Monday, December 26, 2016

Daily Patches and Life

Numbers 17 thru 22.  I am now having to put pins with labels on each patch to keep track of what's what and who's who....or is that whose who....
The patches aren't all stitched on in a row, like so many sewing projects are done.
I lay the whole thing out and look at the scraps and the spaces...and then I just chose a spot and scrap. I am up to day 25, set up for 26, and am running out of room!
My plan was to get 3 months of scraps on each 1/4 panel. Not gonna happen. But that is ok too.  I will just keep going to fill each panel, then go from there with the next idea...whatever that will be.
Holiday Dec. 25
Part of the family were here, 
daughters, 2, granddaughters,3 and soon to be son-in-law, 1.
Dan took most of the pix...and I made a 'movie' of them, 
because kids in motion tend to stay in motion!

I took 3. All of three.
There will be doll clothes to be made. Two18 inch 
dolls have been added to the family.  Much easier to make than Barbie size, I must admit!

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