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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

84 to 90 Patches, Collages, and Dinosaurs

Feb. 22 to the 28th. End of the month of Feb. I put my foot down....hahaha
After stitching that odd shape yesterday, I noticed it was a boot shape.
#87 is left hanging, thus the other fabric behind it to emphasize it.
Click to enlarge the pix.

i photo'ed these all sideways
I thought I would show all 5 collages for the girls, in one place.
Penny Berens asked if I had let the girls help with these. 
Alas I did not.  
Can you picture 5 girls, ages 11 to 3 [who is a master scissor operator]  ALL with scissors in hand AND a bucket of novelty fabrics? Keep in mind that young children ALWAYS cut from the middle. 
Fabric costs to much.  
But no fear, I will let them help with an I Spy quilt as soon as I feel like getting on it. I will cut, they can arrange the blocks. And tell me stories of why a rocket ship should be next to beavers.
I had a lot of fun putting these tog for my girls, and I am still working on them. I am adding beads and such.
This is what got me started on the beads.  The dino print is of skeletons. I was going to satin stitch the "thicker" bones....and then I got struck by a light bolt and got out some beads. Oh yeah...much better!  Though I did do the heads in stitch with pearl cotton.

This was a cloth that started with the olive-green print, that I had one small square of. I can't stop when it starts to come together. 
Below is a shot of the Giraffe Cam.  I am flipping through all sorts of cams while I stitch. I enjoy listening to birds calling [feeder cams], or sea lions grunting [sea side cams], or geese honking, those on the eagle cams.

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