Thursday, June 30, 2016

Back To Penny's Landscape Piece

Instead of loading 25 pix, I made collages of a few.
This is the landscape I started 15 seconds, or less, after seeing the picture that Penny Berens took in her "neighborhood."

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After looking at the trees for awhile, I came up with the idea to "gather" them each, before adding to the BG. I stitched them to a different green fabric, in case I had to blend that in with the existing BG.
Then I decided to do the "bushes" the same way.
 This is a "tree" all gathered.
I also worked on the bottom area where the grassy humps where.  Some were green, and some were not. I made not humps.
I love how the shaggy cattail's show up in this shot.

So...the tale of a granddaughter named Avery, 
who broke/fractured her arm. The purple circle is only on half of the wound. It should be an oval to include the right side also!  
And then got an ear pierced! 
Just one was all she could handle at the time, so now she is my little Pirate! 
Her older sister was able to tough it out and get both ears done. But I don't think she was super excited about it at the time.

The bars are not as easy with one arm. Darn. 
{she broke it falling off monkey bars}
Just got her "real" cast put on.  The doc's waited a few days for the swelling to recede. Hopefully she can get this wet! {she accidentally soaked the first soft cast/bandage they put on it the first day}

We have a joke in our family, that I started as a teen...I was a passenger in a car, windows down, when we drove past a young man jogging in a cropped off tank top. Without even thinking about it, I yelled out to him, "where'd'ja get the shirt?, half off sale?" and of course burst into gales of laughter.
So Rhi drew a picture and told her mom, 
"Look, Mommy, she got her shirt at a half off sale!"
Gotta love them grandgirls!

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