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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Daily 150 to 155 & Eggs

front and back of panel 3
In reverse order of course. Panel # 3 is done.
Somehow I didn't get patch #150 into the collage. 
Of course that pic is below this one.
I did get the April calendar page in the collage.
#150 started as a 2 inch square which I origami'ed into a 1 inch. 
Felt like I was folding diapers again.
Egg Hunt.
Devyn; "look, it's a bird."
Lily; "shhh, I am counting my eggs"
Megan; "and look, another one"
Dad; "uh-huh"
I  caught Dan's cold. I tossed it back. 
Happy to say I feel much better. Only 1 day down compared to Dan's 2.5. 
I am the one with asthma, so it worries Dan when I get sick. First cold in a couple of years, thank you very much.

1 comment:

  1. Love #150! - a teeny weeny envelope
    the calendar format is a great idea.
    you inspire me! gotta get my act together.
    Bless YOU!