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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Patches 78 to 83 and Chick Flix

I didn't care for the heavy lettering/numbering, I was using to keep track of these daily additions. Since I was starting to include the tags with the photos anyway...
 I like to watch Chick Flicks while stitching. The hummers fledged the very next day, so good timing on that shot. The eagle is opened winged because of rain, in Iowa, and is trying to keep the softer nest area dry, along with her 1 egg. For now. I watch other cams too. The Aurora cam has been watched a lot, by me, and I always alert a daughter or 2 when it's really good.
The collages are coming along nicely.  "A" is for Avery, number 4.
"M" is for Megan, number 1.
I am now working on the "D" collage, for Devyn, who happens to be number 5. 
Our youngest GD. For now. 
Number 6 is so new, she isn't born yet! 
10 days to due date!!!!

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