Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Crochet-Collage-156 to160-Frowns

I changed the click-on-the-pic-to-enlarge setting so now you can click on the pix and see it REALLY BIG.  I love looking at pix that way so I can see every hair on Grace's Goats, or thread on Jude's Beasts, or...or....

I am pretty sure this is one of Colour Complements Handdyed pearl cottons
I really like using them in this manor of stitch, because it shows off the palette completely. I had no plans for this one, I just sat and crocheted while watching TV.  It hung on the main design wall until batta met bing and I pinned it to the green-with-center-stripe cloth. 
It isn't stitched down yet, they are just visiting each other. And the cloth...well it may become a pillow top....or not....
I finally remembered to take pix of the Shell-Bird-Being. I think of it as beast, but that sounds so negative...Maybe because of it's frowny-tail-dino-neck?
Anyway....look at all the beads I had fun adding to it!
Next up are the latest in Daily Patches .  157 & 8  were done on the same day. 
I had taken a day off to be sick....bah. I am going around 2 of the sides for now. Since they touch two other panels in the end, I like to keep the patches different. That means setting it all up before hand. 
I got many pix of this little girl, but thought I would share the one we usually don't see...the frowny face. It's funny how much she looks like her daddy, our son, as he is now, not as a child. 
Love you Agent 006

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