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Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 222 of Daily Patch With a Touch of Family

 I worked on the seams some last night.  I didn't do the invisible stitch of Jude's devising, and thought this am I would have to re-do. But I don't think my big running stitch is going to show up that much.
I still have the daily tags, but don't use them daily anymore. they are pinned to the bottom, later to be sewn on. I just keep track of days on the calendar.
That is Woodstock peaking out from behind. 
GG #3 was seen holding it the other day. Ha...waltzing around would be more like it.  Auntie Steph wanted to see Agent 006, so that led to an impromptu family gathering on Sat. 
 Stephanie later apologized for 'hogging' all the baby loves, but I was cool with it. I love that she loves her nieces!

For my next trick.....Actually I guess it really is a trick. 
I was pondering which tin can size to use for a circle for the Circle quilt/cloth,
when I was again struck with a great idea! 
Use a canning jar band. [looked up proper name of the ring thing]
band and fabrics chosen, so far
It would give me an outside size circle...AND an inside one for the 'rings' and the motifs that may go in them. I made a sample up to get an idea of how it will look. I drew the tree on a whim and snipped it out. Might need pressing...
The other plus to using this band is that I can see the fabric should I want to fussy cut it! 

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  1. Oh man, what a great idea to use a canning lid!! The next time I come across one I'm going to grab it and put it in with my sewing tools. Genius idea!
    xx, Carol