Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Patches Patches Patches

101 to 104
The Daily Patch calendar for Feb., finally photo'ed.
An "ahh" moment.  After fussing for me because of gas, she finally past that and curled up into a ball and went to sleep. Gpa wouldn't hold her til she was quiet. But Gup was fine with it.  I even sang Happy Birthday to her, even tho she is 3 days old here.

A new cloth.  Already given a new home. 
I added beads to this one also, like the Dinosaur Bones Cloth, which was given to GD #1 when they were here.  (It is already up on her wall, I looked while we were there meeting GD# 6)
The long flowery piece is a silk remnant I that did not want to cut, 
so it waited for this day.

For the collages I am making for the granddaughters, I have a few bits and pieces of things I want to add to it. I have decided to add them to a big safety pin so the girls can add to them, should they want to.
I have also been wanting to 'make' beads with...well paper, yarn, string, scraps of I used paper clips to make these.  For these, I used yarn and pearl cotton.
Another cloth.  This one is humorous. A gift for my brother.
A tool belt with a broken bit of compass from my dad's things. An antler from a "moose", and a hammer from a toy set. (it's a carpenter sort of thing)
A furry beady thing.....compiled from necklace 'ends' while constructing the GD collages.  One of Mom's library notes written on a envelope of my brothers business. Yes that is a banana.
Another cloth start. This one will be a pillow cover I believe. I have had this scrap for years, haven't wanted to cut, very far, into it.  Holes? Not a problem.