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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

161 to 168 Daily Bits and Flowers

I had to many to fit nicely in one collage.
So 161 to 165 is above.
Below is 166 to 168. Today is 168 of the Daily Patch.
166 was a 2 part scrap, it had a blacker bit still stitched to it, so I folded it over so the grayer back side shows here.
Despite other WIP's, I came across these scraps and just had to play. 
I stitched in a circle over them.  This may become part of the next Daily stitch thing.  So far just random things that could become circles are being saved in a separate tray.  Like there aren't enough of those already in the cloud around my chair. My own version of Cloud 9.
Behind the shirt stitching is being done on the Painters Shirt.
Oh. Look. Flowers.  Must have been Mothers Day.  
I was also given a card of granddaughter pix, one of those online photo place prints.  I love it of course, but the best part is all the signatures! 
Meg wrote "wah wah wah Griffyn", {and her own name of course},  Devyn still copies over her name that mommy writes for her, but that is ok!!!! 
Rhiley and Avery were able to do their own, and Lily...
Well that child wrote "love you to the moon and back" with her signature.
So my 6 pack is all accounted for!  
I love all of you to the moon and back 6 times!!
Flowers arranged by daughter Ashley.

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