Saturday, July 29, 2017

More Circles

Gah....these are fun!  I must admit I have miscounted the panels. 
Oh well, no biggy.
Got wild with the last one here...cut one outer circle and  wove through.
This was a gift for the bday girl, Rhiley, #3, now 8, from a Flower Lady her mama and grandpa help out now and then. 
Of course there were color books for all 3 sisters.
Rhiley carried the vase around like it was a favorite doll.
Avery is now Cast Free! 
{her first comment was, "now I can ride my bike easier", and both parents had to nix that idea for the moment. But really soon Avery, you can ride like the wind!}
Her growth plates have growth back together! 
With the weather forecast for the next week, she will be glad she can get in the pool!...Any. Pool.
And the last birthday of the month goes to.....our daughter-in-law!!
Happy [i know this is late] Birthday sweetie!!

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  1. Gosh Avery is a pretty little girl!! Glad her arm healed. When my TALL grandson was growing, he used to have such pain in his chest because he grew faster than his growth plate. Your post made me think of that. Giving Rhiley flowers was such a thoughtful gesture from the Flower Lady. Love it.
    xx, Carol