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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Circles, Neighbors, Caterpillars....

My design wall in the sewing room doesn't have a fabric cover over the foam insulation, that's why there is silver glaring back at you.
Anyway...that is the current state of Circles. Not arranged at all, with 2 of the panels at the top folded in half.  Stay tuned....
Neighbors.  We have this gentleman, and his wife, moving back into the 'hood. [long story]  Well this guy is a doer. Today he was 'doing' a bit of tree trimming. His son helps him.  Talk about a really cool gadget to have!  And I am not talking about the riding mower. Did I mention this guy is 80 something??
And this brings me to the Caterpillar.  Am trying to figure out who it is in it's next life. For now I will admire it as is.
Other stitching's.  I put this together one afternoon. I call it "Girl". 
For now. Not finished.
I found this Bug pencil drawn on a scrap of white in a box of gifted fabrics, from a few years ago. I finally decided where to use it, so I stitched on the pencil lines, and will give it beady eyes.
Then I will attach her to this piece of in-progress whimsy.
Working title for this is "house."

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