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Monday, March 27, 2017

Khaos and DP's 112 to 117

Since the pix didn't load in the order I planned on, I will just go with the unplanned version, thus Khaos....because today's title was Kollages for Kids. 
Above.  Stitchery. I think I will call it Red. 
Below. would be more like it.
While working on Red, I decided I wanted some new scraps to add to the dwindling box. Novelties and such. So I perused Etsy and came across a bag being offered by Twisted Cedar. I have to say that I am super pleased!  ALL top line fabrics, meaning better quality.  ALL usable sizes. Some will get added to the I Spy box, but others will get used for my cloth collages, I guess you could call them. [They aren't quilts.] And there were even 2 white on white strips that I can use on the Daily Patch!  I am chuffed. I am pleased. I am what I am. 
AND she is here in WA state! Thank YOU Tina!
Click to enlarge. Fourth pic to give size samples.
The Daily Patches are up to 117. This is third of four panels. 
Kollages for Kids. My granddaughters, except for our newest,  Griffyn. I like to wait to spend time with the child as she grows, before putting something like this together.
Avery the Artist
Devyn the Animal Whisperer
Lily the Cuddler
Megan the Independent  
Rhiley the Sensitive One
Boy, giving one word to each child is hard. Some children show right from the start some special 'trait'.  Like Devyn, who is not the youngest anymore. 
As soon as she could move around, she went to the animals.
Avery always wants to draw and color, always.
I will be sad if Lily decides to be less cuddly when she becomes a teen.
Megan has always zoomed through, I can never keep up with her. 
Rhiley is  shyer, and possibly empathic. 
I love each and every one of them, even Griffyn who is new, but has no cloth yet. Well...besides the flannel blanket I embroidered her name on.

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  1. Vicky...I am sitting here ooing and aahing over these cloths for your grandchildren. I cannot seem to get myself to do these things because I don't think they will turn out as well for me? You are a definite inspiration. I have 3 great grand nephews and niece who I could make these for. Must start collecting applicable fabric.