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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

169 to 175

The Daily thing just keeps on going, just like that dumb not those dumb bunnies, though they are definitely funny and right up my bass-ak-wards yella....but the one that keeps on going. [he has been around since 1973!!!]
{but the new version of him is really 'modern'!}

Where was I....
Rhiley, #3, gets to go fishing with her daddy, and other family peeps on that side of the family.
And #4, Avery, got to do a do for school.
AND had a birthday!!  #4 is now 6.

The family went to play that day, and I think this shot my daughter took of 2 of her daughters, [#4 and #5] says it all. 
Happy Birthday artist Avery!
[i have a thing for numbers, not mathematical, in that case i am a dunce. but in other things where they show the daily patch...if you click the pic to enlarge, you will see the tag for #171 was the tag for #117 on the last panel]

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