Sunday, July 08, 2018

Party Time

Bobby and Stephanie [and Max]
That young man is soooooo happy about this baby!
Steph is happy too, of course, but he doesn't have swollen feet....
I was happy to finally meet 'the other grandmother'!
Steph's MIL and I have not met....until today.
Stephanie and Indra
Max will be her first, our 7th, but our first boy!
{Stephanie's brother Ben, gave them the 'boy' things he didn't get to use. Like pictures of bulldozers and firetrucks.}
Ashley and Stephanie
Grandpa Dan wanted a 'belly' pic of his daughters.  We have one...somewhere...of the girls in reverse.  Ashley with belly, Steph without.

If no one knew Bobby liked elephants....they would have figured it out today.  Almost every gift had that image on it, over it, under it, etc. it.

But...Ashley did slip in a SQUIRREL for her sister on the growth chart she made for them.
Put it 6 inches above the floor, where ever you live.

Ashley has gotten so good at the string art! 
And her painting skills aren't to shabby either!
Grandpa was able to get a pic of 3 of the girls, #1 holding #6, and #4.
 I love it that they get to grow up together! 
[not in the same house, but same town]
Girls #'s 2, 3 and 5 were off running around.
 It was a wonderful party, Indra!

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