Friday, December 02, 2016

Ornaments for 2016

At home in the tree.
So I made a herd? gaggle? flock? crowd? Bunch of snowmen.
Easy peasy.  I used batt....cotton batt like you use in a quilt.
The smallest one was the prototype. 
Before embellishing. One for each granddaughter, and the smallest for our Steph, for the Snow Mobile I made her...last year? 
Now these string beauts are made by daughter Ashley. We aren't Canadian, tho we do have family up there, but we do love maple leaves, so....Dan got the whole tree!
I found this Smore idea on Pinterest.  I used batt for the fluffy marshmallows. 
Again, 6. For the stray Steph. The other 2 children have the grandchildren, so they get these by default.
For my Christmas cards this year...I made ornaments. Of course!
A close up of the weaving.  Holes poked by sewing machine. Yarn going up and down, and the weave going the other way.  I don't know the proper terms as I am not a weaver.  I know it's weft and warp, at least....right??
The I had the idea to poke holes in a figure eight pattern for the girls to make snowmen.  Different threads used by each, thus different  methods.
Rhiley's, Avery's and Devyn's  Added pen work after stitching.
Avery took her time and carefully counted the spaces out and went in and out with out any trouble.  I gushed over her...a little too much, but I was soooo proud of how well this 5 year old was sewing!
Rhiley too stuck it out with hers, despite it being so hard to pull the yarn through the bitty holes.  Gpa helped with a pair of pliers, before they got smart and used a toothpick to widen the holes! Then she did some "weaving" back and forth on the top, to fill in the body a bit.
Devyn sat right here in my lap, which was hard to photograph.  She insisted on colorful thread and was done toot sweet.  She is 3, so I was happy she did any!
Here is one she made at home with momma recently.

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