Monday, January 02, 2017

Daily Patch at Year End And Flowers For All

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The first month of patches, as photographed in yellow.
(There are CFL bulbs in one ceiling fixture.)
The last block of the month, and the year in this case. The first month of patches is now done.  This patch got itself 60 stitches, for the 60 birthdays it represents.
Mom told me I was a nice tax deduction for the whole year. 
New years eve was never the same for our family, but my brother had his 8th Christmas with his mom home! Which was important for her.
(in those days, they kept you in the hospital for a few days after giving birth.)
Even though there are only 48 rose buds on this cake, it did mean a flower for everyone!  An important factor to this Gup and her granddaughters.

{I suppose if I changed the "year end" to "rear end" this post would end up on a kinky page of searches.} 

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  1. Welcome to the sixty club! I joined this past November. Your patchwork is great.