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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Trying A Daily Thing

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Not sure how true to it I will be.  But I have begun!
The first patch felt so lost on the larger cloth, and so unlike me to just stop at 1. By patch 3, there is some substance to the cloth now.  Weight. Patch 4 was a nice piece to leave hanging over the edge.  I have 4 panels, instead of doing 12 for a year, that I will stitch together as they are completed. I also started now instead of waiting for the first of the year, because I want to use this next Christmas!

*I decided I wanted a cloth behind my "tree".  Yes there is already a canvas on the Styrofoam insulation 'design wall', and a rather neutral color on the wall itself. *
I have tried to do a daily thing before so I won't jinx this one by saying anything more about it.  

I was painting pine cones and figured I might as well paint some leaves too.  These were dry, but not flattened.  It worked fine.  Now they are in the bucket around the bottom of the "tree". I don't have a pic of that.  For now.

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