet.
All 4 panels are patched. This is the last panel. #4. 
It has 58 patches. It takes the Daily Patch up to Day 209.
The calendar for June.
folding in the 'seam allowance' to stitch only the BG flannel
Stitching panel 1 to 2.  I stitched the packing fabric, the flannel,  together, but avoided stitching the patches. I left most of the patches un-stitched in the 'seam allowance' area.
The front, after stitching the BG, or base, flannel.
All 4 panels together.
Some other little things I throw together.
Gus and Birds, not complete
SunBird, not complete
SwimBird, not complete
It's fun to create these little bits. Click to enlarge!  SwimBird, and SunBird, were  free-hand embroidered birds, one on a strip-woven base fabric, the other on a Toile.  I didn't like either, so they went into the bottomless pit. 
But after making ShellBird, attitudes have changed. 
Along with the PBLandscape, named "Tree Line With Bulrushes."

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