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Thursday, February 09, 2017

68 to 71 DP's & Other Collages

My daughter took these, different days. Look at those blues!

Same daughter made these for her in-school girls. 
The girls helped with the cards. 
This is one of my WIP's.  I decided to do this with the embroidered color names I did a few weeks ago.  What you might not be able to see is how much fun I had! Am having.  This is the first one, and for once I didn't start with Meg, the oldest GD, or Devyn, the youngest. {for a few more weeks} I went to the middle, to Rhiley. This is just basted, so there is a lot to go. 
As for the Daily Patch...I am now up to # 71! Click to enlarge.
And here is the backside, for those of us who like this too.
The 2 larger pix are of a "mole hill".  I named them that when I took Arlee Barr's FrankenStitch class, way back.

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