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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Answering a Comment

Before I forget, Sue McQ. commented on how much she liked the collages I made for the girls.  She thought she might give it a try.  (in the last post)

Yes Yes Yes!  Do that Sue!  Fabric scraps in "I Spy" packs, grab bags, leftovers, etc, can be found on Etsy, and Ebay, of course, maybe even your local shops.  Put out a call on your blog, ask friends if they have a thing or 2 they can stuff into a regular envelope. I will be happy to share some of my treasures too.

I started with random scraps I lay out on a base fabric, wrong side up.  That way I had a 'boundary' to keep me from going....on forever really.  I started with the square and rectangle shapes, and then started filling in the gaps.  I fussy cut quite a few things, added some that meet the personality of each girl, like Meg who isn't afraid of spiders!!!  Go Meg!!!  Anyway, she got a couple of spiders on hers, that the other girls did not get.

I hand stitched all of mine, but you don't have to, machine stitching would be just as good.

Then I thought about those got added, since this wouldn't be a 'usable' quilt-let.

To think it all started with a random idea to embroider words that stand for a color, for each of the girls first letter in their names.  And to use the color of thread that sorta matched that word.  BTW, "Dragonite" is an orange color in the Crayola Pokemon crayon set. So, that went on Devyn's collage, in an orange color of course.

And....for some odd reason unknown to me, 2 of the collages won't let you click-to-enlarge them.  Weird. I know.

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  1. Vicky...thank you so much for the post! I appreciate your sharing of your time, talent and treasure. Isn't it amazing what wonderful things can be created by gathering bits and pieces which you would not think play well together?

    I am still learning to let the pieces "play together." It has been challenging for me to create outside the box - you know, fabric colors matching, seams nesting evenly. Yikes! I need to let go!

    Hugs and blessings to you!