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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

118 to 125 Daily Patches & A Paint "Rag"

On this day, it was our Anniversary. The 30th. So 3 bumps for decades. And a folded corner because it hasn't always been easy.
 Numbers 119 to 125
2 of the patches have a second pic included. the ones with arrows. One was folded, the other has clouds, but you could not see them without light behind the patch. 
The calendar for last month.
Other works.  This one has been around for years, waiting for me to alter it.
A shirt my youngest wore one summer, every time she worked on the paintings in her room.  The walls her canvas, the shirt her rag...I even found a hand print on here!!  I will do my best to highlight that.  This one is not as easy to put together. It is more personal.  Dan has even added his thoughts, which have changed the directions I was going in.  She is his daughter too, so his memories should be here too.

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