Sunday, March 04, 2018

He Called It A Doily!!!

Will wonders never cease....our SIL knows what a doily is! 
Proud MIL here.
As the BBB lay out on my stool, Bobby [SIL] said,
"It looks like a doily."😂😁😍
Crocodile Stitch, front and back
backside, with loose threads still

My stitches.  I didn't want to buy more yarn, so the stitches from the pattern had to be nixed.  Which makes me sad, because I loved them. But I like my 'wing it as I go' creations too. On the very outside rounds, I just kept going with the single crochet stitch until I ran out of that color. To strengthen the last 2 of those rounds, I did a 2-ply [two yarns tog] single cr., going around twice. Actually stitching over the last 2 rounds/rows. Enlarge the pix to get a better look-see.

The Fans, Steph likes that part alot
Have to have the 'ruler' shot

The last of the yarn, the amount I used, and the last little bit to finish off the very last round.
It's hard to get a good color shot of the BBB, as you can see here in the sun and shade. [bbb=bryant baby blanket]
This is for Bobby, not the baby, so don't freak out about the beads. This is an that I have finally figured out what that stands for...One Of A Kind.
I started at the tip of the trunk and stitched her to the end of her tail, all in one piece. She's not perfect, but I LOVED making her. [elephants are led by a matriarch, a strong female. the bulls, males, are kinda on the outside of the family group.]
I didn't make this bear. Her jacket, though, was made by my mom or grandmother, not sure which. She is Steph's, given to her on her birth day.
And these...are ornament starts for this year. I get the holiday-creating-itch really bad after the holidays. Some before, but more so after!  
So this time I scratched it!
from top left -otter, otter, cat, dog, turtle, owl
I realized I hadn't shown off the finished animal hoops.  
The otter is the only I didn't really 'adorn'.  I didn't have a sea shell. {It did get attached to a hoop, and the otter attached to the 'watery' base.} Ashley had a shell at home for it.
Otter for Avery. Cat for Devyn. Dog for Lily. Turtle for Rhiley. Owl for Megan.
That's #s 4, 5, 2, 3, and 1.
#6 got a garland. And #7 isn't here yet to get. 

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  1. Great work and I like your sense of humor.
    The plastic gloves for the hand modeling shot
    is brilliant :)
    My daughter crocheted a round baby blanket but didn't add in all
    the fancy stitches. Good idea and colors.