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Friday, July 07, 2017

Updates... New, Daily, Casts

My next daily stitch project was moving ahead at a slugs pace. 
Until last night. 
→I knew I wanted to do circles. 
→I also wanted to do circular shapes... I did in the bottom picture. It has closed circles too.
→I have the fabrics, Alpine by Erin Michael
→I have a somewhat modest stash. [in this case-stash=fabrics]
The idea to make some circles have cut-outs just shazammed itself into my head.
Ideas for the circles....not sure the pine cone cut-out will work like I want it too, but that is ok, I have lots of prints with p.c.'s to make solid circles from. 
So I cut the fat quarters I plan to use for the 'blocks'. 9.5 x 18 inches. 
For now I will stick with the long shape. I also pulled out the 'whites,tans, grays, browns and golds' bucket of stash. 
Then I decided to work on the Daily Patch. I have all 4 panels stitched together.
Now I needed to get the patches along those seams ready for stitching.
I wanted it ready for 'visit hour' should the ladies in the neighborhood come over.
Easier to chat when the stitch project is prepped.
When our youngest gets married in Sept, her sisters oldest gets to be the bridesmaid! Perfect dress marked down to 16 dollars.
{I taught my children well.}
The promised cast picture. I was the first to sign it~! Lucky Gup.
I signed it with my VJ symbol [am a Capricorn and maiden name started with J]
Avery called me Vicky J for the rest of their stay.
M♥M signed it next. And added a kitty face for little sister siggy.
I showed Ashley the kitty face I made on Precious's Patch, to copy from. 
Very fitting in so many ways.
Unfortunately that  lovely red became mush and had to be changed to a nice blue one...pix another day....after a hot day playing in the pool. Even wrapped in 2 plastic bags.  The cast-putter-on-er said it was just at well, because the decreased swelling in her arm had made the cast too loose.

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