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Friday, December 30, 2016

Place for Grand Girls

Our daughter made this for us. Not string art this time, but something we needed.  We aren't a "have family photos on the piano" kind of family. Of course we don't have a piano, or a mantel, or, or....We do have lots of pictures on that wall in the dining room that you can see.  All animals and art.  We have walls covered with foam board so I can hang fiber related works I have made. So we needed a place to display pix of the GrandGirls. {other than the fridge, which i don't like having covered with stuff..i know, i am complicated like that}

I love it!  Not sure where she came up with the tealy color, but it looks good on the wood cupboard. I cropped out all the extraneous parts of the house....then decided to show it like it is. Yes that is a vacuum hose/wand. The slab of meat looking thing is my other daughters accidental art, which I have kept. [enlarging the pix will help]

I took 3 pictures on Dec. 25.
So I collage'd them.  You don't see the grandgirl on the other side of Bobby, though you do see her doll in her aunt Stephie's hands, helping with something.
Then there is the cat's rear end, tail down thank you. 
And last, the sweet Devyn. Our youngest at the moment. Our Animal Whisperer.
She is so calm around animals. So gentle with our own grumpy, disagreeable cat of a zillion years.  We have warned Dev not to touch the cat or she will strike back, and that cat has, but Dev persists in trying to win her over. So, you go girl. 

You also see the untidy-ness of a home. Where grandgirls can come roam.

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  1. it's FULL of Living....and nothing is better.

    HAPPPPPPPY Birthday, Vicky....a very very Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!