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Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Birthday Week!

DevynY. 3, MeganJ. 11, RhileyY. 7, LilyJ. 8, AveryY. 5.
My Grand Girls! 
This week we have 2 birthdays. The middle girls in pink are turning 7 and 8.
Rhiley Y. and Lily J.  Happy Birthday Girls!!
And though he isn't pictured, my son has his birthday this week too! He likes to put the emphases on his daughter,  Lily, though, because they share the same day.
So Happy Birthday to you my son!

Avery still has her cast, but that comes off this week, will she need another one...??  We hope not!
My mother and I, March 1987
Dan was going thru albums....the old fashioned kind.
My daughter, 19something
Her daughter, 20something
Seems I am slacking on the years, except for mine of course. 
At least I got the decades correct.

I am working away on the Wedding Wallie, but no pix to prove it.

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