Saturday, February 24, 2018

Oh My, A Fabric Addition

these skeins are small
But first, crochet.  I was trying to make my crepe-y hand look less  wrinkled, and came up with really creepy hand...
CollegeGirl picked this↟↥⇑ palette,{macaw feathers, swoon} for a 'baby' blanket.  But my school of thought is, who uses a crocheted 'baby' blanket past the third day of birth?
So I am making a round blanket she can toss on the couch, or bed, and use anytime. {Random pic below.}
RhiBerry and Gup.
Back to the blanket....↡
Sheepjes Catona. Mercerized cotton, so shiny.  I could have used another cotton yarn, but fell in love with this one.
The Circles panels are all sewn together, with the fill-in blocks from the same fabric line.   I even have it pinned to a backing, no middle layer, and ready to stitch on. After I get some crochet things made up....oh...look...crochet...
This is the blanket, so far as pictures taken. I am about 24 inches across now, so imagine 2 of these rulers across.

And I have lots of fun other created things I haven't taken pix of either. 
Gah. Like. [writing this down to remember]
The elephant is almost finished. I created some bees, gnomes, deer and ?? for ornaments for the holidays. I get these great ideas after, so I am going with them for before....this years.

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  1. Vicky! It's beautiful!! Looks like something Linda Ronstadt would have worn in the 60s. ;) Really, though, I love it, and so will your new grand(son??) baby!