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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Circles,Cars,Casts,Coastlines...oh my

Circles 3 and 4, above, and 5 and 6,  below. 
I am leaving gaps to add more Circles once all the blocks are stitched together.
Another one gone.  This one almost made it to 300,000 miles!
Avery's(#4) BLUE cast. This one to replace the red one that got soaked, while playing in the pool. Yes it was wrapped up in plastic, but....Just as well, according to the cast-putter-on-er, the first one was too big, put on while her arm was still too swollen.  Only a few more days until this blue one gets removed!
BTW, she is holding a rock they found in Tacoma. Painted rocks are a fun hobby, to make and hunt for around here.
In fact, these are some Avery and her mama made last week! 
Love the Minion Avery made.
A very typical scene to be found here in the Pacific NW. The was was once a dam. Not sure if this is a 'salmon' creek, but it sure is a lovely spot on a hot day!
Two of our grands, #1 and #2, got to camp out on the coast, with their mama, cousin and other grandmother. I love this shot of them. 
Meg and Lily are on either side of their yellow hooded mama. 

 Now all 3 of our children are home owners!! This is our CollegeGirl, 
Stephanie and her soulmate Ozzie, and his pet human, Bobby.
When they pulled up the carpet in the bedrooms, look what they found!!!
REAL wood floors.  YES!
And today is another Birthday in our family.
#3 is now 8!!
Happy Birthday Rhiley!

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  1. the photograph of them Great.

    i really love your circles...

    oh...good bye car...