Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pix and Patches

cleaned up 
Avery, GD #4, asked me to draw a fox for her, then went off to draw it herself. 
I think her drawing is fantastic! 
(She got a purse/bag thing for Christmas, that had foxes on it, 
so she 'copied' one.)
Unfortunately she drew it on the back side of another drawing, which shows through. (i can't remember what the round things were all about)
I have decided that Avery gets a clean piece of paper when she wants to draw, here at my house.
Speaking of...Avery on the left, Rhiley on the right. Holding the solid chocolate tree they all gave me for my birthday (in a few days)
(The batteries for my camera are "exhausted", which makes me laugh, but it's not true. If you turn off/on the camera, you get a bit more out of those poor, tired, old batteries! 
You can also get blurred pix because you are in a hurry to record it!)
The Daily Patches 23 to 28
Number 27 was a sq. I folded to fit the triangle shaped space. 
I left it so it can be peeked at.


  1. its a FINE and EXCELLENT FOX

    so much fox ness to it....
    and Yes...a clean sheet of paper. Something to remember all
    your never know when a masterpiece will happen

  2. So glad I found your blog through Liz A's (i'm going to texas). Your stitching and patches are great and inspirational.
    Blessings from Sue at