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Monday, August 07, 2017

Circles Beyond 10

So my circles project was up to number 10 last post. 
Which makes these #'s 11 and 12.
I have 4 more cut "panels" and then....? I think this one is going to need a full sized design wall to figure things out.
In other local news....we have had high temps, record high temps, and hazy skies. Winds came in from the east for a change and brought the smoke from wildfires burning in British Columbia. 
I admit I got tired of the daily orange sun set pix plastered all over local FB.
 We could smell the smoke the first couple of days, so I stayed indoors keeping my asthma company. Bah.
Last nights moon was rather interesting you can tell by these wonderful pix I was able to get....
 And can see the haze in this pic of a tree.
I thought I saw something up in the tree....zoom in with camera....huh, guess not.
Stephanie went to try on her wedding you can see from the smile, she is happy with it, but I can't show you the dress itself.
 How hot was it?  Agent 006 was finally content in front of the fan.
She doesn't like it hot.

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