Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's Full of Patches

#'s205 to 209
Panel 4 of 4 is FULL.  I managed to get 58 pieces of fabric on it.
Here is the last one....the back side of a B/W print. I used this back side in several of the last spaces, even though I wasn't using repeats on any of the panels, I went ahead and did it with these last 3 spaces. [the fabric has 'newsprint' all over, so the patches are from different spots]
So today is Day 210 of my Daily Patch journey, which I expected to take a year.
 I will get the other 3 panels out to start sewing them together. Then see where it takes me.
Here is Avery, #4 of my 6 pack. In her brand new, bright red cast.  
She let me sign first, but I don't have pix yet.
The breaks are in her growth plates. 4 weeks in the cast and then xray again. 
The 'old break' was last summers. That was the purple cast. 
These flowers, from seed last year, are such a happy spot. They were in a wildflower mix. I am going to make them a better 'fence', which is what the rope is.  In the background you can see my Dan...
He made a simple T to hold up the Mock Orange that is now growing there. 
So you can get down that side of the house.
At least I think it's an MO.  When Dan did some major cutting back last year, this was given a chance to make itself seen. Never even knew it was in among the bushes that are our 'hedgerow'.


  1. at least the cast is beauty Full....what was she doing when she broke it?

    1. Grace....Avery was jumping on the trampoline with her sisters. She fell off and landed on her back with her arm under her. Last year she had fallen off the monkey bars, which she then mastered over the winter at school. So I don't think she will be afraid of jumping again.