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Friday, January 13, 2017

Mood-y Swatches

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Did you know many fabric stores, online, will send you swatches?
These are from Mood.  Yes, that Mood! 
While digging through my stash for white-to-beige fabrics for my Daily Patch, I decided to check online, just in case there was a great deal on Ebay...or Etsy...or....well, you know. I did find a couple. Then I thought about going to Dharma because they do swatches too.  Not sure HOW I ended up at Mood.
Yet there is the proof, right there on my footstool. 
This one is a Liberty print. But I am not sure it's printed on Lawn. It was fine stitching through though.
They even send you a label to add to your creation. I will be doing that.
The spaces in parenthesis are all that are left in this quarter, which was supposed to be 3 months. Ah!  That space below the Liberty print is getting filled today. 
#43 is kinda a special one. I used a strip and manipulated it. 
I added a Martyred corner. 
Once upon a teenager, I proudly showed mom my "martyred corner".
She laughed. Then she explained the difference between "mitered" and "martyred".
Not sure how I will fill that itty bitty triangular space in the elbow of that Mitered Corner. 

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