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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Circles 13, 14 and 15 And More

I was loading the camera card and noticed the last 3 panels of the Circle Project. Humm.....seems I forgot to post them.  
I went outside the box on this last one.  
Now I need to put them up on the wall and arrange. 
But first...I had a Family Get Together to get through.
I am not a natural hostess person, I stress about it, a lot.
But I really enjoyed having all my children, and their spouses*, and their children here. You can enlarge the pic.  One niece is getting a bit big for her aunties lap, but her cousin fits just right. Whereas, her baby sister fits in her cousins lap,just right.  2 cousins were busy playing elsewhere, so only 4 of my 6-pack are in the pix. 

The eclipse. 8/21/2017 
Most of my pix of it are like this, so I might as well include the dog, Page.

* Ashley is going to point out that her spouse was not there. 
So I will beat her to it. He had to work.

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