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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Panel 2 of Daily Patch is Full

91 to 97 of the daily stitching. Panel 2 is mostly full.  There are a few teeny tiny spaces that I will do something with after all the panels are done. 
The panels are filling up much faster than I anticipated. 
Patch 91 got it's own collage

Through to 97

The full panel with tags...and without.
 Much softer, and lighter, without all the tags. 
Chick flick watching, again.  This is Bella and her first hatch-ling, which happened today!
Next panel to work on is out of the footstool. 
A new beginning for tomorrow. The panels are numbered, so this could be #3 or 4. I let Dan pick.
This is #1 on the List of Grands, Megan, age 11
Our weekend was not as quiet as usual. Normally these 2 go to our daughters on week end days. But everyone is sick in that household, so they all thought it best that these 2 came here. Our son's girls. Our oldest 2 granddaughters, Megan and Lily. They are the family branch that is having grand baby #6. And as Baby has passed her due date, no one wanted these 2 to bring any new germs home to Mama-to-be.
This is the cuddlier-ist of the whole bunch. She prefers to sit on the arm of my chair with me, but her body is no longer that small, so she curled in behind me in the chair. Even 8 year olds can stick out their tongues at Gup. [her name for me]

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