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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

105 to 111 Patches and a Bit of Crochet

Crochet first.  I made this strip of flouncy-ish edging a while ago. So long ago I can't remember.  I do that.  I kept it and auditioned it on various cloths over the years.  Finally, I found a place for it. On this pillow cover. The one I showed the start of,  in the last post.  That elephant scrap came from the bottomless box.
A little selvage piece, "Sunshine Serenade," off the dotty piece I used behind the elephant. Gave it some 'rays'.
I use crochet on lots of things. Borders. "Frames". Around things. 
 Just hanging beside things.  I sometimes have a reason to make it, or just because I like the color of the thread/yarn, which applies to the above edging, and to the strip hanging down on the right side of this collage below. It hasn't found it's forever home yet, but it does look good next to those scraps, doesn't it??

Patches. The Daily Thang.
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105, which is incorrectly marked 106, to 111. Which was today's. We had St. Patrick's day in there, and the first day of SPRING represented by the strip of green, that got folded this way and that, just like the roots of a plant.

We had a crazy burst of rain around 6 ish. 
I would call it a Macro-burst, were I a weather person.

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  1. Such a treat when you find those "things" that just work at the right time. Always enjoy seeing your patches.