Monday, April 10, 2017

Patches, Paint, Peace

126 to 130 of the Daily Patches. Hard to tell, but I "wrote" -imagine- on Day 130. (which ties in with Peace) I also discovered that I have been keeping track of how many scraps on this panel. With no help from myself!  The first numbers on the flag/tags for each day are there from the first panel. So day 130 is the 33rd patch on this 3rd panel.
So clever aren't I??
On to the Paint part of this post.  My daughter Stephanie's paint shirt, the one I mentioned in my last post. I was doing my thang on it, then hung it on the 'design' wall next to the TV. My Dan happened to notice it and then even said something about it.  He thought I should add something of what all that paint represented.  After all, the shirt was the paint rag, not the canvas.
Then he said the magic words...."Like the skyline Steph painted on her wall...."
I probably have a better pic of it than this, that has my cutting table in front of. But the pic gives you the gist of it.
I couldn't dig out a black fabric fast enough!  (a 'handdye')
I didn't follow Steph's skyline exactly because of the paint on the shirt. Acrylic paint, in many layers, on knit fabric does not make a pleasant hand stitching surface. But that just adds the "me" part.  I also found a hand print of Steph's, in among all the splots.  I will show that another day as I am currently stitching that part.  The skyline is all  mostly stitched.
side by side comparison
 Now for the Peace part.
click to enlarge
This one is mine. For me that is. She made it. You can see how small it is. What you can't see are the teeny tiny stitches that you know are added by hand, with her thoughts of "Imagine Peace" in every single one. I can imagine that her ideas of Peace are somewhat similar to my own, and even possibly yours. If you are a Woman, a Mom, a Grandmother, maybe even a Great-Grandmother. 
Peace my friends.

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  1. Such beautiful work and such happy words.

    Thank your for sharing. Your light reached me on a challenging day and helped me remember what is really important.