Sunday, February 05, 2017

Patch #'s 65 to 67

#65 scrap was a bit large, so it was left with a flap.
The scrap for #66 was a long one, so I pleated it, though I did have room to stretch it out. I could have cut it too. 
#67 is s bit yellow. So I let the color stand out by just doing Jude's "invisible baste". After going around the edges, I still had plenty of thread, so I put a little "English" on the needle and bounced off the "rails"
I included a shot of the backside.
And that is when my camera informed me the "memory was full". 
Another SD card to add to the bitty case of them.

Feb 4 was a pink day.  Baby shower for #6. I made a flannel "receiving" blanket and embroidered her name on it, the name I know for sure will be on her birth cert. Johnson.  No picture of it, sheesh.

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