Sunday, April 16, 2017

Patches , Parts, and Packs

 The Daily Patch is now up to 137!  The 3 sets of numbers on the tags are for each panel, since I am now up to panel #3. In fact, this panel is almost full. #131 was a black print scrap that I used the back side for. A couple of the scraps are odd shaped, so that was fun. 
This, below was fun to make too.  I wanted to show you how I can put tog something from a bunch of scraps that aren't related.
 Click to enlarge.  The head is really a seashell section, the eyes are from a raccoon, so are the belly innards, 2 tails side by side. The tail is a dinosaur print. The facial expression is a little mean, so I hadn't wanted to use it as a face. So it became a mean ole tail.  And a sheep body for legs. The cactus print was part of a decor fabric that I saved.  The spikes on the back are from that print too.
Now I need to take a pic of the finished piece. (its about 6 inches sq.)

My daughter has been telling me about the Heron Colony in Port Orchard.  
The nests are so messy looking, unlike the eagle nests that are super sturdy. In the first pic, she circled the nests.
And got one shot of an occupant.
Quick family moments.
  Gotta get some niece loves.
This girl loves to read...anywhere!
 And the whole 6 Pack!

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  1. Your daily patches are turning out so well. I clicked to enlarge the photo and was intrigued.