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Monday, January 30, 2017

Cousins and Patches 57 to 60

All these beautiful granddaughters of ours are cousins. 
They are also second cousins. So I made up a quick "picture frame" for the second cousin on the other side of the family tree. That side has boys. Including another on the way.  I didn't want to make these fancy, I want him to be able to handle them without "breaking" them. He is 4, he is a boy. 
My toes. For Grace.  This is the whole first panel, of the Daily Patch. There will be 4, stitched together into one larger cloth.
I was outside on a sunny day, but still had to adjust the coloring.
And the latest additions.  The "mole hill" as I named them way back, was not quite finished, as you can see by the needle left behind.  
I added 60 x's, for my 60 years, to patch 60.
click to enlarge
Having my husband home. All day. It's distracting. 
He is mending. Though all he really had to get over was the anesthetic.  
No large surgical sites, so healing is fast. 
He just has to remember not to lift anything heavier than the cat.

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  1. ahhhhh. TOES. When we see toes, we know that in Enough Ways,
    things are still well.