Wednesday, February 15, 2017

72 to 77 Daily Patches

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This daily thing has become a habit.  I get my coffee, I sit in my chair, pull the parts needed to choose the scrap for the day, and then carry on.  I don't start sewing yet, gotta check out the world on my computer, of course.
I stitched up the 2nd collage, this time Lily's.  I won't actually "finish" them until I know more on how I want to do that.
In other news today....we found these wayyy back under the dryer. They have been there for...what...2 years? Yes, I left the lint on them in purpose.
These are from when Ben, and his girls, Meg and Lily still lived here too.
I will let them be passed on to Ashley's[Ben's sister] girls, she can dust them too.
As for that 3rd flip flop....who knows, maybe there is a mate somewhere in shoe-bucket-land.

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