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Monday, July 11, 2016

Still Working On...

We interrupt this post with an update...Grandbun #6 is in the oven!
I got the call just before the other sides Dad could post it live on FB.

The wallie for my son and his bride.  Doing the satin stitch over the yarn for the tree was a joy....though I soon realized that I was running out of the color I was using. DMC 921 purchased back in the 1970's for a needlepunch project. I found some others really close though, in my stash of threads. I didn't want to buy new, I wanted to use the old for the story it told me.
and the back of course
If you enlarge the picture, you will see the colors differences in the tree.
Another part of the story is the strawberries. I found no roses in my fabric stash. Seriously. None. So what to do? Well, strawberries are red. I had 3 different prints with strawberries!  The snipped pieces are for the 'rose petals' the girls, Megan and Lily, scattered as they walked down the grassy green aisle. These 2 girls are our oldest Grands.  Oh, make that FOUR fabrics with strawberries...the cake was the perfect thing for the base of the tree! The shape, the formality, the strawberries.  
This be Lily, as I worked on her "basket." I did a blanket stitch around the strawberries, then did needle weaving on the base of them, to give the "look" of a basket.  Not the greatest example, but I had fun with it!
shadows cast by the raised tree trunks
My Megan, as I call her. My first ever granddaughter. She wears glasses now, so of course I had to add them! This was the best fitting animal I could find in my stash, hard to explain why, but that's My Meggie.
I think her glasses are purple? So why didn't I use purple. Good question.
The wallie is now ready for 'quilting', yeah!

And from the garden, our first jack'o'lantern. It fell off the vine.
The pirate, Avery, grandgirl is doing fine in her cast, figured out, one handed, how to wiggle her bottom onto the swing we have for them. She loves to swing!
Her older sister had just been telling me how "Avery taught her how", as she pumped her legs to get going. Not to be out done, the youngest set her mind to it and got herself on the swing with no help.
What a swingin' day it was!

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