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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Year Patches

I shared last years Google Birthday Doodle and here is this years...well, now it would be last years, even if it was the last day of that year.
If they had put 60 candles on it, it would have melted...would be more like ....guggle...
Here are the first 4 patches for this year. 
I love adding daily numbers, not just days.
All the tags will be removed as a panel fills. I don't really feel like getting 300 more safety pins.
Another project in this cold cold cold we have been having.
A heat system for the Hummingbird feeder. 
1 old hanging flower basket.
1 light source, in this case a CFL bulb encased in a plastic thing.
Rocks to surround the bulb casing. For looks and to hold in the heat.
One bird showed up afterward. He/she hung around, taking sips, enjoying a warmer space.

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