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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Deer and Circles

We have had a visitor. We heard an owl one evening. Robins are helping themselves to the blueberries, they don't eat many. A raccoon has been sighted also, but not by me. I love summer!
This is the sort of pix you get when your camera batteries are "exhausted."
You can't zoom in. But you can coax the camera into taking a few more shots. One. At. A. Time. 
The Daily Patch project has been on hold due to the warmer days. Now that it is a whole cloth, it fills my lap.
But I have made visible progress on the Circles.

I found some rather fun woodsy prints in the novelty bucket, but have only pulled out the more serious prints.
For now I am just invisible-basting them down. Raw edges. More stitching will be added when I layer the fabrics.

Got to see all 6 of my pack. But took not a single picture. [no camera]
Even Ashley forgot to take pix, she just enjoyed herself!
The occasion?
2 birthdays that are the 19th, but the 2 won't be together that day.
So an early "party" was a must.
Happy Birthday my first born son!
Happy Birthday my second born granddaughter!
I love you this much

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