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Saturday, April 29, 2017

143 to 149 and Wedding Gowns

The tags got used up, I had to make more.
The PURPLE #'s are for patches on Panel One, 1 to 48, Dec. 1 to Jan. 17.
The Patches on Panel Two are in PINK,  49 to 97. Jan. 18 to March 7.
#3 Panel has BLUE numbers, 98 to [ not done yet], March 8 to April....
Up until #48 on the second and third panels, I was able to keep track of the number of patches going on....after 48, all bets are off.  That takes me into math land, which will have to be figured out by someone else...I will ask my granddaughters to use their heads.
I kinda cheated on patch #149...I needed a long one, not square, so I tore it in half and quick stitched it up. It still had to be manipulated to make it fit. I am not over lapping the patches, they are butted up against one another. If you click to enlarge the pic, you will see in the right bottom corner the size of spaces left to stitch into.  I didn't have this many itty bitty areas on the first 2 panels. I have spaces like you see where the flower pin is, which I will fill, maybe, after all 4 panels are stitched tog.

On to Wedding Gowns....
laughter....Not for this one!
But for this one!!
There is no denying that Rhiley had a ball at the bridal gown stores, when she went with her Mama and Auntie to find a gown for the Auntie Steph!
I am so glad she, the Auntie , agreed to have her pic taken with the sign the store had!  Love you Stephie.
Ashley took pix of her girls with the Collages I made for them. 
And of Rhiley looking over the different fabrics I used. 
She giggled when she saw the one I added to the said 
"I Heart Boys". I knew she would like that.
Have to wait for pix of the other 2 with theirs.

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