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Friday, January 20, 2017

Daily Patches 48-50

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I was going to use several small scraps for this last corner of Panel One.
Then I came across this bit in a whole different basket. It has stars and a moon. Not that you can tell...maybe enlarging will help. Anywhoo,
 I went with it and made it fit.
Panel Two pulled out of the basket, with it's bundle of scraps rolled up in it.
Blank slate. 
I have to make sure I don't use the same fabric along the edge where the 2 panels will meet. I have done that before and it bugged me, my eye always zoomed right to that one spot. So I will avoid that here. 
I had many scraps of the same print/color, so I mixed them up among the bundles. Same same can be what ties a whole cloth together...but not on the side by side seams. According to my brain. Not in just ONE spot.

Second patch for the first panel. #50. Light blue print. 
A great many of these scraps come from a box of scraps that an online friend sent me a few years ago when I was making the 2nd fundraiser I Spy type quilt. She cleaned out her stash, I am sure, and sent me a vast wealth of bits and bits!
Including this strip of cat faces.  I have decided not to use it here, but in a small thing I am creating for my granddaughters. The youngest, for another 42 days or so, is a Cat-Animal Whisperer. I have mentioned her before. These faces will go to her cloth creation.
I took all the 'tags' off the first panel. 
(It now is feather light and you can feel the stitched cloth.)
I will use them for all the panels. Giving new numbers, in a bright pink for this panel. These tags too will get used in the end. On this? I don't know. I am not there yet.

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  1. I was just travelling through some past posts on your blog. A truly visual tactile journey. Thank you for sharing. So much more to see. Blessings.