Wednesday, June 21, 2017

197 to 203 Daily Patch

We interrupt this daily patch with a broken bone. Must be summer!
Avery. Same arm as last summer, don't know yet if it's related to that injury.  No cast yet. I feel so bad for her. 
Wildlife! On my daughters screen. A silk moth. She knew I would want a picture. Of course.
The daily thing is getting full. This is panel 4 and this is pretty much it for more places to patch.  I will smoosh in some scraps, on this one and possible on one or more of the other 3 panels. Then it will be time to sew the panels all together!  
So exciting.  

Day 200 was Fathers Day.  The girls surprised their daddios by stopping by and bearing gifts!  PB cookies, his fave, with a few cho. chip for variety. Both homemade, of course.
Mending. My neighbor asked me if I could repair a tear. It needed to look good on both sides, and no crazy Vicky stitching....I could have used a white scrap...
I have never done "invisible" stitching before. Gah.

I was fascinated to learn (re-learn?) that the California Condor has a very colorful head. I had probably only seen BW photos while growing up, in California. We learned about them in school. 

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