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Monday, January 16, 2017

A Gift & Patches 44-47

 My brother sent a package. A silver Hummingbird. A symbol.
It's about the size of a dog tag, not sure what to call it other than that.
The card with it is just an example of the humor we share.
The timing is perfect as I am getting nervous about some upcoming procedures Dan is having, doctors messing with his heart.  My brother has been through many heart procedures. 
"Last echo-cardiogram had to be done from a steep angle and was able to show my implanted aortic valve which looked way better than the original valve. They had sound too and it clicked like one of those little frog clickers. "

 Yeah, he has been through his share. Of course, now I hear frog clickers...
I will wear this Hummer for sure that upcoming day.
There are some odd shapes to fill, so fill them with odd shapes and seed stitch.
Click to enlarge
The cat has mostly avoided me while I stitch, she is getting older and more irritated by things like me constantly moving. She sits with Dan. He sits still.
They took selfies today. 

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