Friday, September 22, 2017

So Far In September

The birds are a pair of Junko's. The bee's are...bee's?
I was going to add the name of the yellow flower, but I have forgotten. 
Moving on....the trailer has moved back home.  We were trying to sell it.
The truck is a rental, we were able to sell the truck right away.
Again, moving on...a back hoe tractor was brought into the neighborhood to prepare a lot for a new manufactured home! This beast  ripped apart the old metal trailer in giant bites.
On Friday, the 15th, 3 family members went to the airport.
On he way was a stop at Denny's for an early dinner.
Dan, Grandpa, and our daughter Ashley, with her daughter Rhiley, were going to Las Vegas for the wedding of our youngest daughter, Stephanie, the College Girl.
Gpa with Grands, in the plane, and waiting for the plane
 Views from Las Vegas,
Of things IN Las Vegas, and environs!
The sharks were in a tank you can walk thru, via a tunnel. 
Before the wedding, some got to ride IN a limo!
Bride[before dressing] and Groom, Groom and FlowerGirl, and in the limo
Here in Washington, we watched the ceremony on tv, via the wedding chapel. 
Ashley's other 2 girls, Avery and Devyn, were here to watch with me. 
They had ice cubes and apple slices. 
On the tv, if you enlarge the picture, you can see the lobby of the venue. [That reception wasn't to bad, but on The Terrace, where the kids were married, the video was poor, but better than nothing!]
My MIL took this pic after the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs.

I did not go to LV because I prefer not to fly.
I have barely done any stitching.  I need to change that!

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